Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Postcards From The Maldives


Well this is depressing. It's raining, 14 degrees, and I'm sitting putting together a post on one of the most beautiful places in the world. In my dressing gown. I'm trying hard to remember what it felt like to be in that sea with the sun on ma bones but.... nope, nothing.

P3197684 P3197631

Today's post is alll about the second half of our Maldives trip, which we spent at the wonderful Angsana Velavura resort. We were in two different rooms during our stay - land villas and ocean villas - and this post is all about the land villa.

P3209427 P3197736 P3197724 P3197771 P3197779

The rooms were beautiful; nice and bright and colorful, and also came complete with another magical outdoor shower, which meant you could bathe with a beautiful view of the sky and trees above. Plus, it never really stops being fun being butt naked outside. Oh yeah, they also have a massive pool out back. All to yourself. 

P3197936 P3197874 P3219544

The dream, huh? Goodbye sharing a pool with stinky kids. Kidding, I don't dislike children that much, but one time a kid splashed me for no reason and soaked right through the book I was reading and I've had trust issues ever since. As well as wandering and gasping like goons at all the beautiful sights, we did do some activities on the island too. Full body massages - I definitely fell asleep about halfway through it was so relaxing - and jet-skiing. 

P3208210 P3197895 IMG_0417 P3208253 P3202048

Oh, the jetskiing, you have to do it. It's a great way to get out and see the sea properly, and with a cool breeze in your hair too. When I say cool breeze, I mean more of a wind in our case... I cranked it up to 85kpm and almost sent poor Felicity over the edge. Both literally and metaphorically.

P3208300 P3208537 P3208557 P3209023 P3197911 P3197972

You all know how much I love the Maldives by now, so I'll let the rest of the photos do the talking. One thing I will say, though, is that it's definitely not just a place for couples. As romantic it is - I will return there with a man on my arm, whether he wants to or not - we had an absolutely blast. We saw some beautiful, beautiful sights, ate some incredible food and laughed our absolute asses off. I swear to god my head's thrown back mid-cackle in 90% of my photos (not as attractive as it sounds, believe it or not).


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