Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Circle of Life

Missguided colour block fur stole 1 Missguided colour block fur stole 8 Missguided colour block fur stole 3
MISSGUIDED faux fur wrap & over the knee boots* | H&M oversized jumper | TOPSHOP distressed jeans | RIVER ISLAND scarf (worn as headband)

I've been finding it really hard to put outfits together recently, I think because of the cold weather, dark lighting and post-christmas belly bulge I've got going on it's been all to tempting to throw on jammie bottoms and an old jumper. I have to say though, these boots have given my wardrobe a new lease of life, suddenly the fog has lifted and I have a million and one outfits going through my head that I want to wear. Like I was saying a few posts back, I've been getting verrry into my headbands again too which is fun (I'd like to say I'm using the term fun loosely but I'm not. I live a very empty life), this one's an old silk scarf my Mum bought for me years ago which I've recently resurrected for hair-party purposes *queue Circle of Life music*

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Travel Resolutions Part II

Bonjour, bonjour and welcome to the second part of my resolutions post! As I was saying in my last post, my main New Year's Resolution of 2015 is to travel more, so I've been using my Microsoft tablet this past week to get a bit more prepared for things to come. The anal side of me is LOVING this. So, here's where I'm currently at:

Microsoft Surface pro 3 tablet travel apps 1

Generally a forward-planner I am not, but the past few times I've been on holiday I've made a point of going online beforehand and checking out the best places to eat/things to do so that we don't end up spending the whole fortnight on a sunbed. Ahem, ok, I have done that in the past and had a ball but now I prefer to explore and see what's what. Which I think might otherwise be known as getting old. The first thing I did was head to the travel section of the app store (it's very handily split up into categories like games, music & video, health & fitness, food & dining etc) and download some of my favourite apps. Now I'm sitting with an arsenal under my belt that includes TripAdvisor, Skyscanner, translator and booking.com and am equipped, quite literally, to take on the world. Browsing through TripAdvisor is one of my favourite pastimes; I'm generally greeted with a sigh from Rob's end when I pull out my phone before we go somewhere because he knows exactly what's coming, but the search for 'hotels/restaurants' etc near me feature is - in my opinion - one of technology's greatest achievements. Anyone else?...

We've got a few exciting trips coming up in the next couple of months (all will revealed soon, but for now I'll have to shroud myself in a cloud of mystery like some sort of non-committal fortune teller) so I've also been saving useful blog posts and articles I've found while browsing the interweb into the 'Reading List' app, which groups them all together for you to go back to at a later date. Handy pandy.

Microsoft Surface pro 3 tablet travel apps 2

I'm a truly terrible flyer (I think I've told you all that 5000 times now, you're welcome) so, as sad as it is, it genuinely makes me feel nice and warm inside that a game of solitaire is only a click away if I need to take my mind off of my potentially impending death. Yes, solitaire is my game of choice. There are many, many more in the x-box games app for the more adventurous person.
Other useful apps include maps (with a 'search and get directions' function which has saved me and my hopeless sense of direction many a time), the camera (if you don't fancy carrying a camera/phone as well as your tablet), London TubeMap (sad, I know, but I'm yet to get the hang of the tubes despite being in London at least twice a month), Skype for when you're missing home aaand the weather app - CRUCIAL for knowing how to dress appropriately for your trip ahead. I'm a little anal about this last one because I once got caught in two weeks of rain and storms (get your shit together, Gran Canaria) with a suitcase full of flimsy sundresses, sandals and not much else.

So, there we go - my favourite travel apps. I hope this comes in handy for some of you, and if there's any travel apps I've missed that you like then pleeeease tell me below, I'm always on the hunt for more to download!

Microsoft Surface pro 3 tablet travel apps 6
A modern day Picasso at work

- Check out my first post here if you missed it -


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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ron Burgundy

Topshop foil print jacket Topshop foil print jacket 4 Topshop foil print jacket 3
TOPSHOP foil print jacket (similar) | GOLDIE zip detail polo neck (similar) | ZARA burgundy velvet trousers (similar) | SENSO black ponyskin boots

I'd had my eye on this Topshop foil print jacket for ages, so when it went into the sale and I missed out on it I considered getting very drunk and smashing things up. Instead, I went down the route of waiting patiently for someone to return one in my size and THEY ACTUALLY DID. This almost never happens. These Zara trews were another recent sale buy (£7.99, winner) so I threw caution to the wind, wore them both at once - along with this polo Rob bought me last Christmas - and risked looking like Ribena personified. A big Ribena berry with hairy feet. I'm ok with it if you are.


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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Me and my friend, Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft surface pro 3 tablet review 6            
Well, hi! Have we all survived Blue Monday? I hope so. Today's post is another little something different (look at me go, I know), but something I hope you'll all like. Technology's something I don't really go into all that often on here, which is ironic considering how much I rely on it in order to blog, so here's my first little venture into the area. The video kind of explains it all, but - in short - over the next few weeks I'll be test-running the Microsoft surface pro 3 tablet whilst figuring out how I can use it to help achieve my main New Year's resolution to travel more this year. I'm both a technophobe and terrible for breaking New Year's resolutions before they've even started, so this'll be a challenge on both counts for me - I'll be back on Friday with an update so you can check in on me then (Mum) to see how it's all going! For now, here's a few snapshots to give you a better idea of what I was warbling on about in the video:

Microsoft surface pro 3 tablet review 4

Tablet or laptop? You decide.
Microsoft surface pro 3 tablet review 2
Holding itself in more positions than a yoga instructor.

Microsoft surface pro 3 tablet review 7

Making friends with one another

Microsoft surface pro 3 tablet review 3

Behold, the snazzy pen in action.

Microsoft surface pro 3 tablet review 5

If you're thinking of buying a tablet yourself, or even seeing what's available out there, then Argos' range is well worth a browse!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Some New Additions

Zara red bell sleeve 70s dress Zara red bell sleeve 70s dress 8 Zara red bell sleeve 70s dress 6

ZARA red bell sleeve dress (similar) | BAIA leopard ponyskin bag* | TOPSHOP cream snakeskin boots (similar)

Tonight's post is dedicated to a few thangs that have recently entered my life/wardrobe. I talked about this dress a little in my latest video but I thought it deserved to get in on the action here too. That's how much I love you, dress. It's in the style of the floaty, seventies Free People dress that I perve on on an almost daily basis, and was hiding at the back on the Zara sale rack for a mere £17.99 - for that reason it's going down in my diary as one of my best sale finds yet. And the bag, oh the bag. I'm the proud owner of a few Baia bags and can honestly say they just get better every time. I chose the detailing on my last two and, despite this one coming from the ready-made collection, it's like it was made straight from my own head. Leopard ponyskin outer with a burgundy suede inner... I mean, c'mannnnn. Perfect. There's four beautiful bags in the animal print collection, so make sure and give them a quick browse (you will not regret, I promise).


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