Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Accidental Work Outfit

Amy-Little-Magpie-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-Topshop-Lookbook-Lianne-Mackay-Wedding-Photography-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Scotland-WEB-RES-535 Amy-Little-Magpie-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-Topshop-Lookbook-Lianne-Mackay-Wedding-Photography-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Scotland-WEB-RES-494 Amy-Little-Magpie-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-Topshop-Lookbook-Lianne-Mackay-Wedding-Photography-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Scotland-WEB-RES-342 Amy-Little-Magpie-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-Topshop-Lookbook-Lianne-Mackay-Wedding-Photography-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Scotland-WEB-RES-317 The Little Magpie Topshop Lookbook Amy-Little-Magpie-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-Topshop-Lookbook-Lianne-Mackay-Wedding-Photography-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Scotland-WEB-RES-529 Amy-Little-Magpie-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-Topshop-Lookbook-Lianne-Mackay-Wedding-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Scotland-WEB-RES-323 Amy-Little-Magpie-Fashion-Blog-Blogger-Topshop-Lookbook-Lianne-Mackay-Wedding-Photography-Edinburgh-Glasgow-Scotland-WEB-RES-312
TOPSHOP white frill blouse, checked trousers, red leopard courts & red bucket bag | EDGE OF EMBER gold hoop earrings

Photos by Lianne Mackay

So, in my head this outfit was supposed to give off that kind of Parisian minimalist-chic vibe, but when I put it on it turned out to look a lot more work-y than I thought. I'm still ok with it if you are though. The top is very possibly my favourite thing in this haul. It's so simple and yet so statement at the same time and really reminds me of something you'd see on Reformation and cry a little over the price tag. I've worn it so often since I got it - too often those who have seen me in it may say - with stonewash jeans and little cigarette trousers. It's the best! Plus, if you ever get invited to a Laurence Llewelyn Bowen fancy dress party you're sorted. This time round I paired it with these incredible checked trousers which are SO soft and so wearable. Again, something you can throw on with anything - be it a black t-shirt, a matching check jacket, a slogan jumper.. you name it. And then, then I went wild. I only went and paired it with red shoes and a red bag! Well, wild for me - you know how I like to keep things muted generally. The shoes are quite different to what I'd normally go for, but I loved the colour, print and - above all - the shape. It's so unusual! The bag I have worn almost every single day since. I didn't think I'd get as much wear out of it as I've but it just goes with everything! The smaller strap is quite delicate, however, so if you've put anything heavy in it then make sure and only use the longer strap. 

Hey presto! Possibly my favourite outfit of the lot. Stay tuned tomorrow for the last of the four...


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