Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Polka Dot, Polka Dot, Polka Dot Shorts

P8130441 P8130466 The Little Magpie Polka Dot Dress P8130471 FullSizeRender (18)

Hello, hello. Today's outfit is actually what I changed into when it became too cold to wear this outfit. It poured with rain, and I mean absolutely poured it down; I accidentally took the Glasgow weather with me, it would seem. The little dress is from Miss Selfridge petite and is an absolute dream to wear, I honestly lurrve it. Wee tea dresses are my favourite because you don't really need to think much about what you pair them with. In this instance, I went down the very cliche route of pairing it with a biker jacket, tights and boots. The jacket was probably the best find from my haul; it's the exact same shape as the Acne bikers I love so, and even looks like real leather because of the graininess, but is a steal at £39. What a bargain, eh? I had a little whoop with glee when I opened it (I was alone, don't worry. Although maybe that makes it more tragic). 

Stay tuned tomorrow for the last of my Sveden outfits!


Thank you to Visit Gothenburg and Hotel Bellora for such a wonderful trip!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

White Out

The Little Magpie Missguided White Skirt The Little Magpie Zalando Sweden Outfit P8119943 P8119963

Behold, another of my outfits from Sweden! Yet another risky 'I'm going to make you spill something on me' outfit but CARPE DIEM, BABY. The little top's not really left my back - apart from to wash it, don't worry - as I was saying in the video, it's so easy just to chuck on which anything (especially jeans), but in this particular instance I decided to put a bit of effort in and pair it with a little white mini from Missguided on Zalando. Which, I think, is only £12? Madness. On my feet we have a little pair of Stan Smiths, because I knew we'd be waking around all day, and also because I've been after a pair forever. Lastly, I finished it with this suede rucksack from Whistles, AKA the most perfect little back companion ever, and a silky bomber. And there we have it! 

I shall be back tomorrow with another outfit puppies.


Thank you to Visit Gothenburg and Hotel Bellora for such a wonderful trip!

Monday, August 22, 2016

I Am Whimsical

P8130341( P8130286( P8130328(1'0 P8130355( PicMonkey Collage IMG_8805 P8130350 P8130362(

Now, don't be fooled by today's deceivingly summery look - only half an hour after we shot this it started absolutely pouring it down. Alas, it was fun while it lasted. This beautiful maxi is from Frock and Frill at Zalando and is one of the girliest, most whimsical things I've ever owned. Plus, I didn't spill a single thing on it (regardless of whether I only had it on for an hour). I paired it with my little Whistles rucksack - which is one of the best, most versatile and, not to mention, best smelling bags I've ever owned - and my Stan Smiths. A few of you asked over on Instagram and Twitter so, just to confirm, the dress is true to size and, even better, is currently on sale!

I should also mention that the photos were shot on the roof terrace of the shamazing Hotel Bellora, how beautiful is it?? It's a perfect little tucked away sanctuary filled with cushions, candles and flowers, and has a view right across Gothenburg. Pretty perfect, huh? But you'll see more pictures of that in my photo diary., don't you worry

Don't forget, you can see a full haul of everything I bought for the trip here, and my vlog will be coming your way soon! 


Thank you to Visit Gothenburg and Hotel Bellora for such a wonderful trip!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Travelling with Teva

The Little Magpie TEVA flatforms 2 The Little Magpie TEVA flatforms 8 The Little Magpie TEVA flatforms 14 The Little Magpie TEVA flatforms 5 The Little Magpie TEVA flatforms 7 The Little Magpie TEVA flatforms 12 The Little Magpie TEVA flatforms 6 The Little Magpie TEVA flatforms 15 The Little Magpie TEVA flatforms

Hello hello! How friggin cool are these shoes!? I love a bit of height, being the dwarf that I am, so the fact that these have a platform on is just a big, beautiful bonus. Because of this, they're comfortable as anything, so I took them them out for a girly day in town with my wee mam. Normally I'd pair shoes like this with some high waisted trousers (I quite like those, did you know that?) or with some skinny jeans, but it was quite warm that day so I popped them on with my new little pyjama-esque shorts and my old faithful UO crop top instead. And voila! Teva have a whole bunch of lovely - and ridiculously comfortable summer sandals - so if you're on the lookout for something in that vein then make sure and give them a browse! And you can see how I styled my last pair of Tevas here.

Now for the fun part! Teva is offering one lucky sod the chance to win a roadtrip around the US for them and a friend, as well as some snazzy Teva sandals. All you need to do is upload a photo on Instagram of what your original summer moment - totally up to your interpretation - between the 8th May and 21st September along with #originalsummer. And that's it!  Oh, and your plus one has to be me. 

Nope, ok. That last part is still a lie.


Wearing: Teva FlatformsPost in collaboration with the wunderbar Teva

Zalando Haul | The Little Magpie


HELLO. As you can see, I have a new video, so I thought I'd share it on here for you to have a little gander at if you missed it! I'm a bit out of practice and almost 90% of the footage was bloopers, so I've rounded those up in a nice little montage at the end for you.

I hope you likey!