Saturday, April 18, 2015

3 outfits in 3 minutes

Specsavers Max&co collab lookbook                     

Bonjouuuur! The strong-memoried among you may remember that a couple of weeks ago I was down in London with my Mam filming a little sum-sum' for Specsavers. Well, here are the results! Specsavers have launched a new range with designers Max & Co, so I've put together 3 different outfits in 3 minutes based around - you guessed it - 3 pairs of glasses.

As always, there's lots of dodgy dancing involved (I don't know what's wrong with me) as well as a very, very tall man.

I hope you likey, and let me know what your favourite outfit is! All product links are in the description box of the video if you see anything that tickles your pickle.


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Best of the Topshop Sale

What a glorious day, the sun is shining and the Topshop sale has arrived. I've pulled together all my favourite picks from the sale; from boots to dresses and everything in between. My favourite pick has to be the star print jumpsuit, I've been looking for one ever since Kate Moss wore hers way back when, so to stumble upon it when I wasn't specifically searching for one was truly wonderful. What lark! As always, if you see anything that you like then just click on the photo to be taken straight to it!


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Scuba Steve

ASOS scuba pencil skirt the little magpie 4 ASOS scuba pencil skirt the little magpie 8 ASOS scuba pencil skirt the little magpie 2 ASOS scuba pencil skirt the little magpie 7

Bonjour, bonjour! Today I'd like to introduce you to my new favourite shopping companion, Fashiola - if you haven't heard of them yet then get. on. it. The reason I love ASOS so much is because you can type something like, 'black lace up flats' into their search bar and have a few different options pop up; imagine that but on a MUCH bigger scale. And by much bigger I mean a whopping 94 shops and 1781 brands. Oh mumma. So, basically, rather than having to do a round of all your favourite websites when you're looking for something in particular, you've got them all gathered together in one big, easy-to-search site. Exciting, ya? It's become my new best friend, every time I see something I like on someone but don't know where to find it - or when I want to create one of Alexa Chung's looks, ahem - I head straight over to that glorious little search bar. You can narrow your search right down by new arrivals/sale, colour, price range, delivery dates, size, you name it, so that you're only left with the options that suit you. If you want you can save your favourite products to your account for the future (handy if you realise you've already blown that week's food allowance on shoes) rather than buying them there and then.

Fashiola are just the search engine, so when you click on the item you like they'll take you straight through to the website it's from, meaning you can still take advantage of any individual deals each website has, like student discount, free delivery, yadda yadda yadda. Speaking of which, they've gathered current discount codes for all the shops that they stock in a handy 'discount codes' page. I know, they literally couldn't make online shopping any easier. On this particular occasion I knew exactly what I was after - a pencil skirt (the mightiest of all the skirts thanks to its ability to cover potato-knees) and a pair of platforms because, wait... do you ever really need a reason to buy platforms? After a good browse I settled on a striped scuba skirt from ASOS, which Rob's family like to call my 'wasp skirt' and some heart print platforms. Both very deserving of the heart eyed emoji. As well as being a search engine, Fashiola also have interviews with fashion bloggers and a 'stylebooks' feature, where you can either create your own board, or browse through the existing ones when you're in desperate need of inspiration on how to style something (ie 'How to Wear Dungarees, or 'How to Dress like Kendall Jenner')

I hope you like the site as much as I do, and I'd like to absolve myself of all blame in regards to the large shopping sprees it may lead to in advance.


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A quick & healthy lunch recipe

Quick healthy lunch recipe the little magpie 1
Bonjour! For today's post I thought I'd share with you a recipe for one of my go-to lunches, which I reach for especially when I'm lacking time/inspiration. My gluten allergy, or 'the life ruiner' as I fondly call it, means that I can be quite restricted in terms of what I can eat, so for lunch I often start by chucking together a variety of veg and take it from there. It's a pretty healthy recipe too so you can feel all righteous and Victoria's Secret model-esque (at least until 3 o'clock when it's tea and biscuit time). It's INCREDIBLY easy, so you don't need to be of the Delia variety to be able to make it!

Quick healthy lunch recipe the little magpie
Half a pepper (in whatever colour you so fancy)
4 mushrooms
6 sundried tomatos (I had to use cherry toms here as I'd ran out, but sundried will make it a lot more flavoursome)
1/2 a courgette
A handful of mangetout
1/3 Aubergine
Feta or goats cheese, I use around 8-10 cubes (it's also really good with Halloumi. I love cheese.)
Seeds (I like sunflower, sesame and pumpkin)

1) Slice and dice your veg to your preference. Heat up some oil in a frying pan - I use coconut as it's nice and healthy and gives another tasty layer to the salad - and throw in your peppers, courgettes, mangetout and aubergines, as these'll take a little longer to cook. Fry these on a med-high heat for 3/4 minutes then add in your mushrooms and tomatoes and cook for a further minute or so (until you see them browning slightly). Here you can choose either to add the spinach to the pan, or lay the spinach uncooked on a plate as a little bed for your hot veg. Whatever tickles your pickle! Either way, just make sure to, you know, wash it.

2) Pop you veg in a plate and sprinkle your cheese and seeds over the top. I have my salad sans sauce but if you'd like to add a little balsamic or something then this is the time to go crazy.

And that's it; a delicious and healthy lunch cooked and prepared in under 15 minutes! If you'd like to add a little more substance to it then I'd add in some chickpeas, sweet potato or tuna - it's delicious with all. 

Happy eating!


Quick healthy lunch recipe the little magpie 2

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Where's the black at?

The Little Magpie Quay sunglasses 3 The Little Magpie Quay sunglasses 4 The Little Magpie Quay Sunglasses 1 The Little Magpie Quay sunglasses 6 The Little Magpie platform shoes
H&M oversized grey tee | MISSGUIDED pink trousers (old, similar and similar) | OFFICE nude platforms | MAX & CO pink bag | QUAY sunglasses

Happy Sunday err'body! As you've probably noticed, it's been pretty sunny this week, so I decided to take the plunge and wear something that wasn't black (cue dramatic music). I've had these trousers for two or three years now and our love's still going strong; they're just so COMFY. Plus, unlike most summer clothes, I don't have to shave my legs to wear them.

Rob's got the afternoon off today so we're going to go shopping for - wait for it - a hoover and a new bed for Lilo. It doesn't get much more exciting than this, folks. After that I'm praying the sun will show its head again so that I can justify eating an entire tub of Ben and Jerry's.