Thursday, December 29, 2016

Get in loser, we're going shopping

PC076836 PC076821 The Little Magpie Sandro Coat 1 PC076981 PC076940 The Little Magpie Sandro Coat
SANDRO navy coat | ZARA scarf & choker | ASOS silk look jumpsuit (now less than half price in sale!) | NEW LOOK boots (also now in sale) | FENDI @ RED HOT SUNGLASSES sunglasses

- Stay tuned for a giveaway at the end of the post! -

Today's post is all about Christmas traditions. Lovely, lovely Christmas traditions. As you may have guessed by my million blog posts this month, it's my favourite time of year and has been since I was a little chiddler. I've been trying to think about which little moments make me feel the most excited and festive in the lead up to Christmas; is it putting up my decorations and my tree up? Is it when I break and play Michael Buble's Christmas album in October (the less said about that the better)? There are just too many. What I really do love, though, is that first trip out to start looking for Christmas presents. Between spotting bits you know are going to put a big fat grin on people's faces to the Christmas lights in the streets around you, it gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling every year without fail. Michael Buble playing in my head every step of the way, of course.

This year me and my Mam headed through to Edinburger for some Christmas bits and left with an actual suitcase of stuff. HO ho holy shit, I know. I wore the best navy coat the world has seen (thank you, Sandro) and my trusty Zara scarf. It was surprisingly mild that day - I genuinely think it hit a tropical 14 degrees at one point - so I dared to get my ankles out and wore my new silky jumpsuit to make a very navy outfit.

Now in the spirit of all things Christmas, I've got a little giveaway for you! Because Christmas is all about bringing a little joy to others - and about Christmas chocolate, of course - I have a ha-uge Lindt hamper to give away to one lucky person. I know, my stomach just started rumbling too. All I would like you to do is let me know your favourite Christmas memory or tradition (go on, make me feel all fuzzy inside) along with a way I can contact you. E-mail address, twitter handle - you choose. Simples! Good luck to you all and, remember, sharing is caring... so if you want to send some of that hamper my way I won't say no.

In the meantime, if you're in need of some Christmas Inspiration, then make sure and check out the Lindt Christmas hub which is filled with festive tips as well as info on how you can help support the NSPCC through Lindt!


Post in collaboration with the wonderfully delicious Lindt; all thoughts and musings are, as always, my own.Visit their website to find out more about their delicious chocolates and great recipes!


Caroline said...

That coat is just dreams.. I have a thing for navy at the moment.. I'm so drawn to it!
Fab giveaway, not that i need more chocolate, so will definitely share (the guilt) Haha!
So hard to pick one, so I'll give you a few, so you can either bonus me or disqualify me.. Haha!
At the end of Christmas day you'll always have at least two Terry's chocolate oranges.
We always have bacon sandwiches at 10am on Christmas day and boxing day.
On a sentimental note, I have two Christmas tree baubles that sit proudly on our tree in memory of my parents.
I also have a shot Famous Grouse on Christmas day evening in memory of my dad who passed away on that day.


the gold lipstick said...

Such a gorgeous outfit! Those sunnies are stunning!

Mireia from TGL

Lara said...

I have a family tradition (basically instilled by me) of putting up a picture of Ringo Starr together with the star on top of our Christmas tree! What can I say, Beatles and puns are my two passions.

Love reading you!

Twitter: @Laradigar

7sevendays said...

Really nice scarf, I have a passion for striped scarfs

Shay said...

Gorgeous photos! Love this post x

Jodie Melissa said...

Love the scarf, I love how it pulls the outfit together! The Lindt hamper sounds pretty fab, count me in! my twitter is jodiemelissaxo... hope you have a lovely New Year xx

Jodie /

Unknown said...

Love your outfit and obviously love any excuse to get my hands on chocolate! My favourite Christmas tradition is decorating my Grandads house for Christmas, I've been doing it for him every year since I was a child. He's 92 now and he loves it! It always signifies the start of Christmas for me x my Twitter handle is @thriftylilpixie

Unknown said...

I need that coat!!

Unknown said...

I never used to enjoy Christmas that much, and would end up watching a trilogy of films by myself. However, for the last two years I've been with a wonderful partner and we've gone on holiday for christmas each year. Somewhere where we can just be together and get away from the craziness of the season. We've just gotten back from Portugal, and I have to admit I'm so happy we missed the terrible weather in Glasgow!

Angharad -

sian said...

my favourite christmas tradition is going to see the nutcracker. i cry every year, its so beautiful!

love your blog, your posts always make me laugh and your outfits always inspire me.

you can find me on twitter @uncoolestgirl

Dylana Suarez said...

The sunglasses are amazing!


Armelle said...

Oh boy these sunnies are amazing !


Anonymous said...

Our family Christmas tradition is to leave a trail of chocolate money from our bedroom doors, all the ways downstairs to the tree!

Frankie x

Cute-Makeovers said...

This girl wins hands down!! ����

Cute-Makeovers said...

Loved your post! Didn't realise you'd blogged oops! I think my tradition would have to be eating loads of food and chocolates obviously and just spending time with family because there the most important people as caroline has stated!I would totally give you some too!;) hope you've had a lovely christmas! My twitter handle is; charllouiseox

Unknown said...

Every year I take my dad Christmas shopping to but my mums presents. A few hours around the shops just the two of us followed by dad & daughter dinner. Always signals the beginning of Christmas for me

NishaS said...

Great wintery outfit as always :)

Yay giveaway! My favourite Christmas tradition is getting the whole family to decorate the tree together with our Kings college choir Christmas carol CD playing. And it wouldn't be complete without family tiffs about which tacky decorations make the cut

My twitter handle is @nisha_sodha

Victoria said...

Thanks for the giveaway and Happy New Year!
My Christmas tradition is that we always visit the zoo on Christmas day or boxing day for an hour as we have annual passes. It means we get some fresh air rather than staying in our PJs all day and we can wish the animals Merry Christmas!
@pink_lady123 - twitter

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