Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A Festive ABBA Tribute

IMG_8588 IMG_8555 PicMonkey Collage2 IMG_8602 IMG_8540 The Little Magpie Red Missguided Flare Trousers IMG_8609

Merrrrry Christmas! Now tell me... how much cheese did you eat over the past few days? If the answer isn't at least a block then I don't want to know.

If you decide you quite fancy getting dressed and venturing outside of your lovely Christmas jammie bubble, perhaps to visit family or to the abyss that is the Boxing Day sales, then this post is for you. A little festive outfit inspo! The whole outfit is from Zalando who, as you know, are one of my all-time favourite sites. They've got every single brand you could imagine on there, just for anyone who's not already aware of them, and are particularly good at this time of year with their uh-mazing sale. 

So, the outfit. As soon as I saw these trousers I was drawn to them. They're a little more out there - read: Jackson 5esque - than my usual style, but I loved the shape of them. Plus the colour's always good at this time of year; Santa Red I like to call it. To balance out the shape (flariness?) of the trousers, I paired them with this amazing little cropped polo neck jumper. I'd been searching for something similar for so long, you know how much I love me a cropped jumper, so I did an embarrassing little whoop of delight when I spotted it on site. AND AT ONLY £17.99! That's right, I'm so excited I'm using capitals. In fact, the trousers were only £28.99 so the whole outfit came in at just under £50. A true Christmas miracle. 

Now, if you're struggling for New Year's outfit inspiration, I've actually just put together a lookbook with four different NY looks, so feel free to give that a watch later on with some cheese and crackers. There's a lot of bad dancing involved and I apologise for that. It's all I know. As soon as it's live this afternoon I'll link it on here and on Twitter for you!


Post in collaboration with my favourite, favourite favourites, Zalando