Friday, November 27, 2015

ASOS Black Friday Wishlist

As always, click on your favourites to be taken straight through (you'll need to turn ad-blocker off... sarrree). And - more importantly - get 20% off  ERRRTHANG at ASOS with the code 'CYBER' / 'BLESSED' for 30% off in U.S

It wouldn't be Black Friday without a wishlist post now, would it? I can't handle the madness of the shops so instead I've spent my morning pulling together what, in my humble, shopaholic opinion, I consider to be the best of ASOS right now. You might notice it's a little more.. sparkly than normal; it seems that Christmas fever has well and truly hit. If you've got a Crimbo party or night out coming up then it's the perfect time to snap yourself a sassy bargain. And if you don't - cough, me - you can always buy yourself a dress to console yourself. Win win. The blue tassel dress is absolute top of my wishlist, I seriously think it's one of the most wonderful dresses I've seen all year. I also love the little Missguided lace number - looks so much more expensive than it is, dunnit? - as well as the Boohoo sequin dress. On a more casual note, I ruddy love the leather trousers, the lace-up wedges and the velvet shift dress. Someone help me.

Best of the Black Friday deals:

30% off at ALL SAINTS with 'CYBER' | 50% off at BOOHOO automatically applied | 20% off at ANTHROPOLOGIE automatically applied  | 20% off at RIVER ISLAND with 'BFRIDAY15' (between 11-3pm) | 20% off everything at MISSGUIDED with 'CYBER20 | 50% off TOPSHOP selected lines


Thursday, November 26, 2015

Burgundy Strikes Again

Amy- Amber-RosePhotography 1 The Little Magpie River Island outfit Amy- Amber-RosePhotography 12 The Little Magpie River Island 2 Amy- Amber-RosePhotography 11 Amy- Amber-RosePhotography 13 Amy- Amber-RosePhotography 5
RIVER ISLAND snakeprint skirt & oversized jumper (now in sale) | ASOS over the knee boots | ASPINAL Marylebone mini 
Look at those veins go! I think we all know who's the nurse's favourite when they go to get blood taken,

Here what we have is an unashamedly lazy outfit. Before you have an odd mental image of me lying on the sofa on a Sunday eating chocolate in a PU skirt and knee high boots, what I mean is that it's a go-to combo I throw on when I'm lacking in inspiration. These boots, a skirt and a cosy jumper = fail safe Autumn outfit. I seen to have a penchant for dressing all in one colour as one of late, particularly burgundy, so who knows where that's come from. Let's just go with it.

Shop the post:

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Malta Photo Diary

Oh Malta, how I miss thee. It's a place that's been on my bucketlist forever, so this year me and Rob finally decided to head there for our summer holiday. It's one of the most unique places I've been, where you can enjoy a wonderful mash-up of city break and relaxing summer holiday all in one. For being such a small place there's so much history, so much to do, and so much to see, but with how good the weather is (27 degrees in September, schwing) you could quite easily spend the whole time reading a book by the pool. We had a nice mix of the two, but to be honest I could have done with another week as we didn't get to explore even half of what I wanted to. I've already done a little sum' sum' on Valletta, so for today's post I've put together a photo diary so that you can get a good feel for the place. Fear not,  I've got a more practical 'where to eat' and 'where to stay' one coming your way very shortly too.

Malta The Little Magpie 2 Malta The Little Magpie 23 Malta The Little Magpie 5 Malta The Little Magpie 1 Malta The Little Magpie 6 Malta The Little Magpie 8 Malta The Little Magpie 8 (2) Malta The Little Magpie 7 Malta The Little Magpie 14

The architecture is Malta's just beautiful; one of my favourite things to do was just wander round with my head up taking it all in (yeah, my conversation wasn't great that holiday). Also, if you're a bit of a door pervert then a) Don't worry, you're not alone and b) you'll be in your absolute element in Malta. 

Malta The Little Magpie 24 Malta The Little Magpie 25 Malta 22 The Little Magpie Malta The Little Magpie 23 (2)

We spent a little afternoon in Mellieha which was just beautiful. It's quite small but is bursting with lovely restaurants, amazing street art, colourful fountains and, again, gorgeous buildings. One to check out if you're near by!

Malta The Little Magpie 16 (2) Malta The Little Magpie 19 Malta The Little Magpie 17 Malta The Little Magpie 21 Malta The Little Magpie 20 Malta The Little Magpie 18

Look. At. That. WATER. Beautiful, isn't it? The only place I've seen water come close to being this beautiful is Barbados (but more on that soon). It's a shade of blue I thought was reserved only to dreams, and so clear that you can actually see a shipwreck at the bottom if you're flying over. I'm a terrible swimmer - I watched Jaws at too young an age and have a very fruitful imagination is all I'll say on the matter - so it was one of the most pleasant and stress-free swims I've had, being able to see everything and anything going on below me. Now, let's no avoid the elephant in the room... it's frickin busy. So much so that I actually got a bit claustrophobic when we arrived (this paragraph has done nothing to dispel rumours of my being a wimp), so I'd recommend climbing up and right along the rocks where you'll find it's a bit quieter. Just remember to wear your sensible shoes, folks. Oh, and make sure to get a boat back that goes via the caves (second last photo), it's a really lovely way to finish off the afternoon. I don't throw the word breathtaking around easily - aside from when it comes to chocolate - but breathtaking indeed is what it is. One of the only sandy beaches on the island is up this way too, so it's worth keeping that in mind too if you're a beach bunny!

Malta The Little Magpie 9 (2) Malta The Little Magpie 1 (2) Malta The Little Magpie 3 Malta The Little Magpie 11 Malta The Little Magpie 32 And a couple of snaps from our hotel, including a very moody balcony view, to finish off! We stayed at The Palace Hotel which was just wonderful, but more on that in my next post.

Oh I should also mention that pretty all the swimwear I'm wearing here is from Simply Beach (including that Melissa Odabash white cover-up of dreams), who are my go-to's every time I go on a wee break. Check 'em out for some beautiful beachy goodness!


Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Stay at The Dorsett Shepherds Bush

Dorsett Shepards Bush Review The Little Magpie 4

Well hey there. How goes it? You may or may not know (I forget what I have and haven't told people, old age, sorry) that a couple of weeks ago me and my wee Mam met in London for a couple of girly days together and a good catch up. Every time I'm down in London it's for work so we thought we'd have a couple of days of being tourists for a change. Read: eating as many afternoon teas as possible without vomiting. The Dorsett Shepherds Bush were kind enough to put us up for a few nights and it truly was a lovely stay, so I thought I'd put together a little piece on it in case anyone themselves is looking for somewhere to stay in London in the future!

Dorsett Shepards Bush Review The Little Magpie 6 Dorsett Shepards Bush Review The Little Magpie Dorsett Shepards Bush Review The Little Magpie 21 Dorsett Shepards Bush Review The Little Magpie 2

First up, I should mention that the hotel's only around a 15 minute tube to Oxford Street, 5 minutes tube to Notting Hill, 10 minute tube to Paddington (handy if you're coming to or from Heathrow Express) and a 30 minute drive from Heathrow itself. Oh - it's also literally two minutes away from Westfield so if you're a big shopper it's in a bit of a dream location. The decor and tone of the hotel is Chinese-inspired and very beautiful; fancy but welcoming in one - i.e. enough to pretend you're a lady but no biggie if you accidentally dribble egg on your top. The staff are all truly lovely too, and so helpful if you need anything. The room was beautiful; big marshmallow bed, two showers, cosy robes and slippers, a desk complete with big mirror, teas and coffees a plenty, iPod dock, minibar and lovely toiletries. And, most importantly, free wifi. The only thing I'd say is that, although there's a beautiful big flatscreen, there's no option to rent/buy movies, so if you're someone who likes to have a night in with a film then that's something to think of. We were absolutely pooped the first night - too much shopping, I mean, walking - so just stayed in and got some room service. A quinoa, pomegranate and feta salad to be precise which was deliciouso.

Dorsett Shepards Bush Review The Little Magpie 3

On our last day there, after stocking up on breakfast - including the muffins above, cooked breakfast, omelette, yoghurt and fruit and, I should add, gluten free bread - we went out for a couple of hours and then came back to the loveliest of lovely afternoon teas in the Jin bar.

Dorsett Shepards Bush Review The Little Magpie 9 Dorsett Shepards Bush Review The Little Magpie 22Dorsett Shepards Bush Review The Little Magpie 14 Dorsett Shepards Bush Review The Little Magpie 11 Dorsett Shepards Bush Review The Little Magpie 13 Dorsett Shepards Bush Review The Little Magpie 16 Dorsett Shepards Bush Review The Little Magpie 15
If you're Coeliac, GF etc etc then this is one to keep in mind - every single thing you see above is gluten free. That's right, cupcakes AND scones. Such a rarity, innit? They also offer nut free and vegan afternoon teas, which I'm sure would be equally delicious. Everything was truly lovely, with my favourite thing being the little fruit smoothie on top (my advice: drink it last so you can balance out all the cakes you've just eaten. I think that's how it works anyway) and my Mum's being the little chocolate and strawberry cups complete with flowers on top. There was a huge choice of loose leaf teas as well so it's a Tea Jenny's Heaven! It's only £24pp (a little more if you'd like champagne) so is pretty well priced for London. A definite winner!