Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The New Love of My Life

The Little Magpie Mulberry Zipped Bayswater The Little Magpie Mulberry Zipped Bayswater The Little Magpie Mulberry Zipped Bayswater Topshop Floral Dress The Little MagpieThe Little Magpie Mulberry Zipped Bayswater The Little Magpie Topshop Floral Dress The Little Magpie Topshop Floral Dress IMG_6971 The Little Magpie Mulberry Zipped Bayswater The Little Magpie Mulberry Zipped Bayswater The Little Magpie Mulberry Zipped Bayswater
TOPSHOP floral midi dress (old, I'm so sorry. I'm also sorry the button at the back's undone... don't look at it) | MAJE cropped leather jacket | FENDI sunglasses | CAMILLA ELPHICK silver moon booties | MULBERRY zipped bayswater

The first thing I'll tell you is that this outfit was a mistake. I looked out the window, saw it was sunny, and popped it on without a care in the world. Turns out it was actually only 7 degrees and I very almost died of hypothermia. A mild exaggeration maybe, but I did genuinely think all the hairs on my legs were going to freeze over and fall off at one point. It'd save me the hassle of shaving I suppose but, still, not that enjoyable. Secondly I'll tell you that last week a UPS man rung my doorbell and brought this beautiful Mulberry into my life and completely made my week (... life? Would it be acceptable to say life?). The lovely, wonderful, and all the other nice adjectives you can think of, team at Mulberry sent it out as a surprise gift from their new collection and very almost sent me into a happy foetal position. Growing up, Mulberry was a Big Deal in our house (capital B, capital D); it was the one luxury me Mam would allowed herself and, if I was very, very good and promised not to spill anything or put it down on the street, I was allowed to take Alexa or Lily out for a trip. So to have this thing of beauty turn up at my door was a bit of a ridiculous moment and one of the very few times where I've thought, 'oh my god I might actually be a little bit proud of myself'. But then I remembered I'm British and we don't do that so made a self-deprecating remark and got on with it. This 100% is not a humble brag, it's more just that I had so many emotions about it that I had to get them out on paper.

Anywayyyy, of course I popped it straight on. First with this and secondly with the outfit you see before your very eyes. My Toppers midi dress that I picked up in the sale last year - best sale find I've had in a long time, it was one of those cheeky ones that's tucked right at the back of the rail hidden from view - my space boots (of course) and my little cropped biker from Maje which I think you might actually only be seeing for the first time on here? So, please feel free to get acquainted with one another.

Right, I'm off to give my bag a wee cuddle

The Little Magpie Mulberry Zipped Bayswater


Sunday, March 19, 2017

4 Favourite Fashion Bloggers

It's been absolutely ages since I've done a post on my favourite bloggers, so this is long overdue! Today's post is dedicated to my favourite fashionistas. There are so, so many bloggers that I absolutely love and if I could fit them all into one post I would, but blogger doesn't have enough characters and you probably don't have five hours spare to read it. SO, what I've done instead is gather up four favourites that I check on the daily (unless that's weird, in which case I mean... quite regularly) and put them all together. I'm sure you'll be familiar with a couple, if not all, of them but I hope it brings a new girl crush your way to at least some of you.

meganedit7778-682x1024 1B6A8381 1B6A1454 1B6A8904
Find her blog here

Well we all saw this one coming, didn't we? I regularly declare my love for Megsy, so it would be wrong not to have her in here. Every single outfit she puts together is a dream and I guarantee you'll leave her blog feeling inspired and ready to try out something new; be it a choker, sandals with socks or something just that bit out of your comfort zone. She's got a jawline that could take your eye out, is a total weirdo in real life too and I defy you not to fall a little bit in love with her (I know, that escalated quickly. These things happen).

new-post redjump8 hair10 blog9

Find her blog here

I've followed Alice forrrrever on Instagram and always get excited when I see one of her posts come up on my feed. I'm constantly recommending her to people when they ask who to follow (cough, even when they don't ask. See also Alyssa Miller) so it was about time I got her up on here too. She's got the cat-eye flick down to a dream, the perfect frongle and has the style of Jane Birkin and Audrey Hepburn rolled into one wonderful being. Another good jawline too.. I'm off to do some mouth exercises, damnit.

Kenza_Zouiten_Ivyrevel_Noir_06 IMG_4513 Kenza_Zouiten_Capetown_Sunset_06 KenzaZouiten_Paris-casual2
Find her blog here

Kenza's another blogger I've followed for years and sometimes I'm not actually sure she's a real person/isn't a secret Victoria's Secret angel. Her blog photography is amazing and everything - from her travel posts to her outfit posts - are friggin incredible. That's right, I pulled the word incredible out the bag. Shit. Just. Got. Real.

31239422105_9efcd14db5_b 32300581771_b03bacb74a_b 31117670120_211d436cc8_b
Find her blog here

Oh, lovely Liv. Liv's another one who leaves me feeling mega inspired every time I go on her blog; her photos look like they've come straight from an editorial and her city guides are second to none. You can tell how much effort goes into every single post, which is why she's long been one of my favourite bloggy gals!


Thursday, March 16, 2017

New York Vlog!

The Little Magpie New York

Oh my good god my New York vlog is finally live. I was v jetlagged and also a bit out of practice on the vlogging front so I do apologise if it's a bit slow at some points. It also took me about ten hours to edit... That's not right, is it? Anyway, enjoy (I hope)!


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Hello From Times Square!

The Little Magpie Karen Millen Long Leopard Coat The Little Magpie Karen Millen Long Leopard Coat The Little Magpie Karen Millen Long Leopard Coat The Little Magpie Karen Millen Long Leopard Coat The Little Magpie Karen Millen Leopard Coat The Little Magpie Karen Millen Long Leopard Coat
KAREN MILLEN leopard jacket (now half price, huzzah!) | CHEAP MONDAY 'Bad' jumper (now in sale) | FURLA bag | GAP jeans | OFFICE brown ankle boots | ASOS baker boy hat

Bonjourno! Today's post is brought to you from New York (well, the post's from there, I'm in Scotland) and features one of my favourite jackets this year. That's right, it's this little leopard number again. This was the first time I'd ever worn it - I'd been saving it for a special occasion, is that sad? Maybe - and in the end decided to dress it down with my Bad jumper and stonewash jeans. I also accidentally matched my nails to my bag and had a little insight into what it feels like to have your shit together. Quite nice, actually. 

The Little Magpie Karen Millen Long Leopard Coat
In other news, my vlog will be live this evening so, as soon as it is, I'll come back and pop a wee link in here for you!


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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A Stay At Dukes Hotel

The Little Magpie Dukes London Hotel Review
Well hello there. Happy... Tuesday? That's not really a thing, is it. Anyway, today's post is brought to you from the beautiful Dukes Hotel in London, which we had the pleasure of staying in recently. I'd heard a lot about it so I was pretttty excited about the prospect of staying there, and I was not disappointed.

The Little Magpie Dukes London Hotel Review The Little Magpie Dukes London Hotel Review The Little Magpie Dukes London Hotel Review Dukes The Little Magpie Review The Little Magpie Dukes London Hotel Review
We checked into the suite and it was one of those moments that make you do a little gasp. We were greeted with a beautiful big bed (complete with cuddly toy dog on top, which was genuinely one of my favourite parts of the room and now sits proudly on my bed at home) and then off of the bedroom was what can only be described as The Bathroom of Dreams. White marble everywhere. The kind of bathroom you want to spend all your time in but would never paint your toenails in. Beautiful. You're also given a little mobile phone that you can take out and about with you for calls and maps and the like, which is very, very handy, especially if you're there as a tourist. Oh, speaking of tourist, the hotel's only a 5 minute walk from Buckingham Palace! You could try and pop in for a cup of tea with the Queen, but she's normally quite busy.

Then - then - you head through to the living area and to find the above beautiful big suite, TV, dining table and big open windows with views onto the streets of London (I completely fell in love with the car you can see in the top left hand photo). Oh, and a plate of hot chocolate brownies. I was very much in my happy place.

The Little Magpie Dukes London Hotel Review The Little Magpie Dukes London Hotel bar Review The Little Magpie Dukes London Hotel Review The Little Magpie Dukes London Hotel Review The Little Magpie Dukes London Hotel Review
In the evening we headed down for a wander around the hotel - it's cosy, welcoming and beautifully decorated, kind of like a fancy version of your Nan's house - before being drawn towards the famous bar. 'Why is it famous?' I hear you ask. Well, James Bond author Ian Fleming often frequented the bar and it's said to be what inspired him to write the famous 'shaken, not stirred' line; there's even a framed and signed photo of Sean Connery hanging proudly at the entrance of the bar. So there's a bit of trivia for your next pub quiz. The bar is very sleek and sophisticated but, again, nice and welcoming at the same time and, of course, promises the best martini in the world.

Following on with the trivia, the little courtyard you see above has been traced right the way back to 1532 (!) when King Henry VIII built St James's Palace here. It's been the venue for seven royal weddings, it was where King Charles I lived prior to his execution and it was where Bloody Mary died. Oscar Wilde and Lord Byron also wrote in St James's Place, Chopin lived there while in London for his last performance... the list goes on. Definitely one for those of you who like a place with a bit of history.

The Little Magpie Dukes London Hotel Review The Little Magpie Dukes London Hotel Review The Little Magpie Dukes London Hotel Review
The next morning we woke up to the worst rain man has ever known, so stayed in and ordered a big breakfast up to the room - eggs, bacon, sauteed potatoes, fruit salad, you name it - and took our time with that before saying a sad goodbye to the room and heading back to the train station. 

And there we have it, a stay at the wonderful Dukes Hotel with a little taste of James Bond thrown in along the way. It's part of SLH group who look after a whole host of amazing independent hotels (I browse them almost every time I travel, sometimes just for fun when I'm not travelling) so you can also check them out here if you like.


Thank you to the Dukes Hotel for a truly lovely stay.