Thursday, April 28, 2016

For those the height of Stuart Little

The Little Magpie Walis Petite cream trousers 2 The Little Magpie Walis Petite cream trousers 7 Wallis Petite Range the little magpie The Little Magpie Walis Petite cream trousers The Little Magpie Walis Petite cream trousers 5

Hello there! Today's outfit I'm very excited about because I'm wearing trousers that - wait for it - I didn't have to roll up OR get altered OR hack at with scissors. This literally never happens, so if anyone wants to make a banner or something I'm totally ok with it. They're from the lovely Wallis' petite range which has honestly been an absolute life saver. Ok, life saver's an exaggeration but you know what I mean. I've been searching for a pair of cream wide leg trousers for a long time, so that I could finally embrace my inner Miami Vice (next on my list is that badass suit on the right), but they're just so hard to come across when you're a five foot giant. So, as you can imagine, these were a real dream find. The fit's really flattering too and, dare I say it, they actually almost lengthen my stunted legs. I paired them with a little off the shoulder top to dress it up a bit - it'll be all all white on the night (sorry) - and my trusty old platforms. A simple outfit but one I'm keeping in mind for summer parties and bbq's ahead. That is, when the weather finally realises it's supposed to be getting warm right about now. 

Over and out chickaroos!


- Post in collaboration with the lovely Wallis and their petite life-savers -

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

REVOLVE in Miami

REVOLVE floral maxi dress the little magpie REVOLVE floral maxi dress the little magpie 4 REVOLVE floral maxi dress the little magpie 6 REVOLVE floral maxi dress the little magpie 11 REVOLVE floral maxi dress the little magpie 10 REVOLVE floral maxi dress the little magpie 13 REVOLVE floral maxi dress the little magpie 5
REVOLVE maxi dress | NEW LOOK cut out bikini | FOREVER21 straw hat | BARE FEET grew them myself

Photos by my lovely little Hayley

Oh how I was wish I was back in Miami prancing about barefoot in 28 degree heat rather than in my kitchen in Scotland, contemplating pouring my cup of tea on my lap just to heat myself up. These were snapped at the beautiful Biltmore Hotel and I'm wearing what is, undoubtedly, my favourite dress I've ever owned. Revolve just so happens to be one of my favourite websites ever, so it was bound to be a good 'un, but when I pulled it out the box I actually did a little pig-like squeal. It's just so beautiful, like Angelina Jolie level beautiful but.. a dress. 

I need to go now because I'm starving and Tesco's calling my name (I'm going to buy a shitload of cheese and make fajitas and it's going to be great) but I shall catch y'all tomorrow. Or Thursday. One or t'other.


Monday, April 25, 2016

Sunset lovin'

IMG_3412-93 IMG_3413-94 IMG_3422-102 IMG_3417-97 IMG_3418-98 IMG_3395-76
Hello hello! Well I'm back from Miami, it's snowing, I have jetlag and I want to die. Apart from that I'm great. I don't know if you remember me saying in my Maldives post, but there was one night we went out dolphin spotting and, although we didn't see any, we got world's nicest sea and sunset instead, so I thought I'd share a couple of photos that one of the guys on board took for us. The photo after that peace sign one is us very almost falling into the sea.. oh, the perils of taking a photo on a moving boat.


Sunday, April 24, 2016

Cherry Blossom

The Little Magpie White Midi Skirt The Little Magpie White Midi Skirt 4 The Little Magpie White Midi Skirt 10 The Little Magpie White Midi Skirt 19
RIVER ISLAND split front skirt | ZARA cropped jumper | H&M leather jacket (similar) | ASOS suede ankle boots | DUNE bag

I bloody love a good cherry blossom, I tell you. It means that Spring is finally here... never mind that I couldn't feel my hands and that it snowed three hours after these were taken. Spring. Is. Here. You may recognise this skirt from my Maldives posts; it's, um, it's the one that I own in many, many colours. It's just such a nice shape, I can't help it. To make it a little more Scotland-appropriate I wore it with with a cropped knit, my leather jacket and - ok, fine - another jumper that I took off for the pictures. No one needs to see me looking like a 50-layer snowman. I've just realised that this is yet another black and white outfit, what am I liiiiiiike. HOWEVER, I'm off to Miami this week (I should actually already be there by the time this goes live, what a rush) and have packed a whole suitcase full of colourful clothing, just to really go bananas. Yeah I know how to live. A lot of them are red actually; my accidental but very fitting tribute to Dexter. Anyway, as always you can follow what I'm up to over on Instagraa and Twitter, and I'm thinking of finally taking the plunge and getting Snapchat too (finally, finally), so if I do I'll make sure and post my username on here!

That's all from me muthatruckas,

Friday, April 15, 2016

Here's What's on Ma Face

Red lip tutorial the little magpie 5 Red lip tutorial the little magpie 9 Red lip tutorial the little magpie 6

Well hi! Told you some more beauty posts were on their way, didn't I? Like I've said in the past, I'm no beauty guru and I have some make-up habits that make even close friends shiver (I still don't see what's wrong with using your fingers to put the majority of your products on with but whatever) but I do get asked often over on Instagram what I'm wearing, so I thought I'd start putting together some beauty posts listing what I'm a-wearing and take it from there really. 

This is a little more make-up than I'd normally wear, but I was having one of those days where I do anything to avoid my to-do list so took a little more time playing around than normal. I will add that my eyebrows were having a, 'go fuck yourself, I'm not going to play' day so don't look at them too closely. Thank you. The Tarte mascara's a new addition and is my new go-to; truly one of the best mascaras I've ever used. My good old faithful chameleon highlighter (seriously, that badboy always gets complimented. Mainly from my Mum but I'll take it) and the Eyeko fat liner which is another new addition and a right little dream to use. 

I hope you liked this post, I'm off to Miami on Sunday (shibbbbeeee) so I'll put together a little post on daytime holiday make-up too!