Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Maldives: A Week in Outfits

Hello monkeys! Sometime last year I put together a little photo diary of my outfits from my Paris trip and it turned out to be one of my most popular posts, so I thought today I'd do the same with my outfits from the Maldives! A lot of you have been asking where things are from on both my Instagram and Twitter and I was getting confused and forgetting who I'd replied to and who I hadn't (the perils of old age), so I thought this seemed like the easiest way to do it. You might be thinking, 'Jesus H Christ, Amy, that's a lot of outfits for a week', but in my defence these are both daytime and nighttime outfits. OK?

The Little Magpie Maldives Outfits 25 The Little Magpie Maldives Outfits 23 The Little Magpie Maldives Outfits 19
ZARA top (similar) | RIVER ISLAND skirt | FENDI sunglasses from REDHOTSUNGLASSES (now on sale, get 10% off with 'AMY10')

Here I've went down the classic tourist route of saving an all white outfit for my last night. I know it's hard to pay attention to what I'm wearing when the water I'm standing in front of looks so beautiful but, don't you worry, I'll come back to that in my photo diary. The sunglasses are one of the best things to happen to my face; I'd seen Cara and Lily Allen and some other babelicious babes wearing them in an array of colours and fell in lurrrve. They're now in the sale and I've linked a little discount code above for you (not to be a mistress of temptation or anything).

The Little Magpie Maldives Outfits The Little Magpie Maldives Outfits 1

And here we have the skirt I liked so much I got it in three different colours. This one's a litttttle different to the white and yellow ones below, but much the same shape-wise. I'm not a big fan of my legs so this is the ideal shape for me.. nice and loose but covers the damaged goods all the same.

The Little Magpie Maldives Outfits 26

This is actually one of my favourite bikinis I've ever owned, it's such a flattering shape. Plus the khaki actually looks quite gold in some light, and that's about as bada$$ a colour as a bikini can get. 

The Little Magpie Maldives Outfits 24 The Little Magpie Maldives Outfits 20

Ah, my good old Zara dress. I picked this up in the sale last year for tuppence - tuppence I tell you - but I've linked as similar a one as I could find above. I'm also wearing some little Celine babies which are THE nicest shape ever - if you're ever looking to invest in a good, classic pair of sunglasses then this is one I can wholeheartedly recommend.

The Little Magpie Maldives Outfits 21 The Little Magpie Maldives Outfits 18

One of the best pairs of trousers I've ever laid eyes on, and so nice with a tan too. They're supposed to be cropped but they fit me as full length. Story of my short-ass life. They come in loads of other colours too, from red to white to everything in between. Mucho, mucho flattering.

The Little Magpie Maldives Outfits 16
H&M bikini (old, similar here)

My old faithful bikini (it's only a year old, but you know what I mean) featuring sassy sunglasses. 

The Little Magpie Maldives Outfits 15
The Little Magpie Maldives Outfits 14ZARA sundress (old, similar) | RI scarf (worn on headscarf)

Sassy sunglasses and sundress round 2.. or 3? I can't help it, it's just the perfect chuck-on dress (the lazy dresser in me wins yet again)

The Little Magpie Maldives Outfits 13

Shock-horror, Amy stars in another midi skirt and crop top combo. However, I have brought a surprising amount of colour to the table this time... for me.

The Little Magpie Maldives Outfits 12
RIVER ISLAND midi dress (sold out, similar)

Another amazing chuck-on dress, plus the little detail at the bust helps to look like you've made an effort. It's currently sold out online so I've linked a similar one above!

The Little Magpie Maldives Outfits 11

A classic holiday outfit, huh? These are both from the new Forever21 festival inspired collection which is uh-mazing (shop at your own peril).

The Little Magpie Maldives Outfits 7 The Little Magpie Maldives Outfits 4

I'm so not a swimsuit person because I normally find them really unflattering on my shape, but this is the best thing since sliced bread. It really accentuates your best bits which, um, sucking in the not-so-best-bits. Plus the lace-side ties are the stuff of Bond Girl dreams.

The Little Magpie Maldives Outfits 5

Another lazy one; this dress from Religion was amazing actually. It's so nice and loose so a) doesn't land heavily on sunburn b) allows you to eat as much as you want and c) you guessed it - is great to chuck on.

So, there we have it! A very high percentage, as I'm sure you can see, is from River Island, whose holiday collection is friggin insane right now. I am very proud to own half of it.


All photos shot at the beautiful Angsana Ihuru and Angsana Velavaru


Gemma Talbot said...

Wow, these photos are amazing. i don't think I have ever seen water so blue! I must say I absolutely love that Zara dress and it's so good you got it in the sale! Major tan envy by the way. It looks like you had a fab time. X

Megan Ellaby said...

Stop being such a hot momma would you!

Anonymous said...

Amy I think you’re my new girl Crush - you look shmmmmokin’ in these pics! Absolutely nailing that glam, holiday blogger life. You’re my summer bod / wardrobe / tan inspiration! Harry xx

Ashley Christabelle said...

Ehmagard, in love with all the outfits! Specifically that swimsuit. What a gorgeous colour!

Izzy said...

Amazing looks, I love the way you've edited these photos <3
The Quirky Queer

Holl JC said...

You always look insanee Amy, your style is flawless! x

Caroline said...

Fab post!
I didn't know whether my eyes were concentrating on the scenery or the outfits and how gorgeous you look!lol
I'm pretty out of the loop with River Island at the moment.. But I may have to do some browsing.

ps - totally get the crop/regular short ass size thing..


Anonymous said...

Amazing photograph

Unknown said...

Phwoaaaaar! That is all.

Yuka said...

Amy! these photos are so gorgeous!! Makes me want to go on vacay asap!

Mariel Parton said...

all these outfits are so beautiful Amy, they make me want to go on holiday so I can use these looks as inspiration :D <3 beautiful!

Lucy said...

GORL, your tan is incredible. Like, how how HOW did you manage that?! The Maldives looks so dreamy, and you look fab in all of your outfits. Now let me be you, yeah?

She's So Lucy

Unknown said...

You look amaaazing and so bloody tanned omg! Some gorgeous clothes. And that sea... I just can't get over how amazing it looks x
Nicole | ...What Nikki Did...

QueenLina said...

so beautiful photos :*

Unknown said...

These are so beautiful Amy!! You look absolutely stunning! Can you list where your jewellery is from too? Specifically the beaut silver necklace in most of the photos!


Unknown said...

You look so good in all of these outfits, and now I think i'm going to run away to the Maldives - see ya!

Milli / Style Travel Life

Tusks and Tails said...

Hot mama in all of it!! Love that first outfits ruffled top!

Unknown said...

Amy you're a bloomin stunner! Those wraps and little crops are giving me serious inspo for my trip to Mexico!

Lauren x
Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

Jenna Opsahl said...

Giiiiirl you are so tan! Perfect for all the crisp whites you are wearing. I love that first outfit, so flattering and fun. I love the colors in these photos and the sunglasses add a cool neon touch.


The Style Rawr said...

How can you look this good, ALL THE TIME!? So much holiday wardrobe inspo here you absolute babe!

T x

Stomach sleepers said...

I like the flared top and cat eye sunglasses.

Unknown said...

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