Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Briging my dungarees out for summer

Vintage blue shorts dungarees 1 Vintage blue shorts dungarees 7 Vintage blue shorts dungarees 5 Vintage blue shorts dungarees 4
All Saints leather jacket | Zara cropped jumper and bag | Vintage denim dungarees (similar) | Senso buckle boots | Cos white collar

For me, dungarees are one of the best things to whap out in summer when the weather starts to pick up; they're so easy to throw on over bikinis, t-shirts, shirts... you name it. Speaking of summer dressing, me and Rob go away on holiday exactly a month today so I'll need to get my butt in gear and start picking up some clothes. I'm not going to lie, bikini shopping and the thought of having to prance about in next to nothing in only a matter a weeks makes me a bit sick in my mouth . Plus, my flatmate's just asked me the dreaded, 'Two for Tuesday?' question, and I was raised never to say no to anyone offering you pizza. Oh Victoria Secret models, tell me your secret.


Sunday, July 27, 2014

White lace go-to's

Dahlia white lace corinne dress 1 Dahlia white lace corinne dress 4 Dahlia white lace corinne dress 2 Dahlia white lace corinne dress 3 Dahlia white lace corinne dress 5
Dahlia white lace dress (sold out, similar and similar) | River Island platforms | Accessorize ring

All my family came up this weekend for my Mum's Birthday Celebrations: Round 2, so I donned my Sunday (Saturday) best and we all went out for an amazing meal, which I'm still full from today. Three birthday meals - and three birthday cakes - in three days is all fun and games until you try to get your jeans on at the end of it all. This Dahlia dress is one of my go-to's for fancy occasions; actually, as are these River Island platforms since I bought them a few weeks ago - so this might be a bit of a predictable outfit, but I'm ok with it if you are.

Anyway, I better run because we're all away out for afternoon tea. I kid you not. 



July Topshop and ASOS haul | The Little Magpie


My latest YouTube video is now live and ready for your perusal! I got a bit carried away in Topshop and ASOS - although to be fair I did also uncover my best bargain yet - so if you fancy feeling better about your spending habits then it's one for you.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lolu Rhoda

Lolu Rhoda gemstone bracelet 1 Lulu Rhonda gemstone bracelet 7 Lolu Rhoda gemstone bracelet 3 Lolu Rhoda gemstone bracelet 5

It's my lovely mamma's 50th today and I'm literally just running out the door to her meal but I wanted to get a quick post up to show you what I was wearing today and also to show off this beautiful bracelet from Lolu Rhoda. I've been wearing it ever since it arrived; I love how sparkly it is (staying true to my magpie name here) but how easily it can be dressed down too. As well as being one talented sista, Tiwa, the designer, is also just the loveliest lady in the land so make sure and give her jewels a wee browse.

I picked up these trousers from the Topshop sale a couple of months ago after pining after them for ages, although I think this might be the first time they've actually featured on here. They're not for everyone - my Mum said they look like trousers she used to wear to work back in the nineties (so rude. She's lucky it's her birthday and she can get away with saying things like that) - but I think they're amazing.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dressing like Russell Brand (again)

All saints silver zip biker jacket All Saints silver zip leather jacket 5 All saints silver zip biker jacket 3 All Saints silver zip leather jacket 6
All Saints leather biker jacket | Ark grey fedora (old, similar) | H&M cream embroidered blouse | Topshop skinny jeans | Topshop open toe boots

I think I mentioned a little while ago that my Mum pointed out how often I dress like Russell Brand, and never has it been more apparent than in this blog post. I found this shirt in the H&M sale last week and couldn't resist; what you can't see is that under the jacket it has big, puffy sleeves which make me feel a bit like I'm a character in a period play (or, indeed, Russell Brand) but I think that's why I like it.

In an exciting turn of events, me and my Mum are looking to book a last minute trip to New York this September/November, so if any of you have any hotel recommendations that are nice but reasonably priced please send them my way!