Wednesday, April 13, 2022

A Spring Wishlist

Well howdy partners! How do? Where on EARTH did April come from? I feel like I was just watching Jools ring the bells in last month. But then, in saying that, Winter also feels like it's lasted about 500 years. Time you are one tricky bastard. When I did a wee Q&A over on Instagram a couple of weeks back, one of the things that was asked for most was Spring recommendations. Rather than spam you with lots of stories on those, I thought a blog post would work best! I've tried to tailor a good chunk of them towards weddings as I know the season is very much sneaking up on us and the organised among us are starting to look for something to wear (a much better way to do it than a panic order three days before the wedding, naming no names. Ok, it was me). 

Some personal favourites on the list of mine are this Reformation-esque corset, these high waisted jeans (the cost per wear of my Levis is now down to around 0.01p, a better investment you'll never make), this saucy cut-out midi which is crying out to be taken on holiday, this Faithfull two-piece keeps winking at me (they do the best holiday wear and the quality's incredible, I've had a couple of their bits for years and they get whapped out holiday and holiday again), these tailored trousers (my favourite style for pairing with vest tops, tees and blouses in Summer) and, speaking of items that get abused holiday after holiday, you can't beat a good pair of birks.

However, if we're talking wedding favourites, that's a whole other kettle of fish. Step up, this magnificent Belle-esque dress. I spotted this in Selfridges last month and was pulled towards it like a magnet to a fridge. Can confirm it'ss just as nice in real life and makes an excellent stroker. It's hard to go wrong with a polka dot number and especially one as great a shape as this one here, and this beauty (which comes in two colours) looks like it'd be a cracker you could wear again and again. This puff sleeve number would work just as well for a wedding as it would on holiday or on a picnic blanket down at the park (basket of apples optional but greatly enhancing accessory), we've got a one shouldered hero and, if you're fancying something a bit different, this wee jumpsuit looks an absolute treat! 

Before I head off, doing up the house is taking up a lot of our time at the moment - I've discovered it IS possible to take three hours to decide between two almost identical lamps - is an interiors wishlist post something you'd be interested in? If so, I'll happily put one together. It might be a nice way to justify my prolonged lamp staring. 

LMK as the kids say. 

Happy Wednesday,