Friday, August 28, 2015

New in

asos suede ankle boots

Herrrrrlo. Today's post is just a quickie because I've just realised it's a week until I go to Malta and the only exercise I've done is lift a fork to my mouth, so I need to go and spend my night/the next 5 years in the gym - can you buy a Victoria's Secret body on ebay? Let me know - but I wanted to share my new babies with you first. Beautiful, aren't they? I actually originally bought them in black because I needed a black pair that were high enough to trick people into thinking I'm of normal human height but that were also comfy on my hobbit feet (how to make yourself sound incredibly sexy in one sentence, take note). As soon as I realised that these ticked both boxes I knew it wasn't a question of IF I should get them in burgundy as well but WHEN. And the answer was, well, immediately. Spoken like a true shopaholic, ey?


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Shooting with ASOS & Juicy Couture

ASOS juicy couture shoot the little magpie 10 ASOS juicy couture shoot the little magpie 4 ASOS juicy couture shoot the little magpie 1 ASOS juicy couture shoot the little magpie 5 16072015_GD_JUICYCOUTURE_0493 ASOS juicy couture shoot the little magpie 7 ASOS juicy couture shoot the little magpie 2 ASOS juicy couture shoot the little magpie ASOS juicy couture shoot the little magpie 6
ASOS sequin shift dress & platform heels (sold out, similar)

Photographer: Gary Didsbury | Stylist: Luci Ellis

Well, howdy! You might remember me talking a little while back about a shoot I did with ASOS... WELL, I'm soooopa excited to finally be able to share the results with you! I thought I'd mix in a few BTS alongside the final shots to mix it up, keep it fresh, keep it real, y'know. I should probably tell you what the shoot was all about, shouldn't I? It's to celebrate the launch of the new ASOS x Juicy Couture hub, which in turn is to celebrate the launch of the new Juicy 'I am Juicy Couture' fragrance, so me, Dunya and Em were styled up in some shamazing party gear before doing our shoots in three separate locations, mine being The Hawksmoor Bar in London. I tell you what, I have a new found respect for models; pretending to laugh with and toast to an imaginary friend all whilst trying to remember which position minimises your bingo wing is no easy feat. Especially when there's a team of twenty watching. Everyone truly was lovely though, which made it a whole lot easier.. The fact that I was drinking cocktails as part of the shoot might have helped as well. So big, fat thanks to ASOS for getting me involved in such a fun shoot, and I hope you guys likey these shots!

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Asos Wishlistin'

As always, just click on the image to be taken straight through!

SO. I haven't done an ASOS wishlist in a while and, since my saved items is currently overflowing, I thought now would be an apt time to do one. Particularly because there's no better time to shop than on a grey, rainy Monday. I've been naughty and bought a couple of bits myself this week - these dungarees and these shoes to be precise - uh, and these boots. I'm an animal - but I'm off to Malta in a couple of weeks and need (yes, NEED, Mum) some holiday clothes, so that's how I'm justifying that one. Plus, I had a gift card. Ok, no. No I didn't, I'm just saying that so you won't think less of me. There's a lot going on there - 36 items in total - so scroll slow, scroll good, and let me know what your favourite bits are.

Also, a few people have asked about what skincare I use so, although my skincare routine is neither exciting nor long, I shall certainly put together a little post on it for you before I go away!


Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Home-made Suit

ASOS red shorts suit The Little Magpie 7 ASOS red shorts suit The Little Magpie 1 ASOS red shorts suit The Little Magpie 5 ASOS red shorts suit The Little Magpie 6 ASOS red shorts suit The Little Magpie 2

Well hey there! Happy Sunday. Following on from my last post about outfit recycling, I'm at it again; this time with a home-made suit. This time last year I pretty much lived in shorts suits - I was just short of sleeping in one - but then, well, then I overdid it and felt a bit like, 'if I see ONE more short suit...'. Fast forward 12 months and I'm back in love (so fickle) but really struggled to find one I liked. It was only when I spotted these two tomato red items sticking out from the sea of black that is my wardrobe that I thought, 'Oh hello. I think we're on to something here'. You may remember the jacket from this post at the beginning of the year, and the shorts from this more recent post. The shirt is a new purchase that sat in my saved items on ASOS for a few days before I caved. I do love me a printed shirt.

I think me and Rob are FINALLY off to see Trainwreck this afternoon, so I'm currently baking some healthy-ish cereal bars to sneak in my bag. CARPE DIEM, BABY. Speaking of which, I forgot to update you all on the beetroot brownies I made last week - Verdict: Good. Suspiciously good, to the point where the mix actually tasted like real brownie mix. I don't know who to trust any more.


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Same old Culprits

Topshop petite trousers the little magpie Topshop petite trousers the little magpie 3 Topshop petite trousers the little magpie 4 Topshop petite trousers the little magpie 6
TOPSHOP rust trousers | URBAN OUTFITTERS crop top | TAYLOR MORRIS sunglasses | ZARA suede bag | ASOS platforms (also in black)

'Oh no!', I hear you cry, 'not those trousers again!'. Well YES, yes those trousers again. It's a common misconception that bloggers roll out the house in an entirely new outfit every day when, in actual fact, I - along with almost all the bloggers I know - wear the same old shit all the time. But that's a highly guarded secret, so don't tell anyone.