Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Feels Like Home: My Morning Routine


Aloha! Today we're back to beauty (told you it'd be back, Arnie style, didn't I), but with a little bit of interiors mixed in too. That's right, my morning routine PLUS a bathroom tour while we're at it. 2-4-1 and all that. This little combo is actually inspired by Christy's and their new 'Feel Like Home' campaign. As you know, I travel a lot with my blog, and one thing that always makes me feel a little more settled and at home is going through my beauty routine - same products and all - as I would at home. So no matter where I am in the world, my skin's going through the same (or roughly the same - sometimes there'll be a thicker moisturiser there or an extra drop of oil there) routine. Poetic, I know. However, today's post is set in my very own abode, because what feels more at home than actually being at home. Are you ready for your little interiors/beauty tour?

Cotton US towels Christys The Little Magpie 3 Cotton US towels Christys The Little Magpie Cotton US towels Christys The Little Magpie 5

I did touch on skincare a little last week, so today's post is looping back and talk you through my morning bring-me-back-to-life routine. As you can tell I'm a bit of a Liz Earle fan. Ok, understatement of the century - I friggin love Liz Earle. My make-up and skincare products do change quite regularly, but one product I've used religiously since first trying it is the hot cloth cleanse and polish, honestly you can't beat it. I use it morning and night for cleansing and a light exfoliation and afterwards my skin's always like, 'thank you'. Well, if it could talk, that's definitely what it'd be saying. I also use their toner as well as their eye lotion and cream to brighten up my eyes, as generally they look like little puffed up pigs eyes in the morning (which is actually quite offensive to pigs). Moisturiser-wise, I've been using Kiehl's for over a year now as it's nice and lightweight and has SPF50 built in. Good luck penetrating through that one, sun. Hair-wise, I've only just started using Maria Nila products, but couldn't rate them any more highly. The smell is truly delightful (sometimes I just sit in the shower and sniff them. Kidding.. Not kidding) and they're all 100% vegan. Once I've towel dried my hair I'll run the Aveda Damage Remedy through it to try and give it a little bit of lovin'. Last but not least I'll spritz myself with my all time favourite smell -  well, after chocolate, that is - Lady Million. Predictable, maybe, but I just can't get enough of the stuff.  And, once I've done all that, I'm feeling a lot more like me and ready to tackle the day ahead (pig-eye free).

Cotton US towels Christys The Little Magpie 8 Cotton US towels Christys The Little Magpie 2
Interior-wise our bathroom is pretty minimal. We've got some cactus babies from Ikea, some of which I painted copper, plus a sassy gold teranium from Urban Outfitters. The towels are from Christy and are the softest things I've ever laid my hands/face on; it's like getting a little hug every morning. My Mum's very, very good at interiors - the Queen some would say - and is forever transforming rooms just with little details and additions. I, myself, am not so good, but I do love how a nice big pile of towels instantly gives the room a more homely feel. Can you have a shower at mine? Of course you can, look at the massive pile of towels I have to offer. Plus, as you can see in the first image, you can really go to town on colour co-ordination to bring a room together. So there we have it, a brief run through my morning routine and a little slice of home! 
Cotton US towels Christys The Little Magpie 6

Now for the fun part - Christy's are giving away a room makeover, including a set of towels, robes, rug and bed linen set (worth over £520 FYI) so make sure and check that out here. Don't worry, I checked it out and it's mucho easy to enter, literally just a couple of details and that's you!


This is a sponsored post with the wonnnnnderful Christy & COTTON USA. Christy Supreme Hygro® towels carry the COTTON USA International trademark for quality U.S cotton-rich products.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Maldives: Visiting A Completely Uninhabited Island

Maldives Photo Diary The Little Magpie 54

Ah, the Maldives... Where do I even start. Everything you’ve heard about it's true; it's like you’ve stepped right into google images or Pinterest or your wildest, bluest dream. I had (very) high hopes and they were beyond exceeded, the entire time you’re like that little boy after the dentist going, 'is this real liiiiiiiife?'. The four of us honestly spent 90% of the time looking at one another to check if it was all actually happening. I don’t really know how to put into words how amazing it is (not without weeping anyway) so I thought the best way to give you a feel of it was, as always, to split it into photo diaries. Initially there were going to be two posts in total, but there was, um, 6000 pictures – over 300 of which I wanted to share – so I’ve split it up into three different parts based around each of the resorts we stayed at. And I’ll maybe throw in a fourth if I’m feeling really crazy. So, after a lot of internal debating, I thought I'd start with the Sandbank island we visited. Feast your eyes on THIS:

Maldives Photo Diary The Little Magpie 13 (2) Maldives Photo Diary The Little Magpie 48 Maldives Photo Diary The Little Magpie 11 Maldives Photo Diary The Little Magpie 15

So there are a few different types of islands in the Maldives, one of which is the sandbank island. This means that not only no people live on the island, but no plants or living beings of any kind live here either. The most unsociable of the islands, if you will. It’s literally just pure white sand and a whole lot of blue sea. Luckily Ihuru own one of these sandbanks, so we got to experience it with our very own eyes. It’s pretty surreal pulling up to it; the sea surrounding it is so clear that you can see right down to the bottom, as crystal clear as if you were looking into a swimming pool. A beautiful swimming pool filled with lots of brightly coloured coral and fish, that is. After a little snorkel around the island, a big marquee was set up and we sat under it and had a beautiful – and very colourful - spread. 

Maldives Photo Diary The Little Magpie 9 Maldives Photo Diary The Little Magpie 7 (2) Maldives Photo Diary The Little Magpie 10 Maldives Photo Diary The Little Magpie 8 Maldives Photo Diary The Little Magpie 9 (2) Maldives Photo Diary The Little Magpie 7 Maldives Photo Diary The Little Magpie 57 Maldives Photo Diary The Little Magpie 14

I mean look at the colour of that water in that last photo.. what the shit.

So, there's a little Maldives taster for you - I'll be back next week with one of my big-ass photo diaries for you, so get a cup of tea and a biscuit - or maybe a packet of biscuits - ready for that one. 


Thank you so much to the wonderful Angsana Ihuru for hosting us and making all of my Maldives dreams come ture

Friday, May 20, 2016

Feeling Free With Teva

TEVA slide on sandals the little magpie 4 TEVA slide on sandals the little magpie 1 TEVA slide on sandals the little magpie 9 TEVA slide on sandals the little magpie 2 TEVA slide on sandals the little magpie 3

Woooo, things are finally getting summery up in here. To be fair, yes, these were taken in Miami but a win's a win and I'm going to take it. Today's post features not only a surprisingly colourful outfit for me - the sun's done funny things to my black wardrobe - but also world's comfiest shoes. Normally I wear lace-up flip flops when I'm in abroad and they look nice but my god are they annoying to get on and off, so these were exactly the kind of thing I was after. You might not have heard of Teva before so, if not, let me introduce them to you. They do a whole range of sassy footwear that's incredibly practical, comfy and super reasonably priced for what it is. These particular ones that I've got on are great on holiday, but also back at home with a pair of distressed jeans, tee and leather jacket (classic lazy outfit) and are 100% the perfect shoe for flying in. Seriously. Chuck those badboys on with some leggings and you're good to go. If you're stuck on how to style them then check the website out - they've got some really beautiful lifestyle shots on there that'll fill your little heart with inspo.

Now, this is where things start to get fun. Teva is offering one lucky sod the chance to win a roadtrip around the US for them and a friend, as well as some snazzy Teva sandals to do it in. All you need to do is upload a photo on Instagram of your original summer moment - totally up to your interpretation - between the 8th May and 21st September along with #originalsummer. And that's it!  Oh, and your plus one has to be me. 

Nope, ok. That last part was a lie.


Wearing: Teva Universal SlidePost in collaboration with the wunderbar Teva

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Crème de la Mer: The Renewal Oil

Creme de la Mer Renewal Oil the little magpie

The Crème de la Mer Renewal Oil is one of my all time favourite skincare products, so I thought it was about time I did a little post on it. I get asked quite often about my skincare routine, so I'm going to be sharing a little more about that over the next few weeks for anyone who's interested (anyone? Mum?). But yes, like I say, today's focus is on the Renewal Oil. Now it is a little pricier than your average skincare product, so I thought I'd dedicate an entire post to it in the hope that it'll help those of you who want to find out a bit more about it. Plus I love it longtime so I'm perfectly ok to speak about it for long lengths of time..

Now what do I love most in a beauty product? You got it; it being multi-functional. The renewal oil can be used on face, hair AND body and can be used in lots of different ways depending on what suits you best. So you can use it in the morning, in the evening, or both; you can really work it into your routine as it suits. I tend to use it only in the evening - just a couple of drops either post-toner-pre-moisturiser or mixed in with my moisturiser if I'm feeling lazy - and I've noticed such a difference in the condition of my skin in the five months or so I've been using it. My skin's clearer and a little bit plumper (no, that last part's not down to all the chocolate I've been eating) and it's never, ever left looking oily, which was the one thing I was worried about before using it. When I'm travelling I'll also use it before and during a flight to give my skin an extra bit of hydration before the plane tries to suck it all out, and for the duration of the time I'm away I'll also comb two or three drops through my hair after I wash it to try and combat the dryness the sun brings. You see? Multi-functional bèbè. It's got the same oils in as the Miracle Broth mixed in with sea-sourced nutrients, and all you need to do to activate the oil is give it a gentle shake and then you're good to go! It fits in so seamlessly to a skincare routine and is so easy to use and boy oh boy does it bring those results. So, yes, there we have it, one of my top skincare staples!

Creme de la Mer Renewal Oil The Little magpie

So, Crème de la Mer is one of my absolute favourite beauty brands (have you guessed that yet), and one other thing I wanted to mention in this post (I know, I know, I said it'd only be about the Renewal Oil, but it's relevant I promise) was treat my skin to their new Genaissance facial. Oh my god it was heaven. I went to their House of Fraser concession in Glasgow to get mine done and it was the lovely skin wizard Nicola that did my facial. First up, she assessed my skin and told me which areas needed a little more lovin' (around my sideburns FYI - turns out I'm not great at moisturising to the edge of my face) and then talked me through the range of facials they offer. I went for the Genaissance, like I say, which is aimed at slightly more mature skin, but I was desperate to try it because I'd heard so much about it.

The actual facial itself was beautiful; really relaxing but thorough at the same time - I accidentally dozed off at one point I got so relaxed, but don't tell anyone that - and my skin's still feeling the benefits from it almost two weeks on. Afterwards, Nicola sat and talked me through the list of products she'd used and how they'd benefit me and my daily skin routine (I absolutely love hearing about products from someone who really knows their shit so I was in my utter element) and then wrote them all down for me.

So, now for the nitty gritty. This particular facial lasts an hour and is £100, but that's then redeemable on any Crème de la Mer product, so if you were thinking about buying one anyway then technically you're getting yourself a free facial. Crafty, huh? It really is a great chance to find out a little bit more about your skin and to give it a bit of rejuvination (I'd just got back from Amurrrca and my skin was suffering the effects of a long haul flight so it couldn't have come at a better time) OR even as a gift for someone if you're feeling particularly loving and generous that day.

Creme de la Mer Renewal Oil The Little magpie 1


Friday, May 6, 2016

A Week in Suuna Sunnies

Well, howdy partners. Today's post is, as some of you might have guessed from the title, a week in Sϋϋna sunglasses. 'But what is Sϋϋna?', I hear you ask, 'is it a type of German sausage?'. Well, it's a sunglasses brand and a kick-ass one at that; I've been test-driving a few pairs and giving each of them a little whirl. So, shall we get started?

Suuna Sunglasses The Little Magpie 6
Forever21 off-shoulder top | TOPSHOP pink trousers

I'm a little torn, but I think these - the Evie tortoiseshell (£39.00) F.Y.I - might just be my favourite of the Sϋϋna pairs. They're a lot more ladylike than what I normally go for but as soon as I put them on I felt all glamorous and Joan Collins-esque and also confused as to why I didn't have a martini in my hand.

Suuna Sunglasses The Little Magpie 5
This was when we were in Miami actually and is a little round up of the bits and bobs I had for the beach that day. This particular pair of Sϋϋna’s are the 'Sian' (£33.00) and are what I'm wearing in the below picture as well. Sidenote: also my Mum's favourite pair of Sϋϋna sunglasses. She, ahem, 'borrowed' them the other day and I haven't seen them since.

Suuna Sunglasses The Little Magpie 2
This was back in the good old UK just as I was getting ready to nip out to for a little stroll... along to the pub. It was sunny for a change but one of those wonderfully British sunny days where the sun forgets that it's actually supposed to bring warmth with it too. Safe to say, the cardigan, jacket and scarf were close to follow.

Ah, that hot chocolate. I actually feel quite sad looking at it and knowing that it's no more. It was a sunny-but-actually-quite-mild day for a change so I sat outside with it and people watched and took my Salome glasses (£36.00) along for the ride. How nice is the chain detail on the arms on those bad boys? Ruddy lovely.

Suuna Sunglasses The Little Magpie 1
Um, this was back to sunny but friggin cold weather, so I popped my Sϋϋna’s on with my trusty Reiss jacket and Lazy Oaf top (yes that's a little bunny on it, and yes it makes me laugh every time I look at it)

And there we have it, a week in Sϋϋna sunglasses ! Let me know what your favourite day is. I know, we were all raised not to pick favourites, but I won't tell anyone.


P/S if you fancy owning your own pair pop into the sun shop in larger Boots stores or redhotsunglasses.co.uk