Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The crowd-pleasing jumpsuit

Topshop red culotte jumpsuit Topshop red culotte jumpsuit 6 Topshop red culotte jumpsuit 3 Topshop red culotte jumpsuit 5
Topshop culotte jumpsuit | Primark leopard belt | Missguided leopard sandals (sold out, similar)

There’s nothing I love more than a good jumpsuit; I’m pretty clumsy so the fact that you can move around and bend down to your hearts content without having to worry about flashing your buttockios to the world greatly appeals to me. This one caught my eye firstly because of the amazing colour (despite my penchant for a good bit of monochrome, I can’t resist blood orange) and secondly because of the unusual shape. Rob – who normally hates it when I wear culottes, ‘please stop dressing like Will.I.Am’ – has even given it the ok; I think the fitted bandeau top balances out the billowing cullotte-y mass at the bottom quite nicely. My brother, who’s another hard nut to crack, has also given it the seal of approval, dubbing it my ‘classy Mad Men outfit’. All in all a crowd pleaser it would seem. You can find this little badboy here!


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Week in Pictures

As much as I love a good outfit post, I thought I'd introduce a new ´Week in Pictures´ style feature so that you can find out a bit more about what I´ve been doing other than buying shit. Here's what I've been up to this week...
WeekinPictures 5
Headed down to Glasgow on the train for Jen's engagement party and admired the beautiful views along the way. The guy opposite me thought I was staring at him which was incredibly uncomfortable for everyone involved.
WeekinPictures 3
Made like my ten year old self and started taking 'Eye Selfies' again. Patent pending.
WeekinPictures 4
Embraced my inner child and gave myself some sassy ass giltter nails. It´s a mixture of a Nails Inc matte blue polish and this Topshop glitter polish.
WeekinPictures 6
On Tuesday I went down to St. Andrews for the day to model for Scaramanga. We did the first part of the shoot in Crail which is one of the most picturesque places I've ever been; it looks more like Spain than Scotland (shame about the baltic wind). If you ever visit make sure and get a lobster roll - or even a whole fresh lobster if you're feeling crazy - from the little shack at the harbour.
Tried out the new Bare Minerals foundation in their beautiful store in Buchanan Galleries, where it's exclusive to until the 4th of September. It's been 20 years in the making - now that's dedication - and uses the bare minimal of ingredients possible and combines mineral foundation with brightening serum. It was applied with their new face perfecting brush (which is amazing) and you apply it one drop at a time until you get the coverage you're after. I honestly couldn't recommend it more, I think I´ve mentioned before how hard I´ve found it to track down a good foundation and this one ticked all the boxes. It´s incredibly lightweight whilst still giving good coverage, and gave my skin a really nice dewy glow as well. It comes in 20 different shades as well so you can get a perfect colour match, which is something I also really struggle with having abnormally pale face-skin. There´s a really nice relaxed, welcoming vibe in store and they also do loads of tutorials if you fancy learning a bit more about make up. The amazing Paula did mine and she was absolutely incredible (and like a little genius make-up encyclopeadia), so if you're a bit shy then make sure and ask for her because she'll put you at ease with her loveliness and give you a thorough education at the same time.
A couple of photos from around the store, if my bag was bigger I'd have pinched one of those chandeliers.
Arrived in Tenerife on Friday, wahey! I've got a couple of posts scheduled for when I'm away, but I'll be posting regularly over on my Instagram so you can also follow me there for updates!

Let me know what you thought of this kind of post and if it´s something you'd like to see more of! Over and out.


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Topshop Festival Inspired Look

Topshop festival outfit post 7 Topshop festival outfit post 10 Topshop festival outfit post 4 Topshop festival outfit post Topshop festival outfit post 3 Topshop festival outfit post 8 Topshop festival outfit post 5

Topshop recently challenged me to put together a summer/festival inspired look so, since the weather's been veering towards the Autumnal recently, I decided to go down the festival route. Well, day one of the festival when you're feeling fresh and actually put some effort into the way you dress in case you bump into Paolo Nutini in the crowd (you want to look your best when he proposes, obviously). Topshop's been one of my favourite shops since I was about fourteen and discovered that there was life outside of Primark, and I know I can always go in there and find something I like, so I was excited to get cracking.

The past two festivals I've been to I've opted for chunky boots and just kept my wellies in the tent as a back-up - thankfully I didn't need them either time - because I find them a bit comfier to wander around in. The particular ones I'm wearing are now sold out unfortunately, but I've tracked down some similar pairs here, here and here. I always tend to team my boots with black skinnies, but this time I upgraded a bit with this pair here that have the most amazing zip detail and, added bonus, are also extremely soft and stretchy; forget the usual constraints of skinny jeans, you can jump around and crowd-surf to your hearts content in these. No festival look would be complete without a bit of fringing, which is where this striped top of my dreams comes in, as well as a good pair of sunglasses. I finished off the look with this incredible necklace, which looks like it's straight out of a Bollywood film. It's a lot more versatile than you would think and looks especially good paired with plain tees, the perfect all-rounder.

Add a leather jacket to this skinny jean look - a la Alex Turner - and you're ready to go.


Shop the post:

Post put together in collaboration with Topshop; all words, views, and Paolo Nutini daydreams are my own.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Yard Sale

Urban outfitters black platform shoes 1(1) Urban outfitters black platform shoes 9 Urban outfitters black platform shoes 4 Urban outfitters black platform shoes 5
Vintage AC/DC top | New Look blazer | Zara leather zip detail skirt (similar and similar) | Urban Outfitters black platforms

I've managed to put together an outfit that you can buy almost NONE of online, so I do apologise for that. If you follow me over on Instagram you'll already have seen a little sneaky peek of these shoes, which are one of my best bargains yet. When I was down in Glasgow at the weekend I noticed that Urban Outfitters had reduced everything in their sale to £10, so I ended up walking away with these badboys as well as a pair of £180 jeans for a grand total of £20. Eat yo heart out David Dickinson. They've got an online offer on just now as well; if you use the code 'YEAH50' at the checkout you can get an extra 50% off all sale!

When I put this outfit on I knew that I wanted to pair it with this amazing cowhair bag my Mum bought at one of the market stalls when we were down at the Edinburgh Fringe, so I sneaked into the house and pinched it this morning. I'm practically doing her a favour wearing it in, anyway. Well, that's the official party line and I'm sticking to it.


Friday, August 22, 2014

White jeans cliche

So Jeans grey denim jacket 1 So Jeans grey denim jacket 5 So Jeans grey denim jacket 4 So Jeans grey denim jacket 6 So jeans grey denim jacket 8 So Jeans grey denim jacket 2
New Look suede boots (now in sale) | So Jeans grey denim jacket (c/o) | H&M drop armhole vest (similar) | Topshop necklace | ASOS white skinny jeans | Shirt stolen from my brother 

I'm away down to Glasgow this weekend for my pal Jen's engagement party, but I thought I'd put together a little post this eve so you don't miss me too much (anyone? No? Oh thank god, there you are Mum). I wore this outfit a couple of days ago to go into town holiday shopping - have I mentioned I'm going on holiday yet? - and grabbed the shirt as I was leaving from my brother, which turned out to be a god-send because I sat on some sauce during lunch. Wearing white jeans, I sat on some red sauce, yes. What a big, walking rom-com cliche I am. 

Anyway, moving on... I bought the most amazing polish in Topshop yesterday, so I've got it on (see it here) and I am ready to pardddyyy. Now I just need to find something to wear - safe to say I've got my priorities right.