Monday, January 2, 2017

My Top Travel Moments of 2016

Hello there! Happy 2017. How mad is that? I finally took the wrapper off my 2017 diary this morning and got all nervous, where does time go? Anyway, today's post is a 2016 round-up.. of sorts. Travelling is one of my favourite things in the whole world (that and googling pictures of Paolo Nutini to stare at), so I thought I'd put together a little post on my top travel moments of 2016. It was such a fun one to write, and friggin crazy to see them all laid out together, I hadn't quite realised I'd done quite so much! So, without further ado:

The Little Magpie Velavaru Maldives Review 20 The Little Magpie Velavaru Maldives Review 21 The Little Magpie Maldives IMG_6248
Ah, the Maldives. You all knew that was going to be in there, didn't you? It's somewhere that had long been on my bucketlist so it was a wee dream to finally tick it off, and with the best company in tow too. I've already done a million and one posts on my time there so I'll link those below for you in case you fancy having a read!

The In-Ocean Villa of Dreams | The Maldives: A Photo Diary | The Maldives: A Trip to Banyan Tree | The Maldives: A Week in Outfits | Visiting a Completely Uninhibited Island | Postcards From the Maldives

The Little Magpie Bali IMG_4883 IMG_3926 IMG_6864 IMG_3922 IMG_5242
Bali was very maybe my favourite trip of 2016. Again, it's somewhere I've wanted to go for ages and was booked on a total whim. We stayed in Ubud, Lombok, Gili Trawangan and Seminyak and did a million and one things, one of my favourites being climbing Mount Batur for sunrise. Seriously, seriously hard on the ole thighs but worth it for the incredible views (and monkeys) at the top. It's one of those places that from the second we left I was already doing a little cry over wanting to go back; both to explore the places we didn't manage and to re-visit the amazing places we did do. Don't you worry, Bali, I'll be baaaaack.

Barbados The Little Magpie IMG_6159 The Little Magpie Hilton Barbados Review 24
Barbados... again, probably not a surprise. I've professed my love for Barbados a million (billion) times on here, so I'm sure you'll all know how happy I was to go back to my little haven for a couple of weeks out at the beginning of the year. Again, I'll link my posts below for you as I've pretty much written a book on my time there.

Barbados: Southern Palms | Barbados Photo Diary

Not quite as exotic as the others, and obviously I've been to Edinburgh a million times living so close, but climbing The Crags was again something I'd wanted to do for ages, so that finally got ticked off this year (and with a nice little champers at the top too).

PicMonkey Collage IMG_1671 London The Little Magpie
I'm always up and down to London for work, but two trips that really stood out this year were my stay at The Dorchester and my trip down for a LFW shoot with Accessorize. The former was ridiculously incredible, all shared with my little Amby, and left me dreaming about that breakfast for months to come, and the latter was more of a 'take myself out my comfort zone' thing that turned out to be an amazing day with one of the best teams ever.

A Look Inside The Dorchester | Inside The Dorchester: Round II

Berlin was a real 48 hour whirlwind and one where everything worked against us (everything had decided it would be a good weekend to close) but what I did see I absolutely loved, and it's somewhere I'd definitely like to return to this year.

IMG_6247 The Little Magpie Miami Photo Diary 4 IMG_6418 Miami, again, I had some lovely company for in the form of my little girl gang, and got to see some amazing sights. Finally dipping my tootsies in the South Beach sand was glorious, and I also fell a little bit in love with Wynwood.

Miami in Outfits | Miami in Photos | Revolve in Miami

IMG_1910 IMG_6235 Snapseed_3
In-keeping with the America theme is Cali! Somewhere I apparently liked to sit down a lot. As you know, I spent 10 days exploring everywhere from Los Angeles to San Fransico with TrekAmerica back in June and it turned out to be hands down one of the best experiences I've had. I've done a little summary post but my big whopping ones will be coming at you in the next couple of weeks so I won't say too much else about it in the meantime! 

The Little Magpie Southern Palms Barbados Review 1 P3197631
And there we have it, some of my highlights from an amazing year! Why I'm already so pale again I don't know. I've got a couple of trips lined up for January (which I'm mucho excited to share) and there are so many more places I'd like to tick off my buckletlist, from Hawaii to Jamaica to St Lucia to the Bahamas to Australia and New Zealand to Italy to anywhere I haven't been already, really. The world is our oyster! Or so that graphic tee I just bought tells me anyway.

Now, I have a little question for you. Where's the best place you've travelled to and where would you most like to go next? Basically I'm fishing for ideas for myself, yes.