Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Specs Styling

The Little Magpie Specsavers Kylie Minogue GlassesHello friends! It's been a while since I've done a post with my ole specs hasn't it? I finally took the plunge and got me some contacts a couple of months ago, so I've been wearing those pretty much everyday. The only time I've had my glasses on is in the evening when I'm in my jammies curled up in front of the tv with a cup of tea and chocolate round my mouth which, for obvious reasons, you don't need to see. However, it's felt good to be back in them during the day! I really, really love styling outfits around glasses, and for today the pair in question is this little Kylie X Specsavers pair. It's starting to feel very, very Autumnal up here in Scotland - when I say 'starting to' I mean 'has consistently been like that all summer' - so I decided to wrap up and go for a cosy outfit. 

You also may have seen in this Instagram last week that I was asking if you lot had any questions about glasses, so today I've tried my best to answer them!

The Little Magpie Specsavers Kylie Minogue Glasses The Little Magpie Specsavers Kylie Minogue Glasses ljb The Little Magpie Specsavers Kylie Minogue Glasses

@bellaf1: I love glasses but I always stick to the same shape! Do you do the same or mix it up?!? I always get so scared a certain style won't suit me.

Ooh yes, I did the exact same thing for years; always, always going for my 'safe shape' and feeling too nervous to branch out. However, one day I had a bit of extra time on my hands and ended up trying on half of Specsavers (I'm not exaggerating) and realised that there were so many styles out there that suited my face... As well as so many that definitely didn't, but the less said about those the better. My advice would just be to try on as many as you can; try them with hair up, with hair down, and see what works. It also helps to take a friend or parent who isn't afraid to be brutally honest.

The Little Magpie Specsavers Kylie Minogue Glasses kb The Little Magpie Specsavers Kylie Minogue Glasses The Little Magpie Specsavers Kylie Minogue Glasses
@dibilan: Styling glasses with hair down is always a difficult one for me

This is where I think trial and error comes into play. I've found that if I'm wearing a more subtle pair then I like to have big, wavy hair, whereas if I have statement black glasses on then I prefer a more sleek, straight look. It's all about finding what works for you and what you feel comfortable with (Pinterest is your best friend here).

The Little Magpie Specsavers Kylie Minogue Glasses The Little Magpie Specsavers Kylie Minogue Glasses The Little Magpie Specsavers Kylie Minogue Glasses
KYLIE MINOGUE for SPECSAVERS glasses | NEW LOOK cream jumper | H&M polo neck | DL1961 jeans | TOPSHOP boots | MULBERRY Amberley

@geehorrox: How do you deal with growing out a fringe when it just flicks around your frame like a really bad pair of curtains?

Haha ok, I had this very dilemma a few years ago and have managed to find the photo below from when I was growing my fringe out. I found blowdrying it to give a little more lift at the roots of your fringe as well as putting a flick through the ends helped! Although sometimes it really is just a case of waiting it out while that fringe does its thing and slowly but surely grows.

The Little Magpie Specsavers Kylie Minogue GlassesThe Little Magpie Specsavers Kylie Minogue Glasses

@ashorsimpson: Which type of frames are best for people with long-ish faces? 

I find that wide, rectangle shaped glasses are better for longer faces! The wider the frame, the more it will work to make your face appear shorter and wider. It's always good to have a wee read around online about face shapes or ask in store as well!

I hope this post helped all you glasses wearers out there in some way, and thank you so much for all your questions over on Instagram! Thank god I had my glasses on to read them. Also, for more great spec styling ideas as well as ideas on make-up for glasses, glasses for exercise and everything in between, make sure and check out #LoveGlasses!


Post in collaboration with Specsavers

A Magical Shoot

Amy Bell_AW17 Ted Baker Influencer Campaign_3F8A0564 Amy Bell_AW17 Ted Baker Influencer Campaign_3F8A0604 Amy Bell_AW17 Ted Baker Influencer Campaign_3F8A0461 The Little Magpie Ted Baker Campaign Amy Bell_AW17 Ted Baker Influencer Campaign_3F8A0484_Actually Fits 02
Shots by Kyle Galvin

Hey my wee pals, happy Wednesday! So, as you may know from me wittering on over on Twitter and Instagram, I was lucky enough to be a part of a shoot with Ted Baker in London a couple of weeks ago. Ted Baker are one of my all time favourite brands for evening wear (as you may remember from this blog post here) so it was a complete honour to be a part of the shoot, especially getting to do it alongside some of my favourite gals in the blogosphere. It also meant I finally got to work with the amazing Kyle Galvin who has a talent for making you look at least 17x better in photos than you do in real life. 

Anyway, I'm v proud to have been a part of the campaign and am so happy with how those shots came out (especially that last Gossip Girl-esque breakfast one, it's quite the rush pretending to be Blair Waldorf) so I thought I'd share them with you. I hope you like 'um!


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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Suit Up: Part Two

The Little Magpie French Connection Striped Suit The Little Magpie French Connection Striped Suit French Connection Striped suit the little magpie
The Little Magpie French Connection Striped Suit The Little Magpie French Connection Striped Suit
The Little Magpie French Connection Striped Suit The Little Magpie French Connection Striped Suit The Little Magpie French Connection Striped Suit The Little Magpie French Connection Striped Suit The Little Magpie French Connection Striped Suit The Little Magpie French Connection Striped Suit The Little Magpie French Connection Striped Suit The Little Magpie French Connection Striped Two PieceSuit The Little Magpie French Connection Striped Suit
FRENCH CONNECTION stripe trousers and jacket | MULBERRY Amberley satchel | TOPSHOP 3/4 sleeve top (also available in red) | TOPSHOP sock boots (available in three different colours)
And here we have part two of my suit lookbook, which is very possibly my favourite look. The Stick of Rock suit as it's most commonly known ( me). It's from the wonderful French Connection and really popped out mid 'new-in' browse. Because I'm the height of a child I had to get the trousers altered but, apart from that, it fits like a dream. Accessories, again, I decided to keep quite simple. I picked up these boots in Topshop a couple of weeks back and they've been a Godsend; they're so, so comfortable to wear (I'm talking all-day-shopping-trip levels of comfortable), so much so that I also just picked them up in the lime colour yesterday*. And, of course, my Mulberry Amberley, which I did tell you you'd be seeing a lot more of. And there we have it! Overall it kind of makes me feel like Mick Jagger which, of course, is only ever a good thing.


*Very aware right now that I have a shopping problem on my hands. Will address another time.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Suit Up: Part One

TheLittleMagpie-30Aug-90 The Little Magpie Reiss Suit TheLittleMagpie-30Aug-81 TheLittleMagpie-30Aug-61 The Little Magpie Reiss Grey Suit TheLittleMagpie-30Aug-130 TheLittleMagpie-30Aug-94 TheLittleMagpie-30Aug-111 TheLittleMagpie-30Aug-80 TheLittleMagpie-30Aug-91 TheLittleMagpie-30Aug-108 The Little Magpie Reiss Suit
REISS grey suit | MULBERRY Amberley satchel | H&M nude sandals | ASOS straw hat (only £12, hurrah!)

Why hello. You may have seen me tweet excitedly over on Twitter about some looks I'd recently shot with Kirsty that I couldn't wait to share. Well, here they are! I used to wear suits and co-ords all the time, as you may very well remember, but kind of drifted away from them as of late. I realised the other month I hadn't worn one in a while and decided I must rectify this situation immediately. So me and Kirsty put our noggins together and shot not one, not two, but three suit looks! And the first of them is what you see before your very eyes. 

I decided to go for a kind of romantic look (is it romantic? The straw hat, grey palette and lack of top makes me feel like it might be romantic). The suit in question is from Reiss and is an absolutely beauty to wear. It's the only double breasted suit I own, which I love, and sits high enough up that you can go sans top without feeling too naughty. I paired it with my new wee Mulberry Amberely which, I have to say, has pretty much become my new best friend. Can bags be your best friend? Well, we hang around together a lot and go to the park together and stuff so you tell me. She's real beautiful though, huh? It also comes in a whole host of different colours in sizes (I particularly love this little croc mini one) which you can have a browse of here if you fancy. I kept the rest of the accessories simple and nude to give the overall look quite a relaxed feel.

And that is look one! I must dash because I'm off to LFW on Thursday and - wait for it - still haven't decided what I'm wearing on any of the days. Every. Single. Year.


Friday, September 8, 2017

Jeez, how much gingham can one person wear

Amy-Bell-Little-Magpie-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-Zara-Topshop-Lookbook-SS17-Lianne-Mackay-Wedding-Photography-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Scotland-WEB-RES-398 Amy-Little-Magpie-Fashion-Blogger-ReEdits-Lianne-Mackay-Wedding-Photography-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Scotland-WEB-RES-012 Amy-Little-Magpie-Fashion-Blogger-ReEdits-Lianne-Mackay-Wedding-Photography-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Scotland-WEB-RES-017 Amy-Little-Magpie-Fashion-Blogger-ReEdits-Lianne-Mackay-Wedding-Photography-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Scotland-WEB-RES-007 Amy-Little-Magpie-Fashion-Blogger-ReEdits-Lianne-Mackay-Wedding-Photography-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Scotland-WEB-RES-020 Amy-Bell-Little-Magpie-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-Zara-Topshop-Lookbook-SS17-Lianne-Mackay-Wedding-Photography-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Scotland-WEB-RES-392 Amy-Little-Magpie-Fashion-Blogger-ReEdits-Lianne-Mackay-Wedding-Photography-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Scotland-WEB-RES-021
TOPSHOP gingham trousers | ZARA gingham puff sleeve top | RIVER ISLAND gingham shoes | ZARA bag

Photos by Lianne Mackay

Why hello there. Today's post features some long forgotten photos that I just discovered on a secret folder on my computer. The day I decided to dress head to toe in gingham. Initially I just had the top and the trousers on and then spotted a peek of gingham from the shoes coming from my wardrobe and thought 'why not'. Let's go for the world record for how much gingham one human can possibly wear. For a little while I even had on a black and white choker and then thought, ' this too much? It's too much', and took it off. 

I apologise for today's post being such a quickie, I'm just back from an exciting shoot with Ted Baker (I should have the photos next week to show you!) and I've got five million and one things to catch up on, but I wanted to share these with you (and possibly with the Guinness World Book of Records)

Ok, bye now. Happy Weekend!