Monday, October 20, 2014

Week in Pictures

Blonde micro highlights 1
I FINALLY got my hair done. I went for micro-highlights as I wanted a really natural look and I'm so, so happy with how they turned out. I think it might actually have been the first time ever I've left the hairdressers without wanting to go foetal. They actually look even lighter here, you can see the true colour in my last two outfit posts!
Charleton fruit farm Halloween 5 Charleton fruit farm Halloween 6 Charleton fruit farm Halloween 4 Charleton fruit farm Halloween 7
Visited Charleton Fruit Farm out near Montrose, which my Mam took me to because she knows how much of a Halloween nut I am. They've done it all up amazingly, and the decor continues right through into the cafe (don't even get me started on the gift shop). My Mum got one of their famous strawberry tarts (verdict: an empty plate and a big fat smile) and I went for the goats cheese and walnut salad which really was top notch. I'm counting down the days now until they do it all up for Christmas because I have a feeling it's going to be pretty spectacular.
Josephine's tapas restaurant Aberdeen It was Rob's birthday on Saturday (25, what an old fart) so we went out for dinner to Josephine's, which is both of our favourite restaurants in Aberdeen. As always we ordered way too many tapas and - as always - still finished them all anyway. What else are you supposed to do when they add four new specials to the menu including tuna steak with chorizo and cod with pancetta? It's definitely one to check out if you live near or are ever visiting, plus they've got the crowd-winning BYOB rule in place.
Miss Selfridge navy bodysuit photo 1 (25)
A quick snap of my outfit for the day - I wore my Next Acne dupe and a fedora that was apparently intent on masking my identity
photo 1 (24)
This illustration by Helen Hird arrived on my doorstep and completely made my day. It's so incredibly flattering when someone takes the time to illustrate you, and even more so when they go to the effort of including your favourite pair of shoes.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

Saints & Sinners

Senso leopard pointed toe boots 11 Senso leopard pointed toe boots 7 Senso leopard pointed toe boots 9 Senso leopard pointed toe boots 8
H&M ribbed oversized jumper & white jeans | MURU dreamcatcher necklace | SENSO leopard print ankle boots | TOPSHOP colour block clutch (similar) | RAY BAN sunglasses

We've gone straight from an all black outfit into an all-white outfit - I've got my own little pre-Halloween saints and sinners theme going on it would seem. I'm incredibly hungover today; it was Rob's birthday yesterday and we ended up being out until five so my head and stomach are really not in a happy place right now, hence the oversized, comfy jumper and sunglasses combo. Here's hoping Colin the Caterpillar cake will come to the rescue, because if that doesn't work then I don't know what will. 

I wear my gold locket every day, as some of you might have noticed, and recently I've been looking for a slightly longer gold necklace that I can layer with, so I was over the moon to come home to this Muru dreamcatcher necklace last week. The whole collection's incredibly delicate and beautiful - definitely one to watch if you're like me and like simpler, minimalistic jewellery.


Friday, October 17, 2014

Back to Black

Senso leopard pony hair pointed toe boots 11 Senso leopard pony hair pointed toe boots Senso leopard pony hair pointed toe boots 8 Senso leopard pony hair pointed toe boots 9
ALL SAINTS Balfern leather jacket | H&M black linen tee | MISS SELFRIDGE skinny jeans | SENSO leopard ponyskin ankle boots | MULBERRY Alexa satchel | RAY BAN Wayfarer sunglasses

Would it be unimaginative to call this post 'Back to Black'? Probably, but I'm going to do it anyway. However, as always, a little bit of colour has sneaked in; this time in the form of these incredible leopard boots. I think it's probably starting to make people uncomfortable how often I proclaim my undying love for Senso and their amazing selection of boots, so instead this time I'll let the pictures do the talking* 


*Nope, actually, I am going to say one thing - the. is. sale. now. on. My love for cobalt blue has only been deepened by this pair of suede platforms here. Mmmm.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Playing with Lengths

Topshop long white tunic top 7 Topshop long white tunic top 5 Topshop long white tunic top 6 Topshop long white tunic top 4

As you can probably tell by the lack of goosebumps on my arms, this is an outfit I wore a couple of weeks ago before the cold really hit. However, pop another coat on top of the biker and hey presto, you've got yourself the perfect A/W outfit. I picked up this top and pair of trousers in Topshop at the same time and, although it wasn't intentional, they turned out to be the perfect match for one another. I think it's a common misconception that only tall people can get away with playing with lengths - fellow munchkins of the world, get in on this action! Although I'm very fond of a black and white palette ('no, really?!' I hear you cry), I thought I'd add a pop of colour in the form of this amazing orange polish from Topshop.


Monday, October 13, 2014

September Favourites | The Little Magpie


Now that we're halfway through October I thought, 'ah, what better time than to share my September Favourites video', ahem. Anyway, a lot of you ask on here what skincare/make-up I use, so I've included a little bit about that in this video!