Monday, June 29, 2015

ASOS: Best of the Sale

Every time the ASOS sale comes round I get people (namely my Mum) asking if I can do an edit, so your wish is my command! It's a big bitchin' thing to tackle on your own - it took me at least two cups of tea and five kitkats- so I've done the hard work for you and rounded up my all-time favourite sale picks right here in one shoppable edit. I started off thinking, 'right, I'll pull together 15 or so pieces', but then it just kind of got out of hand. What can I say, it's a good sale. I've already ordered a few things for myself (the star print converse, the 'you can't swim with us' top, and these amazing trousers if anyone's asking. What do you mean you weren't?) and am currently tying my hands with plastic tags so I don't buy any more. Let me know what your favourites are/if you end up buying any of your own - if you see anything you like just click on the image to be taken straight to it!


Paris: A Week in Outfits

A week in outfits the little magpie 13

Bonjour, bonjour! That's me home from Paris and back into your arms once again. I had a lot of people over on my Instagram ask about what I was wearing when I was out there, so I thought I'd round them up together in a 'week in outfits' post, a little different to my usual kind of post so I hope you like it! When I'm on holiday-holiday I'm quite a lazy dresser, but the joy of city breaks is that you have the opportunity to dress up a little bit if you so wish (and that, people, is why my case is almost always right up at the weight allowance) and pretend you're in Sex in the City. Just kidding, I don't do that last part. Only sometimes.

A week in outfits the little magpie
A week in outfits the little magpie 1 A week in outfits the little magpie 2

Excuse the massive bitch face in the first photo, sadly that's just what my face looks like before it realises it's supposed to be smiling.

A week in outfits the little magpie 17
JIGSAW polka dot blouse | ZARA striped culottes (similar and similar) | ASOS lace up heels | MULBERRY 'Lily' bag

The heels are comfier than they look, I lasted a good four hours in those badboys before my toes started to tingle.

A week in outfits the little magpie 5 A week in outfits the little magpie 7 A week in outfits the little magpie 6
ASOS floral poncho | BAIA leopard bag | BERTIE lace-up wedges

Day 4 was awkward because me and the plant turned up wearing the same outfit. Expect to see us in the 'Who Wore it Best' section of Heat magazine next week.

A week in outfits the little magpie 8 A week in outfits the little magpie 0
MISSGUIDED crop top | ZARA striped culottes (similar and similar)

A week in outfits the little magpie 18 A week in outfits the little magpie 12

Most nights we just stayed out right through and kept on what we were wearing, but since it was one of the last nights we decided to dress up and go out for some posh nosh, so I slipped into something a little less comfortable. That's right, you're getting two outfits for the price of one.

A week in outfits the little magpie 10
H&M dress (similar and similar) | BELT so old I can't remember | ASOS lace-up heels

A week in outfits the little magpie 14 A week in outfits the little magpie 15

So there we have it, my week in outfits. I'll be back soon with my usual photo diary and where to eat posts but, for now, I hope you enjoyed this one!


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Getting Sweaty with Swimwear365 and SBC

Skinny bitch class review Skinny bitch collective class review 1 Skinny bitch collective class review 5 Skinny bitch collective class review 5 Skinny bitch collective class review Skinny bitch collective class review 4 Skinny bitch collective class review 3

A couple of weeks ago I was invited down to Landantown to take part in a SBC exercise class with the lovely Swimwear 365. Just in case you don't already know, SBC (or the Skinny Bitch Collective) is an hour long class run by Russell Bateman who trains the likes of Millie Mackintosh and Suki Waterhouse. I seriously needed a kick up the butt in the exercise department, so thought this'd be a good one to get me going, plus if there was the promise of getting a bod like either of those two babettes then I couldn't really say no. I headed down before and checked into the Park Avenue Baker Street hotel which was LAVLY - check it out if you're looking for somewhere to stay in London - and did a cracking breakfast.

The class itself was hard as shit; from planks to crabwalks to upside down mountain climbers and back again. At one point I actually though, 'what if I never see my kids again?' before realising that I don't actually have kids and was delirious from exhaustion. You can see how you'd having a banging bod in no time if you were going at it a couple of times a week, plus Russell's not a man you'd want to disappoint so you really do push yourself. The one thing I would say is that it'd be handy to have some basic knowledge of different exercises before you go because it's so fast-paced and relentless (generally 20 seconds per exercise with a few seconds rest before you're onto the next one) that you can easily get lost or left behind if you're not sure what's going on. It was one of the best blogger events I've been to, as much as I love mini cupcakes and champagne, there's nothing like getting sweaty with a bunch of girls to bring you close together. Big thanks to Label PR, Swimwear365 and Russell to putting on such an amazing event!


Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Unlikely Barbour

Barbour Leather Jacket The Little Magpie 11 Barbour Leather Jacket The Little Magpie 4 Barbour Leather Jacket The Little Magpie 1 Barbour Leather Jacket The Little Magpie 9 Barbour Leather Jacket The Little Magpie 14 Barbour Leather Jacket The Little Magpie 16 Barbour Leather Jacket The Little Magpie 17

Your eyes do not deceive you, this leather jacket is indeed from Barbour International. Snazzy, huh? I know them more for their quilted jackets (which, FYI, I was DESPERATE for when I was younger, I truly thought they were the key to being cool) so I was really surprised when I went on the website and found a whole selection of leather jackets. This one here caught my eye immediato; with it's square shoulders and asymmetric zip it reminded me of something Queen Moss might wear. It's even better in real life, the leather is like butter (I made rob stroke it in the middle of a restaurant, which he enjoyed until we realised to the untrained eye it might just look like he was stroking my breast) and fits like a glove. A jacket shaped glove. I really like that they've kept the traditional tartan lining though, which is a nice little nod to the brand as if to say, 'I might not look it on the outside, but on the inside I'm aaaaall Barbour'. 

God I need to stop making my clothes talk. I'm off to Paris (I bet you £10, or should I say 10euro that my Mum'll try to steal this jacket when I meet her out there) for a couple of days but will try and keep my blog updated as much as possible! Until then, you can follow what I'm up to over on my Instagram or Twitter if you so wish.  

A bientot and all that, 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

6 Things to do in Mykonos

Mykonos pink flowers bougainvillea

I have to say, I have a really weird feeling about Mykonos. It's incredibly beautiful and, visually, even better than I could ever have imagined, but because it's become the 'in' place to go in the past few decades, it's kind of been taken over by the wealthy squad. So you've got all these beautiful, traditional white and blue streets in Mykonos town, but then built into them are shops like Gucci and Louis Vuitton and this huge contrast, to me anyway, gave it the feel of  walking into a rich people's purpose-built playground rather than traditional Greece, which was a bit of a disappointment. Don't get me wrong; I'm so, so happy to have had the chance to visit and tick it off my bucketlist but I still haven't quite worked out how I feel about it... It's definitely somewhere I'd have loved to have seen 50 or so years ago anyway. Still, we did do some amazing things out there so I've put together a little guide of what to do and see when you're out there! Although Mykonos is known for its partying, we didn't actually hit any clubs as it was just the two of us and we're more of  a'drink at a bar' twosome rather than a clubbing twosome - otherwise known as pensioners -  so I can't give you any recommendations in that field unfortunately but, from what I've heard, Paradise Beach is the way to go. SO, without further ado, here are my Mykonos Musts:


Mykonos blue and white streets 2
Little venice mykonos at night
Little venice sunset mykonos
Mykonos Little Venice 2
Mykonos little venice sunset 3

Mykonos windmills sunset 1
Mykonos little venice sunset
Mykonos windmills sunset

Little Venice and The Windmills are probably two of the top tourist sights in Mykonos (aside from Paradise beach, of course) and are definitely worth checking out BUT just don't expect to have them all to yourself. I'd recommended checking out the windmills at sunset, like we did above, as they look just loverly with a pink and purple backdrop, plus Mykonos gets the most beautiful sunsets so you're unlikely to be disappointed. Little Venice, to be honest, I'd recommend checking out both during the day and at sunset. During the day it looks vibrant and and colourful and like I'd imagine the real Venice looks. By night they look much more Greek, I think anyway, and you can hop into one of the many bars or restuarants for a front row ticket to watch the sunset across the sea and the windmills. Romantic stuff, eh? 

The Little Magpie H&M red lace dressH&M red lace dress the little magpie

Bill & Coo suites mykonos sunset cocktails 7
Bill & Coo suites mykonos sunset cocktails
Bill & Coo suites mykonos sunset cocktails 9
Bill & Coo suites mykonos sunset cocktails 6
Bill & Coo suites mykonos sunset cocktails 4
Bill & Coo suites mykonos sunset cocktails 5

Bill & Coo suites mykonos sunset cocktails 3

Bill & Coo suites mykonos sunset cocktails 1

Bill and Coo Suites and Lounge is somewhere I'd highly recommend (if this was school I'd slap a big ass gold star beside it's name), which we visited on our second night for drinks and dinner. I'm not alone on this one either, it was actually voted Greece's leading luxury all suite hotel. We started off with a round of cocktails by the infinity pool, where we sat and watched one of the nicest sunsets I've seen.  Beautiful, innit? Rob's very well versed in the language of cocktails and is hard to impress (whereas I'm just happy if somewhere has a sex on the beach on the menu) but actually found one of the best ones he'd had here. If anyone's keeping tally, I think that earns them another gold star right there. We then headed over up the seated area for some food, and this is where the fun stuff really started.

Bill & Coo suites mykonos restaurant taster menuBill & Coo suites mykonos sunset cocktails 10
Bill & Coo suites mykonos restaurant taster menu 1

Billl & Coo suites mykonos restaurant main course

We were presented with a seven (seven!) course meal and my whole gluten thang wasn't a problem at all - they were quick to change the recipe for each of the courses in order to cater to my ever-disappointing intolerance. It was like being in Willy Wonka's factory - there was everything from rice-infused tomatoes to lime flavoured foam (!) in there, most of which looked too pretty to eat. On top of that, the staff were all incredibly lovely and took are of you better than a grandma on a 'you need to get some meat on those bones' mission; I'm talking to the level where your drink's topped up before you've even realised you'd finished your first one. We then got a little sneaky peak of the rooms which was all very exciting.

Bill & Coo suites mykonos room
Billl & Coo suites mykonos room

They were exactly as I expected, minimal but lux with a whole load of swanky extras throw in. I'm talking private hot tub, free standing bath in the middle of the bedroom and EVEN a secret mini-bar esque drawer that's filled with sex toys for the more, um, adventurous couple. Hey, you in the corner - stop giggling.

Bill & Coo suites mykonos star poolBill & Coo suites mykonos pool by night

By night, the pool is filled with tiny lights so that it looks like it's reflecting the stars in the sky above, which was completely and utterly breathtaking. Be it for a stay, a meal or a sunset cocktail, I'd definitely recommend squeezing in a visit to Bill and Coo! 


NIce n Easy mykonos review gluten freeNIce n Easy mykonos review gluten free 1

Another restaurant I'd recommend is Nice 'n Easy. Cheap it is not, although we soon found out that's the case with most places in Mykonos, but the food was incredibly tasty and I had one of the best salmon fillets I've ever had*. However, the real bonus lies in the fact that they have a really, really extensive gluten free menu and it's all clearly marked out - a major godsend for me as I was struggling to find someone who even knew what gluten was, never mind what foods it was in.  

 * after Rob's that is** 
** Of course I'm writing that of my own accord (is he still there?)


Mykonos white streetsMykonos street fruit stall
Mykonos white streets

Mykonos blue and white streets
Mykonos green door
Mykonos blue and white streets 1

Mykonos blue and white coloured streets 8

Mykonos blue and white coloured streets

Mykonos blue and white coloured streets 4

Mykonos blue and white coloured streets 6

Mykonos blue and white coloured streets 5

Mykonos sorbet Gelarte

Don't worry, I'm not being offensive - I mean that literally. The best thing we did there was spend an afternoon getting completely lost in the winding white and blue streets of Mykonos Town. They're up there with the most picturesque streets I've seen, and are guaranteed to make you leave with a smile on your face (and a whole host of Instagram-worthy photos). Whilst you're down there, make sure and pop into Gelarte on the sea front for an ice cream! There's Ferrerro Rocher, Snickers, Kinder Bueno, passion fruit, strawberry sorbet... the list goes on. If you're in a particularly 'fuck it' kind of mood, they specialise in wonderfully calorific waffles or crepes with ice cream, whipped cream and sauce. You can choose to sit in or take it away for a walk along the seafront! 


Agios Sostis beach MykonosAgios Sostis beach Mykonos 3

Agios Sostis beach Mykonos 4

Agios Sostis beach Mykonos 5

Agios Sostis beach Mykonos 8
Agios Sostis beach Mykonos 7
Agios Sostis beach Mykonos 6

Agios Sostis beach Mykonos Kiki's Tavern 1
Agios Sostis beach Mykonos Kiki's Tavern 3
Agios Sostis beach Mykonos Kiki's Tavern 2

Agios Sostis beach Mykonos Kiki's Tavern 4
Agios Sostis beach Mykonos 11

We took a day trip up to Agios Sostis beach for the morning which was lovely. It is, however, incredibly hard to get to - we were lucky in that we had the hotel's driver take us there, but if not then you have to take a bus and then walk, or get a taxi. We actually went up because we'd heard good things about Kiki's Tavern, which is a little restaurant tucked away on the edge of the beach that's all about getting back to basics - no electricity, music, or card payments and everything's cooked on the grill. However, I've got mixed feelings about it - like I said, the wealthy have kind of taken over Mykonos so the crowd there completely contrasted with what the retsaurant stood for; we actually heard both 'just tell them how important we are,  I'm absolutely not queuing' and 'don't they know who we are?' used in the space of five minutes which, until then, I thought only existed in films. Kiki's also seem to have matched their prices to this kind of crowd, so we ended up at about £60 for a pretty average lunch. So, good experience and I'm glad we did it but, again, my feelings are a mixed bag of fish.


Ornos beach Mykonos

We only walked through Ornos bay on our way to Mykonos town, so I can't really recommend or not recommend it, but I thought I'd include this snap so that you can at least get an idea of what it's like. Beautiful, ya?

Aegean Airlines flying into sunset

As you may or may not know, we stayed at Kivotos in Mykonos, and you can read my review and see my photo diary on that here! And sadly that was all we had time to fit in before we flew home! Sadly that brings my blog posts on Greece to a close - I really hoped you liked them and that they're helpful to any of you who end up heading out there. As always, please consider taking me in you case.

Thank you so much again to Kivotos, Blue Palace, a luxury collection resort and spa, Aegean Airlines and Discover Greece for organising such a wonderful trip. And, for more on Greece, check out!