Monday, September 4, 2017

The Bitchin' Jumper

Amy-Little-Magpie-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-Topshop-Lookbook-Lianne-Mackay-Wedding-Photography-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Scotland-WEB-RES-430 Amy-Little-Magpie-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-Topshop-Lookbook-Lianne-Mackay-Wedding-Photography-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Scotland-WEB-RES-391 Amy-Little-Magpie-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-Topshop-Lookbook-Lianne-Mackay-Wedding-Photography-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Scotland-WEB-RES-476 The Little Magpie Topshop Lookbook Amy-Little-Magpie-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-Topshop-Lookbook-Lianne-Mackay-Wedding-Photography-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Scotland-WEB-RES-393 Amy-Little-Magpie-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-Topshop-Lookbook-Lianne-Mackay-Wedding-Photography-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Scotland-WEB-RES-436 Amy-Little-Magpie-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-Topshop-Lookbook-Lianne-Mackay-Wedding-Photography-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Scotland-WEB-RES-388 Amy-Little-Magpie-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-Topshop-Lookbook-Lianne-Mackay-Wedding-Photography-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Scotland-WEB-RES-487
TOPSHOP lime knitted jumper | GAP stonewash jeans | TOPSHOP black studded ankle boots | FURLA green bag | LACK OF COLOR hat

Photos by Lianne Mackay

So, in this post I was saying the white blouse was my favourite piece in my vast haul. Well, the jumper is a close second. The colour is completely different to anything I have in my wardrobe but I just love it. Here I wore it very casually, this is my usual kind of lazy day-to-day outfit, with some stonewash jeans, a studded biker (which you may recognise from this post here) and ohh, the best boots in the world? They're pretty amazing aren't they. I normally like a bit of a heel on my boot being the five foot giant that I am, but these were calling to me too much. The studs! The buckles! My heart! Ok I'll calm down now. But, yes, to summarise: I love this jumper and I love these boots

And there we have it; one week, four Topshop outfits! Let me know what your favourite was, be that favourite outfit or favourite piece of clothing or favourite... paving stone. I really hope you liked this feature! 

Ok, bye now.


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the gold lipstick said...

Absolutely love it!

Mireia from TGL

Cate // said...

I love the color of the jumper as for the hat!! great outfit Amy!!

xx from italy
Cate ღ 35mm in Style

Adventureswithcourtt said...

That outfit is so cute! I just love that sweater.

Unknown said...

Such an amazing outfit and I'm so in love with the color of your jumper!
xx, Jeany from

Laura said...

LOVE the colour of this jumper, it's beaut!!!

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thursdaysarchive said...

Those boots are insane! Love them!

Laura |

thursdaysarchive said...

Those boots are insane! Love them!

Laura |

Kate] Kate's Closet said...

I love the boots they are right up my street xoxo

Unknown said...


claudia said...

I love this look! The boots are so cool!

Lynnsay said...

Ok so, I need those boots. Stunning photos as always, Amy!

Lynnsay x

Zazie Bibi said...

Those booties are gorg! xx

A Little Treat | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

The Style Rawr said...

Cher would approve! Such a cute jumper but those boots... Oh my. They look like Senso!? I defo need to check out Topshop again, I haven't been wowed by it in a long time but this combo is pretty darn sweet.

T x