Tuesday, December 16, 2014

He Wears, She Wears | Forever21

Forever21 He Wears, She Wears holiday outfit post 6 Forever21 He Wears, She Wears holiday outfit post 16 Forever21 He Wears, She Wears holiday outfit post 15 Forever21 He Wears, She Wears holiday outfit post 3 Forever21 He Wears, She Wears holiday outfit post 13 Forever21 He Wears, She Wears holiday outfit post 8 Forever21 He Wears, She Wears holiday outfit post 10

Oh hey there! I've been meaning to get round to doing a 'He Wears, She Wears' post forEVER because, like I point out every time, they're my absolute favourite kind of post to shoot. Mainly because I feel like much less of a lemon when I've got someone to stand next to. So, back to the story, when Forever21 got in touch and asked if me and Rob would like to put together a look from their new Holiday collection it couldn't have been better timing. We were both tempted to go for a cosy look since our natural habitat tends to be under the duvet with a mug of hot chocolate in hand, but in the end decided to swerve towards party looks because, after all, 'tis the season to be jolly and partylicious (I think that's how the saying goes anyway). Rob went for his usual Cool-Boy-Mod outfit - if he could stop making me look so uncool by comparison that'd be fab - and I went for a stereotypical but shamazing sequin party dress. I paired it with some some suede ankle boots rather than heels for a change and then finished it off with the absolute bag of my dreams. A Chanel boy bag's been top of my wishlist for I don't know how long (how freakin' nice do I need to be, Santa?) so I was over the moon when I found this little inspired-by number for only £17. That's right, £17. Oh, what lark! This particular version's now sold out as far as I can see but, before you panic, there's a really similar Chanel-esque one in black now on there too.

I hope you guys liked this post as I know a lot of you have commented and said you'd like to see another 'He Wears, She Wears' feature! It won't be so long until the next one, scout's honour.


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Post put together in collaboration with Forever21

Monday, December 15, 2014

Take 10: River Island Knitwear

River Island navy knitted jumper dress 11 River Island navy knitted jumper dressRiver Island navy knitted jumper dress 4 River Island navy knitted jumper dress 5 River Island navy knitted jumper dress 8 River Island navy knitted jumper dress 9
RIVER ISLAND navy oversized jumper* | FOREVER21 knitted turban (similar) | ZARA bouclé bag | ALL SAINTS Balfern leather jacket | MI MONEDA silver pendant* | SENSO leopard pointed toe boots (now half price!)

This month's Take 10 involved a little bit of River Island and a lot of knitwear, both of which very much tickle my pickle. I went for an oversized jumper that can also be worn as a dress, which has been great to chuck on and keep cosy in. Being quite short (read: very short), I often find that anything with 'oversized' in the title drowns me, but this one's been amazing thanks to the fitted 3/4 sleeves which give it a little bit more structure. This particular outfit is from a couple of weeks ago when me and Rob spent a few days Christmas shopping in Glasgow and it was CRIMINALLY cold (can you arrest the weather for being indecently cold?); I swear to god my ears would have fallen off long before now if it wasn't for this Forever21 headband A.K.A the ear saviour. 

Anyway, I'm off to enjoy a hot chocolate whilst I finish off my Christmas shopping (check out my Christmas gift guides here and here if you missed them), so I'll leave you to have a browse of how the other girls styled their pieces:

Thursday, December 11, 2014

My Whirlwind Tour of Brighton

HUSH black oversized blazer HUSH black oversized blazer 3 HUSH black oversized blazer 4 HUSH black oversized blazer 1 HUSH black oversized blazer 7 HUSH black oversized blazer 6

Don't worry, I've not gone mad - these photos were taken last month when I was down in Brighton visiting my brother i.e. when the weather was being much kinder to us than it is now. Brighton's somewhere I've always wanted to visit, so it's good having him down there because now I've got myself a valid excuse to venture down whenever it tickles my fancy (and play the role of annoying sister accordingly). He took me on a whirlwind tour; from the lanes and markets, to the pier, to the massive Beyond Retro, to a million and one amazing food stops in between (if you're down that way please make sure and fit in a trip to The Creperie, where you can get pretty much any topping you could ever think of, savoury or sweet, on your crepe). Unfortunately this was also the day I chose to break in my new Dune pumps. Not. Smart. They're really nice to wear now that I've broken them in, but if you're planning to buy them yourself then make sure and just wear them around the house first with socks until they get acquainted with your feet.

photo 3 photo 3 (1)
All I can say is good luck to your waistline if you plan on visiting Brighton
photo 2
Nutella, crushed nut, caramel and whipped cream crepe at The Creperie. Oh. My. God.
photo photo 1 (2)
So much colour everywhere, it's amazing - kind of like a kid's cartoon come to life.
photo 1 (1)
Getting way to excited at finding Rob's name on a street sign. Ahem.
photo (1)
Thriftshopping with Macklemore (this caption only becomes funnier when you learn that my brother's name is Mac)


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Edinburgh with Mallzee | Photo Diary

If you follow me on aaany form of social media then you'll know that the lovely Mallzee recently took me, Kate, Kavita and Emma away to Edinburgh for a big fat blogger sleepover and a weekend of fun. Just in case you've never come across them before, Mallzee's a pretty snazzy app (marketed as 'Tinder for fashion - what more could you want?) where you can shop from over 100 brands in the one place as well as saving items for later to get alerts when they go in sale. I've already put together a video over on my YouTube about what we got up to, but I thought it'd be nice to put together a photo diary too so that the photos don't go to waste. Speaking of which - big thanks to the hugely talented Susie for letting me use some of her shamazing snaps in the post too!
Edinburgh trip with Mallzee 7 Edinburgh trip with Mallzee 16
The most incredible view across Edinburgh from our balcony. If you're wondering why I look so tense and awkward in the first photo it's because there was no railings at that partiular bit and, knowing my luck, I was expecting a seagull or equally large bird to swoop down and knock me off the edge.


Edinburgh trip with Mallzee Edinburgh trip with Mallzee 1 Edinburgh trip with Mallzee 2 Edinburgh trip with Mallzee 17
H&M polka dot shirt (similar) | River Island fluffy clutch

We stayed in the Old Town Chambers penthouse suite, which really was just beautiful. The beds were like big marshmallows, the decor was spot on and it was filled to the brim with every kind of gadget imaginable (it took us about ten minutes to find out where you put a DVD in). There were also a few very welcome additions in the form of food, food, food and more food and a rail of beautiful River Island clothing from Mallzee, who shall henceforth be known as the fairy godmothers. It's probably also worth mentioning (just in case any of you are thinking of staying there) that the apartments are situated right on the Royal Mile and are only a five minute walk from both Princes Street and from the Grassmarket. Winner winner, chicken dinner.


Edinburgh trip with Mallzee 3 Edinburgh trip with Mallzee 4 MallzeeBloggers025 Untitled Edinburgh trip with Mallzee 18
H&M bodycon dress | River Island fluffy clutch (as above)

After a few drinks and a catch-up at the apartment we headed over to Tigerlily for a cocktail masterclass, which is a really lovely venue for drinks - the fairy lights around the entrance in particular get a thumbs up from me. We worked our way through the drinks menu above (which got progressively stronger as it went down) and then came to the sobering realisation that it was half past seven and we were all very, very drunk. Time for some food, then..

Edinburgh trip with Mallzee 5 Edinburgh trip with Mallzee 13
We headed back to our apartment, where Cheff Giovanni from Amodo Mio had prepared an amazing three-course meal for us - I'm still having dreams about that Nutella mouse and hazelnut combo now.


Edinburgh trip with Mallzee 9
The next morning we headed for a much needed detox in the form of a delicious smoothie from Hula juice bar (not pictured but well worth a visit if you're in Edinburgh) followed by a truly scrumptious afternoon tea - and my first flowering tea - at Eteaket.

Edinburgh trip with Mallzee 10
SENSO leopard boots | H&M fedora (similar)

Playing guess who with Kavita
Edinburgh trip with Mallzee 12
A soppy little collage of random snaps from across the two days, finishing with a photo of us all squeezed in a bath in our onesies. Of course.

Once again, big thank you to Mallzee (I mean, Fairy Godmothers) for showing us such an amazing time! Although my waistline may never recover..



Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Big Christmas Gift Guide (Round II)

Christmas gift guide 2014 1 I've already put together a Christmas gift guide for Him & Her, but I wanted to put together a second one a) because I love Christmas almost as much as Michael Buble and b) I thought it'd be nice to make one up of things I actually own myself or have bought for other people so that you guys can see what the products look like in real life. There's a little bit of everything; from toiletries, to shoes, to jewellery, to... socks, so buckle your seatbelts and get ready to be taken on the Christmas ride of your life. Ahem.

(Plus discount codes, shh)
Christmas gift guide 2014 22 Beaverbrooks limited edition Christmas box

Beaverbrooks very kindly sent me over one of their limited edition Christmas boxes and I couldn't have been happier with what was inside. Below layers of tissue paper and confetti, suave I know, lay three little velvet bags containing three b-e-a-utiful pieces. Rose gold's a favourite of mine and - I have a feeling I'll be saying this a lot throughout this post - I can't resist a good bit of sparkle at this time of year, so it couldn't have been a better fit. It's only £79 for all three pieces (plus cleaning cloths for you mucky pups out there) as opposed to £141 if you were to buy them individually but, word of warning, as it's limited edition there's only 100 of each box available!

Christmas gift guide 2014 8
Christmas gift guide 2014 7

Daniel Wellington's a brand that pops up time and time again in the blogosphere, but not without good reason. I own two myself, and also bought one last year as a gift for an amigo, because I love them so much, and they're so well made too. I tend to prefer the men's ones (this one pictured is the men's St Andrews) as I like a big face, but the ladies ones are equally beautiful if you're after something slightly more delicate. If you're thinking of ordering one then use the code 'holidaymagpie' at the checkout to get 15% off your order right up until the 31st of December!

I also couldn't help but include this big chunky badboy from Urban Outfitters - how amazing is it? Well I'll tell you - it's very amazing. I understand that it might be a little big for some people's taste, so I've linked some simpler, smaller crystal pieces below too.


Christmas gift guide 2014 9 Christmas gift guide 2014 10

These platforms also featured in my last gift guide so I'm cheating a little bit here, but they're hands down my favourite shoes I've bought this year and so comfy too, so I couldn't help but include them again. Continuing on with the red theme, I've also popped in these stripy socks with contrast toe and heel from Gap; socks are one of my favourite presents to receive at Christmas (just call me Grandpa) and Gap do the best socks of all in my eyes. They don't have many funky ones on the website just now (they must be more of an in-store thing) so I've linked some fun alternatives below.

No gift guide would be complete without a novelty festive clutch, and today's comes in the form of this amazing pink fluffy clutch from River Island, which is softer even than the plushest teddy bear you can imagine. It also doubles up as a muff so you can keep those paws toasty on nights out!


Christmas gift guide 2014 11 Christmas gift guide 2014 12

Caitlin Moran's one of my favourite writers ever; her first novel, How to be a Woman, had me in tears from the word go and her second book certainly hasn't let the standard down, so if you fancy giving someone the gift of giggles this Christmas then this is the one for you. Also included in this slightly random category are two shamazing Anthropologie mugs - if I could include just 'Anthrolopogie' as a whole then I would but common sense told me to narrow it down a little. Every time I go in I buy myself a new mug, these two being my recent favourites, but it's worth having a good browse of their whole selection.

Last but not least is this personalised wrapping paper, which arrived on my doorstep in a surprise parcel from Wrap.Me. You can make someone their very own personalised wrapping paper just by uploading a selection of photos to the site; it's all very easy and very, very snazzy. Wrapping something I take great pleasure in doing (I'd even go as far as to say I'm its number one fan) so this appealed to me as soon as I saw it.


Christmas gift guide 2014 13 Christmas gift guide 2014 14

I love popping a party on my nails all year round, but I'd say it's almost obligatory to have jazzy nails at Christmas. These are my two favourite shades at the moment, which'd make very nice stocking fillers (well, maybe not for your ten year old brother), or you can even go the whole hog and buy the full Alexa for Nails Inc kit - or a Barry M gift set - should the generosity of Christmas spirit overcome you.

Christmas gift guide 2014 15
TOM FORD eyeshadow quad in Ice Queen & lipstick in Negligee

Tom Ford's one of those make-up brands I've always wanted to try but have never quite got round to, so I'm so glad I finally did. I think the eyeshadow palette in particular would make an amazing gift as it comes in a little luxe velvet gift bag (plus the glittery silver shade, top right, is my idea of a dream eyeshadow), but I have to hand it to the lipsticks too as, not only are they nice and creamy, but they last all day too. Plus the casing couldn't look more regal if it tried.

Christmas gift guide 2014 16

Oh my goodness, this shit's bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S. I originally went into the MAC store to buy a lipstick, but as always, left with something totally different. All the girls in store had this on (very clever) and every single one of them suited it so, being the ideal little consumer I am, I snapped it right up. Again it'd make such a lovely stocking filler or, if you fancy treating yourself - don't be ashamed ladies, we've all been there - it makes for a really striking Christmas night out look. You ca take my, and apparently all the girls at MAC's, word for it. Told you I liked sparkly things; magpie by name, magpie by nature and all that.

Christmas Gift Guide 2014 18 Christmas Gift Guide 2014 21

Khiels has been my favourite skincare for a long time, but Liz Earle recently sneaked into joint top place after my friend introduced me to the hot cloth cleanser which left my skin feeling like it'd been spa-ified. This limited edition hot cloth cleanser's a little update on the classic version, combining sweet orange oil and crushed peppermint for a new, uplifting smell and the superskin beauty gift box contains unfragranced superskin moisturiser and hand serum (perfect either for mature or for dry skin), so there's something for everyone. These limited edition sets are ripe for Christmas gift picking as I couldn't really see them going down badly with any ladyfriends. Plus, they come beautifully boxed and in tissue paper so the hard work's been done for you! Liz Earle's just popped up a blog post saying stock's now running low - limited edition woes strike again - so get in there fast!

And there we have it, my second (and last, yes, I'll calm down now) Christmas gift guide. Like I was saying in the last one, please leave links below if you've done one of your own so I can have a browse and feel all nice and festive.


Christmas gift guide 2014 2