Tuesday, March 3, 2015

6 Beauty Products I Couldn't Live Without

6 beauty products I couldn't live without

I'm often asked about my favourite beauty products and brands, so I thought it was about time I did a round up of the 6 beauty products I couldn't live without. There's a whole lot more in my make up I couldn't go without (I wouldn't do that to the eyes of the public) but these 6 have got me through some particularly tough times.

6 beauty products I couldn't live without 1

My Mum bought me this badboy for my birthday after months of me sneakily - or so I thought - pilfering hers. For years and years (and years and years and years... shit I'm old) I've put a little bit of St Tropez lotion on along with my moisturiser before I go to bed. As much as I love it, it's quite hard to judge so sometimes I end up looking a bit tango'd the next day, plus Rob won't come near me when I've got it on because I 'smell like disgusting biscuits'. My life's been made 10x easier since discovering this little post of Clarin's gold; you can just apply it in the morning - I use it after moisturiser, before foundation - and it gives a really nice healthy glow. Plus, it glides on like silk. I'll never fully part with my old friend St Tropez, especially when it comes to tanning my body, but I think it's finally found it's match in the face department.

6 beauty products I couldn't live without 2

I've already dedicated a blog post/love note to this, so I won't talk about it again in too much depth for fear of it getting a restraining order on me, but it's yet to let me down. Most of the time I use it alongside my Benefit Instant brow pencil, but because of the mascara-like wand it's a great one to use on its own as well when you want a more natural look.

6 beauty products I couldn't live without 3 tumblr_nkbr0dPogG1rk0zs4o1_1280
PRIMARK false nails

I managed to kick my chronic nail biting habit at the tail end of last year, only to fall right back into it this year.. SHAME. I've never really wanted to go for falsies as it feels like admitting defeat, but when the sight of your own nails makes you nauseous it's time to take some drastic action - it was either wear false nails or permanently hide my hands in a bag of crisps, and my waistline just can't handle the latter right now. I picked up a whole selection of the £1 Primark ones without much hope for them, but they've been amazing. The glue's obviously not as strong as the more expensive packs, but you get a good few days out a set before they start falling off - and I'm always secretly happy when they do because then I can give another print a go.

6 beauty products I couldn't live without 4
MAC To The Future! Pro Longwear lipstick

The search for a good nude lipstick is an ever-lasting one, but this one has been my go-to for about half a year now. It's slightly peachy which seems to work well with my complexion, and because it's matte finish it lasts much longer than my glossier lipsticks. Which is good because I down on average 80 cups of tea a day and it was getting expensive re-applying it after every single one.

6 beauty products I couldn't live without 5

Oooft, look at that. That's one well loved tub, isn't it? I'm a long term sufferer of dry-lippedness, and Carmex is one of the only two lipbalms I've ever found that delves in and cures it (Burt's bees is the other if you're wondering), rather than just sitting on the surface of my lips not really doing anything. I think I've got about 6 of these hidden all over in bags, coat pockets and bedside drawers so that I'm never far from one in an SOS lip emergency

Last but not least is good old dry shampoo, especially now that I've got my fringe cut back in. I always seem to go for Batiste, and again I have mini ones hidden in several of my handbags for when the going gets greasy.


Friday, February 27, 2015

A visit to The Treehouse Restaurant

Anwick gardens review 13
Anwick gardens review 7

As I mentioned a couple of posts back, Rob took me along Alnwick gardens as one of my birthday surprises. The gardens themselves are absolutely amazing (definitely worth a visit!) but the highlight of the day by a clear mile was lunch at The Treehouse restaurant in the gardens. The walkway up to it is littered in fairy lights - I love fairy lights at the best of times, but when they present themselves in abundance like this it makes me want to pee my pants - and the actual building itself it pretty much the treehouse we all dreamed of as children.

Anwick gardens review 8jpg Anwick gardens review 10

Just. Look. At. All. Those. Fairylights. Magical's the only word to describe the place, I've never felt more like I was in a Disney fairytale in my life.

Anwick gardens review 11 Anwick gardens review 12 Anwick gardens review 15

Even the walk up to the toilets is beautiful...

Anwick gardens review 16

I know, even the table water's fancy. After giving the beautiful menu a long ponder (I should probably add that I've recently fund out I'm allergic to gluten - lame - and that there's lots of choices for us little sickos) I settled on chicken breast with potato puree, roasted pistachios (oh god, so good) and buttered spinach, while Rob went for the roasted pork belly with mulled cider cabbage, mashed potato, apple tulles and creamy jus. It was all incredibly delicious and cooked to absolute perfection, the buttery mash just melted as soon as you put it in your mouth and the chicken fell apart at the mere mention of a knife. I'll let the photos do the talking...

Anwick gardens review 19 Anwick gardens review 22 Anwick gardens review 20 Anwick gardens review 23 Anwick gardens review 21

Here's a photo of what we look like when we're eating, I know you're all wondering. Just as it seemed life couldn't get any better, our desserts arrived and OH MUMMA. Rob went for the cheeseboard with home-made chutney and fruit which he said was a true delight, but I think I won the Battle of the Desserts hands down with my salted caramel and chocolate brownie cheesecake. That's right, salted caramel AND chocolate brownie. Has a better combo ever existed? To summarise, no. No it hasn't.

Anwick gardens review 24 Anwick gardens review 25 Anwick gardens review 17

We finished up with some tea in world's coolest (but also heaviest - I almost broke my wrist taking this photo) teapot and then made our way back through Alnwick gardens with a full-bellied, sleepy smile on our face. Kind of like the look Joseph Gordon Levitt always has.

Anwick gardens review 1

So, there we have it. A truly delicious meal in, visually, the most beautiful restaurant I've ever eaten at. Next time, though, I'm wearing my princess dress.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Suspicious stains

Paul's Boutique brown suede alexa hobo bag  1 Paul's Boutique brown suede alexa hobo bag 9 Paul's Boutique brown suede alexa hobo bag 4 Paul's Boutique brown suede alexa hobo bag 7
H&M faux fur jacket (similar) & dungarees (similar) | SENSO leopard boots | PAUL'S BOUTIQUE Alexa suede bag* | TOPSHOP 'Paris' jumper

Me and my Mum had a gals day out last week (mainly scone-eating and shopping, I won't lie) so I took it as the perfect excuse to take my white dungarees out for their first visit. Was I worried I'd sit on something and leave an ominous looking stain on the bum? Yes. Did that happen in the end? Double yes. Honestly, my bum gravitates towards anything remotely brown and sticky as soon as it senses it's clad in white. And whilst we're on the topic of brown things - I'm about to cleverly steer the conversation away from poo - how sassy is this suede bag?! I have a very a similar one in grey with little studs, which you might remember from last year, but I think this tan one will be a very welcome addition to my Spring wardrobe. Oxford Street Topshop stocks a whole range of PB bags so if any of you lucky ducks live near then you can give them a good browse/try on in there!

Now, I'm off for some puppy playtime.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Meet Lilo

Lilo blog post 1 Lilo blog post Lilo blog post 3 Lilo blog post 6

So... I'd like to introduce you to the little munchkin who was waiting for me at the final stop of my birthday treasure hunt! I woke up on Sunday to a pile of envelopes from Rob which I was to open at set times over the following two days, the first of which said to pack a bag for a night's stay at Anwick near Newcastle. We stayed at the beautiful White Swan Hotel (with a surprise upgrade to the bridal suite, very exciting stuff) and had some drinks and a lovely meal. The next morning, the envelopes led to a delicious breakfast, a trip to Anwick gardens and their treehouse restaurant and then - finally - to a random house just outside of Anwick. When I realised what was happening I had a very long excited cry, composed myself, and went inside to meet my little pup. I went through a series of names - Edna Mode, Jessica Lange, Beans - before finally settling on Lilo after realising how much she was like Stitch (but Stitch was too boyish a name for this little Diva). It's safe to say you can expect to see a lot more of this face around these parts...


Sunday, February 22, 2015

It's Birthday, Bitch

Topshop foil poppy print pea coat 3 Topshop foil poppy print pea coat 8 Topshop foil poppy print pea coat 2 Topshop foil poppy print pea coat 7 Topshop foil poppy print pea coat 4
TOPSHOP foil print jacket (similar and similar) | RIVER ISLAND boots | FOREVER21 bag

Just a quick post today becaaaaaause it's my birthday and it turns out Rob has a whole two-day treasure hunt planned for me which starts NOW. All I know is that the first destination is Newcastle! Taylor Swift had me all nervous about turning 23 after bigging up 22 so much but, I have to say, so far so good.