Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lolu Rhoda

Lolu Rhoda gemstone bracelet 1 Lulu Rhonda gemstone bracelet 7 Lolu Rhoda gemstone bracelet 3 Lolu Rhoda gemstone bracelet 5

It's my lovely mamma's 50th today and I'm literally just running out the door to her meal but I wanted to get a quick post up to show you what I was wearing today and also to show off this beautiful bracelet from Lolu Rhoda. I've been wearing it ever since it arrived; I love how sparkly it is (staying true to my magpie name here) but how easily it can be dressed down too. As well as being one talented sista, Tiwa, the designer, is also just the loveliest lady in the land so make sure and give her jewels a wee browse.

I picked up these trousers from the Topshop sale a couple of months ago after pining after them for ages, although I think this might be the first time they've actually featured on here. They're not for everyone - my Mum said they look like trousers she used to wear to work back in the nineties (so rude. She's lucky it's her birthday and she can get away with saying things like that) - but I think they're amazing.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dressing like Russell Brand (again)

All saints silver zip biker jacket All Saints silver zip leather jacket 5 All saints silver zip biker jacket 3 All Saints silver zip leather jacket 6
All Saints leather biker jacket | Ark grey fedora (old, similar) | H&M cream embroidered blouse | Topshop skinny jeans | Topshop open toe boots

I think I mentioned a little while ago that my Mum pointed out how often I dress like Russell Brand, and never has it been more apparent than in this blog post. I found this shirt in the H&M sale last week and couldn't resist; what you can't see is that under the jacket it has big, puffy sleeves which make me feel a bit like I'm a character in a period play (or, indeed, Russell Brand) but I think that's why I like it.

In an exciting turn of events, me and my Mum are looking to book a last minute trip to New York this September/November, so if any of you have any hotel recommendations that are nice but reasonably priced please send them my way!


Sunday, July 20, 2014

All Saints leather baby

All Saints leather biker jacket  2 All Saints leather biker jacket 1 All Saints leather biker jacket 3 All Saints leather biker jacket All Saints leather biker jacket  4 All Saints leather biker jacket 2
All Saints leather biker jacket (c/o) | H&M cream trench | Topshop grey tee and skinny jeans | New Look suede ankle boots

Whee, I'm so excited about this post, I think it's been one of my favourite outfit posts to work on this year. All Saints is literally one of my all time favourite clothing brands, especially their leather jackets (if you've been a reader for a while you'll have seen them pop up in one or two wishlists), so I'm over the moon to be the proud owner of one of my own. I really have been taking the proud owner role very seriously; it stays in it's box unless I'm taking it out for a little sniff of the leather - weird? Maybe - or until days when I'm feeling courageous enough to wear it out. It is obviously a more expensive piece, but the quality is incredible; from the buttery leather (that honestly does smell like heaven by the way), to the chunky silver zips, it's got it all, so if you're looking to invest in a long-term partner... I mean, leather jacket. then I couldn't recommend a trip to All Saints more. 

On another note, their summer sale finishes at midnight tonight so if you're looking to snap up any last minute bargains now's the time!

Click on the images above to shop my favourite pieces

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Degrees of white

Free people embroidered smock top 7 Free people embroidered smock top 5 Free people embroidered smock top 2 Free people embroidered smock top 6
Free people embroidered smock (c/o) | H&M white skinny jeans | New look suede ankle boots (now in sale) | Diesel leather bag

Here I am, wearing varying shades of white as though that's not the most terrifying prospect in the world for me. I felt I owed it to the sun rather than wearing my usual all black, but - as I've mentioned before - white's a risky game for someone who hasn't managed once to eat ice cream without spilling it. 

I was having a bit of a rubbish week last week, so my Mum took me out for a big fat scone and some retail therapy, treating me to these boots along the way. How amazing are they?! I couldn't believe they were New Look, they wouldn't look out of place in Cos or somewhere along those lines. Good job guys, good job.


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Midi madness

H&M midi racer back dress 2 H&M midi racer back dress 7 H&M midi racer back dress 1 H&M midi racer back dress 6
H&M black racer back midi dress (similar) | Adidas gazelles | Baia ponyskin bag

It would seem midi dress are like buses; I've been on the hunt for the perfect one for a couple of months to no avail and now I'm seeing ones I love left, right and centre. I limited myself to buying two; one navy and one black. Ok, ok, this one in cobalt as well. But I've been wearing them all the time and - added bonus - they make me look a little bit taller, so I've managed to justify it in my head. Please no one tell me otherwise.