Monday, April 21, 2014

Checked two piece

choieschecktwopiece choieschecktwopiece3 choieschecktwopiece2

It was quite a nice day on Friday so I decided to wear this out for a wander with Rob... Aaaand then had to run back for a jacket because, once more, I'd overestimated how hot the sun was. I do love a two piece and this one's as good as they get - added collar? Check; open back? Double check; check print? Checkcheckcheck*  - HOWEVER, the shorts are not at all generous, so I'd recommend sizing up. Thankfully I did just that because they didn't actually have my size when I was buying it (I knew these impulse decisions would work in my favour one day), so they're not too bad. I'm not sure how well they'll fit now with it being post-Easter and all that, but no regrets.

My poor hair is in desperate need of a cut and colour and I'm wanting to give another salon a try as my usual one made a big booboo last time, so can anyone in Aberdeen recommend a goodie? It'd be much appreciated (both by me and my roots).


* The word 'check' has just lost all meaning

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Senso strikes again

sensoleopardponyhairsandals5 sensoleopardponyhairsandals10 sensoleopardponyhairsandals2 sensoleopardponyhairsandals8 sensoleopardponyhairsandals4 sensoleopardponyhairsandals12
H&M cream trench (similar) and grey cropped jumper | Sheinside white crop vest (c/o) | FrontRowShop white trousers | Senso leopard ponyskin lace up sandals (c/o)

In my last Senso post I boldly declared that Senso are the ultimate shoe gods, and after giving these sandals a whirl I'd like to stand by that claim. Even more firmly than before, if possible. As I was saying in my latest YouTube video, summer shoe dressing is something I don't find particularly easy (read: not easy at all), so this pair have come up trumps as they're both comfy and versatile. Plus they're called 'Fifi' which is adorable. I also brought my lightweight H&M trench out for the day because sun is shining, weather is sweet. You know how it goes...


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ivy Revel: Part 2

IvyRevelvmotiftshirt3 IvyRevelvmotiftshirt12 IvyRevelvmotiftshirt6 IvyRevelvmotiftshirt10 IvyRevelvmotiftshirt9
Ivy Revel contrast hem tee (c/o) | Cheap Monday jeans with DIY rips | H&M long blazer (old, similar here) | Missguided leopard heels | Forever21 silver coin necklace

Why hi, welcome to Part 2 of my collab with Ivy Revel (catch Part 1 here if you missed it). It's no secret that comfy, easy to wear clothes are my vice, which is why I went for this oversized tee. I'm not going to lie, comfort level = Practically Pyjamas thanks to the soft cotton. This, coupled with the contrast detailing on the sleeve, was almost enough to push me over the edge. It's always coming in and out of stock but, as far as I know, both this and the white version have both been fully re-stocked for the moment.

Me and Rob have just finished Series 5 of Sons of Anarchy and are feeling a bit lost and confused as to what to do with our lives until the next series comes out in September. We're thinking about giving American Horror Story a whirl, so my question to you is this (if you've seen it) - yay or nay?


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bank denim challenge

Bankfashiongstarjeans Bankfashiongstarjeans11 Bankfashiongstarjeans5 Bankfashiongstarjeans7 Bankfashiongstarjeans10 Bankfashiongstarjeans9
Me: G Star tapered jeans & white brogues via Bank (c/o) | H&M jumper and white slouchy t-shirt
Rob: Fred Perry tartan shirt | Bank fashion skinny jeans and desert boots (c/o)

Me and Rob were recently challenged to put together an outfit based around Bank denim, and today I present to you the results. These kind of posts are my favourite to do because I'm not on my tod posing for the camera so it all becomes a bit lighter and more fun. Speaking of fun, we also had a visit from a wannabe glamour model neighbourhood cat (as you can see in the photos). It was all fun and games at first but then she (he?) wouldn't stop brushing on my leg, meaning all the shoes shots had a hint of cat tail to them. My brother ended up having to call it over and keep it happy whilst simultaneously taking photos - who said men can't multi-task eyy? I branched out of my comfort zone and went for loose-fit tapered jeans, which turned out to be one of the best decisions ever. They're so comfy (hence the equally lazy top half of the outfit) and leave me much more mobile than my skinny jeans do; for example I bent down to stroke the cat no bother. Rob stuck with his winning combo of skinny jeans + desert boot. Snazzy.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Trench x Trench

dahliacharlietrenchcoat4 dahliacharlietrenchcoat10 dahliacharlietrenchcoat5 dahliacharlietrenchcoat9 dahliacharlietrenchcoat7
Dahlia contrast cuff trench coat (c/o) | H&M shirt and black tee | Cheap Monday jeans (with some home-made ripped knees thrown in) | Office black leather chelsea boots (sold out, similar and similar) | Daniel Wellington leather watch | RayBan 2140 Wayfarer (c/o Sunglasses Shop)

The Topshop trench I mentioned in this wishlist post sold out online before I could buy it, so I've checked the 'find in store' section of the website pretty much every day since, desperately hoping that one would magically appear in my size in a store near me. And, against all odds, this actually happened last night. So, I wore this in today to go and collect my baby (if it's wrong to call it that I don't want to be right). Yes, I wore a new trench to pick up another new trench, it's perfectly logical if you think about it. I've always been a bit infatuated with matching collars and cuffs (not a euhemism, simmer down) but they seem to be quite rare to come by, so for that reason alone this trench is an absolute winner in my eyes. Plus it's nice and light for when the weather starts to get warmer which - to give it it's due - was actually quite mild and sunny today. I whapped out my good old RayBans from Sunglasses Shop and took them for a whirl as well.. Amy 1, Sun 0.