Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ron Burgundy

Topshop foil print jacket Topshop foil print jacket 4 Topshop foil print jacket 3
TOPSHOP foil print jacket (similar) | GOLDIE zip detail polo neck (similar) | ZARA burgundy velvet trousers (similar) | SENSO black ponyskin boots

I'd had my eye on this Topshop foil print jacket for ages, so when it went into the sale and I missed out on it I considered getting very drunk and smashing things up. Instead, I went down the route of waiting patiently for someone to return one in my size and THEY ACTUALLY DID. This almost never happens. These Zara trews were another recent sale buy (£7.99, winner) so I threw caution to the wind, wore them both at once - along with this polo Rob bought me last Christmas - and risked looking like Ribena personified. A big Ribena berry with hairy feet. I'm ok with it if you are.


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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Me and my friend, Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft surface pro 3 tablet review 6            
Well, hi! Have we all survived Blue Monday? I hope so. Today's post is another little something different (look at me go, I know), but something I hope you'll all like. Technology's something I don't really go into all that often on here, which is ironic considering how much I rely on it in order to blog, so here's my first little venture into the area. The video kind of explains it all, but - in short - over the next few weeks I'll be test-running the Microsoft surface pro 3 tablet whilst figuring out how I can use it to help achieve my main New Year's resolution to travel more this year. I'm both a technophobe and terrible for breaking New Year's resolutions before they've even started, so this'll be a challenge on both counts for me - I'll be back on Friday with an update so you can check in on me then (Mum) to see how it's all going! For now, here's a few snapshots to give you a better idea of what I was warbling on about in the video:

Microsoft surface pro 3 tablet review 4

Tablet or laptop? You decide.
Microsoft surface pro 3 tablet review 2
Holding itself in more positions than a yoga instructor.

Microsoft surface pro 3 tablet review 7

Making friends with one another

Microsoft surface pro 3 tablet review 3

Behold, the snazzy pen in action.

Microsoft surface pro 3 tablet review 5

If you're thinking of buying a tablet yourself, or even seeing what's available out there, then Argos' range is well worth a browse!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Some New Additions

Zara red bell sleeve 70s dress Zara red bell sleeve 70s dress 8 Zara red bell sleeve 70s dress 6

ZARA red bell sleeve dress (similar) | BAIA leopard ponyskin bag* | TOPSHOP cream snakeskin boots (similar)

Tonight's post is dedicated to a few thangs that have recently entered my life/wardrobe. I talked about this dress a little in my latest video but I thought it deserved to get in on the action here too. That's how much I love you, dress. It's in the style of the floaty, seventies Free People dress that I perve on on an almost daily basis, and was hiding at the back on the Zara sale rack for a mere £17.99 - for that reason it's going down in my diary as one of my best sale finds yet. And the bag, oh the bag. I'm the proud owner of a few Baia bags and can honestly say they just get better every time. I chose the detailing on my last two and, despite this one coming from the ready-made collection, it's like it was made straight from my own head. Leopard ponyskin outer with a burgundy suede inner... I mean, c'mannnnn. Perfect. There's four beautiful bags in the animal print collection, so make sure and give them a quick browse (you will not regret, I promise).


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Monday, January 19, 2015

Some Monday Chungspiration

Queen Chung really is a source of endless inspiration for me; I can spend hours browsing her outfits on google, pinterest, Tumblr etc (can I get a restraining order for saying something like that? If so then only kidding). In all seriousness though, the inspiration folder in my laptop is 90% Chung so I thought I'd share my favourite looks with you and give you the gift of inspiration. With a side order of envy. Sorry. I've also scoured the land of the Interweb to find the best lookalike pieces so that you can shop each of Alexa's looks - just click on the little icons to be taken straight to the item. Enjoy!

tumblr_static_-1 Alexa Chung white shirt

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fe31adb43418d8625b899c6867bb6fd2 c6bd1ef16dd16e48f93eff4209e3d47d Alexa Chung Topshop unique show leopard skirt
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3a7f07b11e69e2030402de61eb7b3033 469c626696af99b0cec03ef804443769

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Alexa Chung red suit 1347800772-alexa-chung-margaret-howell__large 1414781814244_Image_galleryImage_Alexa_Chung_was_spotted_s

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Alexa Chung tailored jackets

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a7233620702994e4a2062f8d42b51cf2 Alexa Chung hair Inspo

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Alexa-Chung_glamour_7jul14_pa_b_592x888 AN5548171216.AUG.2014---LON

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Alexa Chung photoshoots
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All images sourced via Pinterest and Tumblr

Sunday, January 18, 2015

A little update

Dahlia velvet peter pan collar dress Dahlia velvet peter pan collar dress 4

Bonjour, hello! So, update: we still don't have internet at the flat and I'm still spending 90% of my time in DIY-appropriate clothes (AKA a tabard formed from an old Spiderman pillowcase. Really) but hopefully the Sky guy's coming on Friday and normal posting/wasting my time on the Internet can resume. 

Now onto the important part: the dress. I've been absolutely bursting to wear it; I don't think I've ever fallen in love with a piece of clothing so quickly after seeing it, my eyes hadn't even focused properly on it and I'd already proclaimed my undying love. It is Dahlia though, AKA the kings of cute, quirky clothes, so I'd expect nothing less. On another note, I hope you guys are still enjoying the indoor snaps as a bit of a change from the norm, it's been quite nice experimenting with them (mainly because I don't have to battle with the snow and ice). Also, thank you so much for your positivo feedback on the interior posts, I'll be going full steam ahead with those from the beginning of next month so keep your eyes peeled!

Well, I'm incredibly ill today - what a week I've had, I know. I'll give you a second to get out your tiny violin. Ok, got it? Let's resume - so I'm spending the evening in bed with Gossip Girl and my furry best friend. Speaking of which, I've popped up a new Favourite Things video this afternoon where you can watch her completely and utterly reject me (0.39). The shame.