Friday, October 21, 2016

What's In Your Bag?

Well hiiiii. Today's post is a little different to usual in that the entire outfit was built around the bag. Normally a bag's something I pop on at the last minute, but it's quite fun doing it this way. Reverse dressing if you will (just please god don't put your pants on over your trousers) When I'm looking for a bag, generally I'll go for one that's in quite a timeless style and colour. Not always - sometimes you just can't beat a little novelty bag - but nine times out of ten I'll go for a classic, a Frank Sinatra of the bag world. That's why, when I saw this one on Wallis, I was drawn to it instantly. The size, the croc print, the style, the BLACKNESS OF IT ALL... Just perfect. It's a great size in real life too, I had almost everything but the kitchen sink in there and it all slotted in nicely. 
P9233357 P9233339 P9233289 P9233298 P9233353 P9233317

So, today I've styled a very loose workwear outfit; most of the people I know work in creative/fashion industries so you can be a little cheeky with the rules when it comes to workwear, hence the reason I have on... a sweatshirt. However, if you do work in an office or somewhere a little more strict, I do believe the bag and jacket would look would look amazing with some little cigarette trousers or pencil skirt and a white shirt. And whilst we're speaking about the rest of the look, how amazing are the bag and the shoes? I genuinely couldn't believe that they were Wallis. The shoes are so ridiculously comfy, I wore them all day the first time I put them on (and you know how much I hate doing that to my weirdly shaped feet) and my feet remained completely unscathed. The jacket's a new firm A/W favourite for me as well, the big cosy thing it is. I've done a few posts wearing Wallis before but, I have to say, these are hands down my favourite pieces so far. A solid five loveheart emoji faces out of five from me.


And here we have a little sneaky of what's usually lurking in my bag (receipts and biscuit crumbs out of shot). A lipstick, me purse, sunglasses (to hide those perpetually baggy eyes of mine), a little notebook to get the million and one useless thoughts in my head written down somewhere, and a good book. What are your handbag essentials; anti-bag gel, emergency cookies, a forgotten banana?

Tell me all.

Post in collaboration with my favourite people over at Wallis

Thursday, October 20, 2016

All Saints A/W

P9233044 P9232957 P9233095 P9233005 P9233104 P9233039 P9232956 P9233072

Coming back from Bali to this weather has not been fun, I'll tell you that. When did it get so friggin' cold? I had to wear a hat for the short walk to Tesco last night and almost threw it on the ground in a tantrum. Bring back the sun (or mildly warm Scottish weather) I say. Anyway, one thing that has made the transition a little easier are these pieces from All Saints that were very kindly waiting to greet me when I got home. The shearling, the suede, the muted tones... it was almost too much beauty to handle. Really, though, they're wonderful ain't they? I own a good few All Saints jackets now - both bikers and tailored coats - and, I have to say, they're just my favourite things in the world. There ain't no fit like an All Saints fit. I went for a suede biker this time, as I always, always go for leather, in a grey colour and it's just beautiful. It's a good colour for A/W too as it goes with that nice warm, rusty palette that always comes in. Plus it also goes well with black and white, and we all know how much I like that combo. The bag, however, is the first ever bag I've owned from them. The verdict? A real 10/10. I do love me a little cross-body bag, but the fact that this one is in shearling and suede and comes complete with little tassel puts it in the category of dream bag. 

I popped it on with one of my favouruite Revolve maxis (have you seen this one on here before? Maybe not) and a new pair of boots from my favourite, favourite shoe people in the world. You got it; Senso. Been a while since I've gushed about them hasn't it? Well don't you worry, now A/W's coming in you can expect plenty more where that came from.


Wednesday, October 19, 2016

TrekAmerica: Four Highlights

So, if you'll cast your mind back a couple of months, you my remember me getting my trek on round Cali with TrekAmerica. Yees? Today's post is about my 4 highlights (it took me longer to narrow them down than it did to write the actual post), but for my next posts I'll be going into a little more detail about what we got up to and what it was like. SO, if anyone's thinking of doing a Trek themselves and has any questions then please either comment below or send me a wee email/tweet so that I can answer them for you then! I know it's a big thing to do - I literally didn't sleep the entire night before we left, it was like the first day of school all over again - so I'll try and help you out as much as I can! The questions can be as big or as little as you like, hit me and I'll try my best. 

So, without further ado, here are my four highlights from the trip (in no order, because that would make me too guilty).

This was one of the places I was most excited about, and holy moly it did not disappoint, it's like walking about inside a giant screensaver. You can look at as many photos as you like before you go, but nothing will prepare you for the sheer beauty of it. And the size actually, it's bloody massive. But, yes, truly one of the most breathtaking places I've seen in real life and I'm so, so glad to tick it off my bucketlist. Don't fret, I'll go into a little more detail as to what we got up to in Yosemite in my next post (spoiler: it involves a lot of sweat). 

Another bucketlister ticked off and done, a-thank you very much. Big Sur is incredible; each view is better than the next, and driving along in our little van with some music blasting is a real happy memory of mine. This particular one was taken at Bixby Bridge, which was one of my favourite points we stopped at. Like I say, it was very, very hard to narrow it down, so I'll go into it in much more detail as we go along and you can decide for yourself what your favourite is. I'll probably have changed my mind about five times over by then. Side note: about ten seconds after this was taken I stood up and slipped down the little hill and almost onto the road and was covered in mud and grazes for the rest of the day. So there's the story behind that Instagram. 

 This isn't something that I'd given much thought to (I really was just using all my energy getting excited about Yosemite), but once we got to the base of them I realised that I was, in fact, very excited to get my hike on and see the famous Hollywood sign. Did we make it? ...No, no we didn't. As a group we were spectacularly good at going slow so we only made it to around the halfway point, but I can tell you we each have a good 1000 photos of every moment up until that point. The view was still amazing though, you can see right across Beverley Hills and LA and you feel like you've really accomplished something because you've done a little hike to get up there. Yes I'm wearing a dress to hike, but the less said about that the better.

IMG_7988 IMG_6966
 I don't think I've said before now, but TrekAmerica is not only the best trip I've ever done, but one of the best experiences I've had overall in life so far, and a huge factor in that is this wonderful group you see there. A couple of us already knew one another, but I'd say overall we were quite new to each other at the start, and it couldn't have worked out better. I remember someone once saying that on your average trip, there'll be one weirdo. You know, one person who you feel a bit, 'please God don't sit next to me', about. That guy. But on this trip there was no weirdo (Oh. Unless it was me); I loved each and every single person we were with, and still think about them all on a daily basis. Not in a soppy way, or maybe a little soppy, but just little Trek memories that come into my head and make me laugh. There really is nothing that bonds you with people quite like Trek does; from the long drives spent in the van together, to trying to find a toilet in the middle of the wood (spoiler: there are none), to setting up (or failing to set up) a tent, I promise you you'll leave with a whole new set of friends as well as a whole lot of memories that'll last you forever. Ooh, it did get quite soppy there didn't it. 


Find out more about California here and the specific tour that we did here

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Two Things You Have to do in Miami

The Little Magpie Miami Photo Diary 12 

Hello, and welcome to my Miami photo diary part two! For the second part of our stay we stayed at the wonderful National Hotel, which has the longest infinity-edge pool in Miami beach and a bloody wonderful view across Miami. As well as that, it sits right on the beautiful South Beach, so you have that ready and waiting for you when you fancy a beach day. Plus the interiors aren't all to bad to look at either; I left with some lovely memories and a burning desire to own a gramophone. Oh my goodness, also, make sure and catch one of the cabaret nights! It's one of the most things I've done in a long time.

The Little Magpie Miami Photo Diary 25 (2) The Little Magpie Miami Photo Diary 3 The Little Magpie Miami Photo Diary 2 The Little Magpie Miami Photo Diary 4

Look at that SEA. So, my first must-see is The Fairchild Botanical Gardens, which have been open to the public since right back in 1938. They weren't the kind of thing I expected at all from Miami, so I think the surprise aspect definitely added to it, but they're just so peaceful and beautiful to walk around. As well as lots of rare tropical plants and flowers (how wonderful is the pink one above?) they also have a huge big beautiful butterfly house, which was a real highlight for my butterfly loving self. Have a little look for yourself...

Side note: you can rent the gardens out for weddings, which I think would possibly just be the best thing in the entire world. 

P4183367 P4183435 P4183433 PicMonkey Collage P4183418 Miami Guide The Little Magpie P4183447 P4183502 FullSizeRender (2)

Beautiful, aren't they? My next must-see, or must-visit, is Wynwood Arts District. It's filled to the brim with incredible murals and graffiti that cover every wall, and is home to the famous Wynwood Walls; an outdoor exhibit created by some of the most renowned street artists in the world. Seriously, whether you're into your grafitti and your murals or not, it's definitely worth a visit. We had a really in-depth guided tour with Miami's Best Graffiti Guide, run by Pedro and Ryan (spot Pedro in the rucksack below) which was amazing as you get to discover a little bit more about the story behind each piece and the artist that created them. If you're going to head there then I'd definitely recommend letting them take you round! After that we stopped off at Wynwood Kitchen and Bar for some lunch, which you have to do - and get some ceviche while you're at it. Oh, and a homemade lemonade. Deelish.

IMG_6418 P4194393 PenultimateFullSizeRender P4194394 P4194234 P4194196 P4194198 P4194184 P4194189

How friggin incredible is this carved-into-the-concrete mural? I don't want to say it puts my stickmen drawings to shame, but...

P4194193 IMG_6377 P4194201 P4194214 P4194357 P4194208 P4194227

And there we have it! If you missed my other Miami posts, fear not, check um out here!

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