Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Best Coat in The Land

The Little Magpie All Saints Camel Coat The Little Magpie All Saints Camel Coat The Little Magpie All Saints Camel Coat The Little Magpie All Saints Camel Coat The Little Magpie All Saints Camel Coat The Little Magpie All Saints Camel Coat
ALL SAINTS camel coat, sheepskin bag & popcorn jumper (now in sale!) | DOROTHY PERKINS leather look jeans | OFFICE ankle boots | ZARA striped hat

I've been so excited to share this post with you because I think this is seriously the best coat ever. A good camel coat is so hard to find, especially one that fits as well as this, so you can imagine my joy when I came across it. I should have known All Saints would come up trumps, they always do. They also have it in black which, being the sicko as I am, I'm kind of eyeing up too? I don't have a smart black coat ok.. leave me alone. I popped it on with this wee jumper of theirs along with my new Office boots. That's right, it's been quite the month for my wardrobe. My Mum has a pair like this but they'd sold out so, again, joy when I came across these (I know, someone get me to shopaholics anonymous). They're ridiculously comfy too, this was first wear and I managed to get away with an all-day wear without an ache or pain in sight. 

As you may know from my excitable instagrams, I'm off to New York today! It's my first time out there and I'm so excited I could do a little wee. We'll mainly be venturing round the wonderful Simon shopping centres (more shopping - I'll be in my element) but we have a wee day off so I'll be getting my explorers hat firmly on. I'll be updating all my socials while we're out there so if you fancy keeping up with what we're up to then that's the place to head!


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Postcards From Amsterdam

The Little Magpie AmsterdamThe Little Magpie Amsterdam The Little Magpie Amsterdam The Little Magpie Amsterdam The Little Magpie Amsterdam The Little Magpie Amsterdam

The Little Magpie Amsterdam The Little Magpie Amsterdam The Little Magpie AmsterdamWhy, hello there. How are you? If you follow me over on the ole social media you might remember that a couple of weeks ago I had myself a little jaunt over to Amsterdam. It was a wee whirlwind trip, a stop-over before our flight to Vienna, but long enough to remind me how much I love it there. For this reason, sadly, my post isn't my usual big, fat recommendations post but more just some snapshots to show you how ridiculously beautiful it is at this time of year. It's a really great place to head for a mini break as, if you don't have much time, you can easily just wander round and take in all the beautiful canals, stopping off for a drink or a cwaffee in all the cafes along the way and feel like you've done enough. The weather when we went in mid-December was cold but not too cold, and - thankfully - dry the whole time, which made for the perfect wandering around conditions. It's a magical time of year to go as all the Christmas lights are up, there's a little ice rink set up down beside the Rijksmuseum complete with market and there's just a lovely festive feel in the air.

The Little Magpie Amsterdam The Little Magpie Amsterdam The Little Magpie Amsterdam The Little Magpie Amsterdam The Little Magpie Amsterdam The Little Magpie Amsterdam Citizen M Amsterdam review The Little Magpie
We stayed in the amazing CitizenM hotel, which I would recommend time and time again. If you've stayed in one before you'll know roughly what it's like, as they're all quite uniform ,which is nice; like a little home from home. It sits right beside a tram stop that'll take you directly into the centre of town in ten minutes or so, but is far enough out that it's nice and quiet at night (have I ever sounded older? Probably not). Oh, and it's a five/ten minute train from the airport too! The rooms are lovely; they're not massive but they're got everything you'd need from a big comfy king-size bed, to mood lighting to a big, beautiful wall to wall window. The tv in your room also offers free movies, so if you're tired after a long day of exploring then you can kick back in your big bed and watch one of those. The only thing I would say is that the bathroom is a little cubicle in the middle of the room rather than being separate so, although there's frosted glass, it's not that private. We were fine with it, but if you're planning on travelling with someone you're maybe not that close with then it's something to consider!

And there we have it, a whistle-stop tour of Amsterdam! I'm sorry I couldn't fill it with more detail, but I hope it gave you a nice little feel for the place. Next time I go back I'll go for a little longer so I can do you a full recommendations post, promise (yes, I've just made an excuse to go back).


Thank you to CitizenM for a wonderful stay!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Who's bad?

The Little Magpie White Lace Dress IMG_8813 IMG_8738 The Little Magpie White Lace Dress 1 IMG_8823
ZALANDO jumper, lace dress & silver shoes | MISSGUIDED leather jacket (old)

Helllo! Today's post is one of my favourite outfits in a while, but you'll have to excuse my tired face - these were taken at the end of our trip to Vienna and I was running on very little sleep. And possibly a lot of gluwein. 

The entire outfit's from Zalando, you know how much I love 'um, and features what I would possibly say is the best jumper ever. Kidding, that's too serious a claim and I couldn't possibly be sure, but it's definitely up there. It's nice and cosy, has a slogan (which I love) and cropped sleeves (which I love even more). I popped it on over this Missguided lace dress to make it more of a daytime look - that could, however, be easily transformed into a nighttime look if the occasion arose - and then finished it off with my t-bird jacket. God I want to be in Grease. 

Anyway, I'm off to London this morning and in classic Amy style I'm only about 90% packed. I'm off to see Jersey Boys - which I'm mucho excited about - and I imagine a lot of food will be involved too. New year... old me. 

Oh, also, I'm off to New York next week for the first time EVER next week which I'm ridiculously excited about. If any of you have any recommendations on things I need to see or do - or even some last minute ones for London this weekend - then please do let me know! I'll give you some of my leftover Christmas chocolate as a thank you.


Last thing, god go away, I know, I popped up a little lookbook with four party looks. and I did promise I'd share it with you on here, didn't I? So here we go. Videos just make me very nervous and when I'm nervous I apparently do lots of bad dancing.. I'm genuinely sorry in advance.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Princesa Yaiza: The Perfect Winter Getaway

Princesa Yaiza The Little Magpie
Well, it felt only right to follow up yesterday's post with a sunny one. Welcome to my first travel post of the year! Back in November we decided to book a wee last minute getaway to soak up some rays (I've never used that phrase in my life and I probably won't again, sorry). The search commenced for somewhere that was relatively close - as we only had a five day window to play with - but would still provide us with some much needed Vitamin D. And where kept coming up? The Canaries, of course! I've been to Gran Canaria quite a lot over the years, and had enjoyed a little trip to Tenerife the year before, so we decided on Lanzarote. But where to stay? And that's when we settled on the wonderful Princesa Yaiza hotel.
The Little Magpie Princesca Yaiza Lanzarote Princesa Yaiza The Little Magpie Princesa Yaiza The Little Magpie Princesa Yaiza The Little Magpie Princesa Yaiza The Little Magpie
From the minute we arrived I was totally in love, I think I actually almost sunk to my knees and wept at one point but we don't have to talk about that. It had everything we were after; amazing rooms (complete with kitchenette and two balconies with incredible views), a pool (three pools plus a jacuzzi, actually, but who's counting), a weekly handcraft market and, most importantly, sun! Many an afternoon was spent jumping between the pool and our balcony, with a delicious portion of omelette and chips in tow. Yes, I was clean eating. The hotel's also beautiful at night when it's all lit up, if you don't fancy going far in the evenings then it's big enough to have a wander round and stop in an one of the on-site restaurants.

Princesa Yaiza The Little Magpie Princesa Yaiza The Little Magpie Princesa Yaiza The Little Magpie The Little Magpie Princesca Yaiza Lanzarote 1 Princesa Yaiza The Little Magpie Princesa Yaiza The Little Magpie Princesa Yaiza The Little Magpie
And what's it right next to? The beach! Huzzah! The hotel sits right on the beachfront so you literally a two minute walk and you're there, ready to soak up some sand between those toes. It's a 5-10 minute walk from the stretch with all the restaurants, so you don't have far to walk at night if you decide you'd like to eat out. What I'm saying is that, girls, if you want to wear your biggest. most wibbly heels then go for it.

Princesa Yaiza The Little Magpie Princesa Yaiza The Little Magpie
One thing that I could go on and on about is the food (there's a shocker), which was absolutely amazing. The restaurant has three different buffet restaurants and, being the little shit I am, I'm not generally a fan of buffets, but these were like none I've ever eaten at before. So, there's International, Mexican and Italian and Mediterranean. The only one we didn't eat at was the Mexican, and that's not for any reason apart from that the International and Italian were so good that we kept going back to those. In International you have everything, and I mean everything, including foods you wouldn't expect to find in your standard buffet, like scallops and pork medallions, and in Italian you had fresh meats, fresh fish (all cooked to order right in front of you) and, of course, all the pasta and pizza you could dream of. The best bit? They're SO good for gluten free. You can get gluten free pizza, pasta, desserts (they actually had a dedicated GF dessert table which, again, I almost cried over) and at the buffet breakfast they have GF bread, muffins, pancakes... it goes on. Plus they're able to tell you about all the ingredients in each of the buffet dishes if there's anything you're not sure on! If you're really don't fancy the buffet, they also have four lovely A La Carte restaurants on site. 

Princesa Yaiza The Little Magpie
So there we have it (I need to stop finishing posts like this, huh) the perfect little break for some Winter sun and a bit of R&R. Deeelish.


Rates for a Basic Superior Room at Princesa Yaiza start from £167* (€195) per night including a buffet breakfast, based on two people sharing. For further details or to book your escape, visit or call 0034 928 519 300.
*prices based on today’s exchange rate

Monday, January 2, 2017

My Top Travel Moments of 2016

Hello there! Happy 2017. How mad is that? I finally took the wrapper off my 2017 diary this morning and got all nervous, where does time go? Anyway, today's post is a 2016 round-up.. of sorts. Travelling is one of my favourite things in the whole world (that and googling pictures of Paolo Nutini to stare at), so I thought I'd put together a little post on my top travel moments of 2016. It was such a fun one to write, and friggin crazy to see them all laid out together, I hadn't quite realised I'd done quite so much! So, without further ado:

The Little Magpie Velavaru Maldives Review 20 The Little Magpie Velavaru Maldives Review 21 The Little Magpie Maldives IMG_6248
Ah, the Maldives. You all knew that was going to be in there, didn't you? It's somewhere that had long been on my bucketlist so it was a wee dream to finally tick it off, and with the best company in tow too. I've already done a million and one posts on my time there so I'll link those below for you in case you fancy having a read!

The In-Ocean Villa of Dreams | The Maldives: A Photo Diary | The Maldives: A Trip to Banyan Tree | The Maldives: A Week in Outfits | Visiting a Completely Uninhibited Island | Postcards From the Maldives

The Little Magpie Bali IMG_4883 IMG_3926 IMG_6864 IMG_3922 IMG_5242
Bali was very maybe my favourite trip of 2016. Again, it's somewhere I've wanted to go for ages and was booked on a total whim. We stayed in Ubud, Lombok, Gili Trawangan and Seminyak and did a million and one things, one of my favourites being climbing Mount Batur for sunrise. Seriously, seriously hard on the ole thighs but worth it for the incredible views (and monkeys) at the top. It's one of those places that from the second we left I was already doing a little cry over wanting to go back; both to explore the places we didn't manage and to re-visit the amazing places we did do. Don't you worry, Bali, I'll be baaaaack.

Barbados The Little Magpie IMG_6159 The Little Magpie Hilton Barbados Review 24
Barbados... again, probably not a surprise. I've professed my love for Barbados a million (billion) times on here, so I'm sure you'll all know how happy I was to go back to my little haven for a couple of weeks out at the beginning of the year. Again, I'll link my posts below for you as I've pretty much written a book on my time there.

Barbados: Southern Palms | Barbados Photo Diary

Not quite as exotic as the others, and obviously I've been to Edinburgh a million times living so close, but climbing The Crags was again something I'd wanted to do for ages, so that finally got ticked off this year (and with a nice little champers at the top too).

PicMonkey Collage IMG_1671 London The Little Magpie
I'm always up and down to London for work, but two trips that really stood out this year were my stay at The Dorchester and my trip down for a LFW shoot with Accessorize. The former was ridiculously incredible, all shared with my little Amby, and left me dreaming about that breakfast for months to come, and the latter was more of a 'take myself out my comfort zone' thing that turned out to be an amazing day with one of the best teams ever.

A Look Inside The Dorchester | Inside The Dorchester: Round II

Berlin was a real 48 hour whirlwind and one where everything worked against us (everything had decided it would be a good weekend to close) but what I did see I absolutely loved, and it's somewhere I'd definitely like to return to this year.

IMG_6247 The Little Magpie Miami Photo Diary 4 IMG_6418 Miami, again, I had some lovely company for in the form of my little girl gang, and got to see some amazing sights. Finally dipping my tootsies in the South Beach sand was glorious, and I also fell a little bit in love with Wynwood.

Miami in Outfits | Miami in Photos | Revolve in Miami

IMG_1910 IMG_6235 Snapseed_3
In-keeping with the America theme is Cali! Somewhere I apparently liked to sit down a lot. As you know, I spent 10 days exploring everywhere from Los Angeles to San Fransico with TrekAmerica back in June and it turned out to be hands down one of the best experiences I've had. I've done a little summary post but my big whopping ones will be coming at you in the next couple of weeks so I won't say too much else about it in the meantime! 

The Little Magpie Southern Palms Barbados Review 1 P3197631
And there we have it, some of my highlights from an amazing year! Why I'm already so pale again I don't know. I've got a couple of trips lined up for January (which I'm mucho excited to share) and there are so many more places I'd like to tick off my buckletlist, from Hawaii to Jamaica to St Lucia to the Bahamas to Australia and New Zealand to Italy to anywhere I haven't been already, really. The world is our oyster! Or so that graphic tee I just bought tells me anyway.

Now, I have a little question for you. Where's the best place you've travelled to and where would you most like to go next? Basically I'm fishing for ideas for myself, yes.