Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Little Home Tour

The Little Magpie Home Tour The Little Magpie Home Tour The Little Magpie Home Tour Matalan The Little Magpie Home Tour The Little Magpie Home Tour The Little Magpie Home Tour The Little Magpie Home Tour The Little Magpie Home Tour ljnll The Little Magpie Home Tour The Little Magpie Home Tour The Little Magpie Home Tour The Little Magpie Home Tour The Little Magpie Home Tour The Little Magpie Home Tour

Hello there! It's been a while since I've done an interiors post, hasn't it? They're something that I really enjoy putting together, so I thought I'd better get back on it. So, today is aaall about one of my homeware favourites... Matalan! I have a few go-to shops and websites when it comes to buying homeware and Matalan has long been up there. When I moved into my first flat (many, many moons ago now... realising now how old I'm getting) my Mum took me there to pick out some bits to brighten up my room. I ended up leaving with half of the pillow department and enough mugs to keep a family of 10 happy. And thus a long-standing love affair was born.

What I love is that everything is so well-priced without looking at all cheap or poorly made and you always, always find unexpected gems. One of my favourite finds as of late was this little patchwork stool that you see - I found a very similar one last year in a different shop, saw the £350 price tag and swiftly put it back and pretended I had to leave to make a train. This one - wait for it - is now in the sale for a glorious £85. Let's all rejoice! It's the best little living room addition for brightening up empty corners and comes in verrrry handy when you want to prop your feet up watching tv. Another favourite is this copper lamp which, again, comes in at a lot less than it looks. It's one of those things that I can't stop staring at because I like it so much, I think I'm actually starting to make it uncomfortable. Then of course we have the LED letter lights which I've wanted for SO long after seeing them in the breakfast room in the Artist's Residence hotel. They're amazing aren't they? Possibly a little narcissistic to have your own initials lit up in giant font, but I'm ok with it if you are. I'd love to get some for the kitchen that spell out 'COOK' next, and maybe some for the bathroom that spell out 'BOG', Just kidding about that last one. And last but not least, a couple of little additions, the ones that are always the fun parts to shop for - candles and mugs. I couldn't leave without a mug could I? As you may have noticed, I'm very drawn to colourful, Morroccan themed items (which is 100% down to me Mam) so as soon as I spotted the orange candle I knew it had to be mine. 

The Little Magpie Home Tour
You may also have noticed a particularly amazing slogan jumper that I'm wearing, and we aaaall know how much I love a slogan jumper. This one's a wee dream to wear as it's so, so comfy and slouchy and really lovely and warm too. Just everything you could ever need or want from a jumper! I paired it with these fantastical brocade boots which, again, I couldn't believe were Matalan. I kind of like the way they look balanced on the stool and, although I know better than to have boots as an ornament, I'm very, very tempted.

And there we have it - go Matalan, huh? I couldn't actually be more in love with any of the bits, they really do always deliver. I hope you like 'um too, leave me a wee comment and let me know what your favourites are! I've said favourites plural because I'm not going to force you to narrow it down to just one.

Post in collab with my homeware favourites, Matalan. And thank you to my interiors-queen of a mother for helping my useless self style the living room!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Scandi Style: Two Ways

The Little Magpie Zalando Scandi Today's post combines two of my favourite things: Scandi brands and Zalando. We know all about the latter from previous gushy posts I've written, so I'll talk a little bit more about the former. I remember going to Copenhagen about three years ago now and falling completely and utterly in love with everyone and everything there; I don't know how they all got so goddamn cool and beautiful but, for some reason, they did... Walking around as a 5 foot brunette was not fun. Their minimal style was one of the main things I was totally in awe of, everyone just looks SO RIDICULOUSLY COOL. I know I've already used the c-word but it's imperative you realise how cool they actually are. Anyway, ever since then, Scandi brands have become one of my most visited. Today's post was a real joy to work on because I got to do not one, but two Scandi-inspired looks. Huzzah! I say inspired because I will never be cool enough (oops, there goes the c-work again) to look fully scandi, but I do like to take inspo as and where I can.... a girl can dream.
The Little Magpie Zalando Scandi Zalando Scandi The Little Magpie 1 The Little Magpie Zalando Scandi The Little Magpie Zalando Scandi The Little Magpie Zalando Scandi The Little Magpie Zalando Scandi The Little Magpie Zalando Scandi
IVY REVEL suede look biker (also comes in burgundy and beige) | WOOD WOOD 'romantic' tee (also comes in blue) | SELECTED FEMME tie-waist trousers | 

Look one is very recognisable as 'an Amy outfit', isn't it. Cropped t-shirt? Check. High waisted trousers? Check. Biker jacket? Check. Obnoxious sunglasses? Check. But if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Or so I've been told. It does, however, feature three Scandi brands I absolutely love. The first is Wood Wood who do the most amazing slogan jumpers and tees (as well as some of the best basics I ever did see), the second is Selected Femme who do really, really well fitting, pared-down clothes, and the third is Ivy Revel, owned by Swedish babe Kenza whose blog has been one of my go-to's for years. 

The Little Magpie Zalando Scandi The Little Magpie Zalando Scandi The Little Magpie Zalando Scandi The Little Magpie Zalando Scandi The Little Magpie Zalando Scandi The Little Magpie Zalando Scandi

The second look features another couple of my favourite brands but sadly isn't particularly Scandi looking. I know, I know, I should have paired it with some trainers to give it that cool edge, but I'm just too small and thigh-y to do that, so instead paired it with some platforms. Cheap Monday is, for me, one of the ultimate Scandi brands. I own so, so many of their pieces - from tees to glasses - and could quite happily continue buying more until my wardrobe burst - of which I've had a good go at so far - so it was a no-brainer so pick something of theirs. I went for a slogan jumper this time, which is unbelievably soft, comfy and fits like a dream. You win again, Cheap Monday. The suit is from Sister Jane, another long time favourite of mine, and is one of the most best things I've seen in a while. I have been told I look like a leprachaun in it, yes, but I think that was just jealousy. And due to me being unfortunately positioned in front of a pub. I feel obliged to tell you that these trousers also come in RED BEE PRINT. Sorry, I got too excited there and accidentally slipped into capitals. But yes, they're amazing. Oh, also have a wee look at this dress. Please. B-e-a-utiul innit?

Another couple of Scandi brands which you need to check out - that sadly I didn't get to feature this time because there are only so many clothes a girl can wear - are Baum and Pfertgarden, Filippa K and Vagabond. Check out ze full selection of Zalando Scandi brands here!

The Little Magpie Zalando Scandi

Post in collaboration with the ever-amazing Zalando who I'm eternally grateful to for not taking out a restraining order against me yet

Monday, February 13, 2017

A Little Throwback!

Amy-Dune-Amber-RosePhotography-22 AMY11 AMY5 AMY52 amy49 AMY38 AMY26 AMY18 AMY41 AMY60 The Little Magpie Urban Oufitters dress Amy-Very---Amber-Rose-Photography-19

Why hello there! I think I mentioned a couple of posts back that I found an old hardrive and ended up spending the entire night going through everything that was on there (procrastination at its finest ladies and gentlemen). One thing I did find was some of the very first shots me and my little Amby took together, so I thought I'd put together a throwback post with some of my favourites! Which has made me a little bit sad, in fact, because I have no idea where 79% of those clothes have disappeared to... woe is me.


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Little Magpie x Mimco

Hello hello hello! You might remember me saying a couple of weeks ago that I was heading to London for an exciting shoot (don't worry if you don't remember, I say a lot of things), well here are the results! It was with an Australian brand called Mimco, who you may or may not have heard of but, let me tell you, they're worth checking out. They do a whole selection of wonderful bags and jewels ranging from quite simple, minimal styles to big, beautiful in-yo-face statement bejewelled pieces. We wanted the images to feel iconically 'London' so shot in places like Soho, Kensington and Oxford Street - if you're familiar with London I'm sure you'll be able to spot your favourites as we go along!

AP9A7136MIMCO The Little Magpie Mimco Photoshoot 1 AP9A7292 AP9A7286MIMCO AP9A7168 AP9A7264 AP9A7197MIMCO AP9A7336MIMCO
 I'll start with my very favourite, which was the evening look. I chose some of the amazing previously-mentioned statement jewels and went for some big earrings and a jewelled necklace; I'd only wear one or the other but both really worked with the outfit so we did a couple of shots with each. I also covered my fingers in jewelled rings - the more the merrier, I say - and finished the look off with a blush clutch and some Alexa Chung-esque gemstone heels, which I really want to pair with a plain tee and some lightwash jeans for a daytime look. Clothes-wise, I wore my metallic crop top to bring out the tones in the jewellery and my cream midi skirt. And thus an evening look is born!

MAP9A7082 AP9A7004MIMCO AP9A7057MIMCO The Little Magpie Mimco Shoot AP9A6961MIMCO AP9A6877MIMCO The Little Magpie Mimco Photoshoot
For my second look, I went a down a more classic route and paired my favourite coat (you know the one) with a simple white t-shirt and high-waisted trousers. I added on a little taupe crossbody bag - which is one of my favourite Mimco pieces actually - some amazing tortoiseshell glasses and a pair of little slip on black shoes, like the ones you see all the cool girls wearing. And, well, me. We also mixed and matched with some pink brogues to give the look a bit of a funkier (that's worse that 'jazz it up', isn't it?) edge.

MAP9A6668 MAP9A6672 AP9A6722MIMCO The Little Magpie Mimco Photoshoot 2 AP9A6705MIMCO MAP9A6693
For my daytime looks I went for two relatively simple outfits so I could let the jewels do the talking. The first was my usual combo of crop top and high waisted trousers, finished off with my leather jacket. I wanted to really jazz it up (do people still say jazz it up? Probably not) so I layered up on necklaces and paired this choker necklace with a more statement multi-ring necklace. At this point I thought, 'why stop there?!' and continued to play the layering game on my wrist with a really big, beautiful rose gold watch and rose gold bracelet. I decided not to layer with bags - because somehow wearing one on each arm doesn't seem quite right - and popped on this cute little fringed rucksack, and then finished it all off with these ridiculously cool pink mirrored glasses.

I have to say, I'm so proud of how the shots turned out (very much down to Nick, the photography genius that he is) and to be a part of such a great campaign with a lovely, lovely team. I really hope you likey!

Ooh - also - as they're an Australian brand it'd normally be around $30 for shipping (I know, I know, who needs that in their life) so they've given me a wee code to share with you guys so that you can get free shipping for the next 24 hours if you see anything you like! So, it's MIMCOFREEAMY. They also do a little personalisation service where you can get your initials etc embossed onto one of their products (I got me a wee passport holder) so you can check that out here and the t&c's here.


Post in collaboration with the babin' Mimco