Friday, September 8, 2017

Jeez, how much gingham can one person wear

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TOPSHOP gingham trousers | ZARA gingham puff sleeve top | RIVER ISLAND gingham shoes | ZARA bag

Photos by Lianne Mackay

Why hello there. Today's post features some long forgotten photos that I just discovered on a secret folder on my computer. The day I decided to dress head to toe in gingham. Initially I just had the top and the trousers on and then spotted a peek of gingham from the shoes coming from my wardrobe and thought 'why not'. Let's go for the world record for how much gingham one human can possibly wear. For a little while I even had on a black and white choker and then thought, ' this too much? It's too much', and took it off. 

I apologise for today's post being such a quickie, I'm just back from an exciting shoot with Ted Baker (I should have the photos next week to show you!) and I've got five million and one things to catch up on, but I wanted to share these with you (and possibly with the Guinness World Book of Records)

Ok, bye now. Happy Weekend!