Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Suit Up: Part One

TheLittleMagpie-30Aug-90 The Little Magpie Reiss Suit TheLittleMagpie-30Aug-81 The Little Magpie Reiss Suit The Little Magpie Reiss Grey Suit TheLittleMagpie-30Aug-130 TheLittleMagpie-30Aug-94 TheLittleMagpie-30Aug-111 TheLittleMagpie-30Aug-80 TheLittleMagpie-30Aug-91 TheLittleMagpie-30Aug-108 The Little Magpie Reiss Suit
REISS grey suit | MULBERRY Amberley satchel | H&M nude sandals | ASOS straw hat (only £12, hurrah!)

Why hello. You may have seen me tweet excitedly over on Twitter about some looks I'd recently shot with Kirsty that I couldn't wait to share. Well, here they are! I used to wear suits and co-ords all the time, as you may very well remember, but kind of drifted away from them as of late. I realised the other month I hadn't worn one in a while and decided I must rectify this situation immediately. So me and Kirsty put our noggins together and shot not one, not two, but three suit looks! And the first of them is what you see before your very eyes. 

I decided to go for a kind of romantic look (is it romantic? The straw hat, grey palette and lack of top makes me feel like it might be romantic). The suit in question is from Reiss and is an absolutely beauty to wear. It's the only double breasted suit I own, which I love, and sits high enough up that you can go sans top without feeling too naughty. I paired it with my new wee Mulberry Amberely which, I have to say, has pretty much become my new best friend. Can bags be your best friend? Well, we hang around together a lot and go to the park together and stuff so you tell me. She's real beautiful though, huh? It also comes in a whole host of different colours in sizes (I particularly love this little croc mini one) which you can have a browse of here if you fancy. I kept the rest of the accessories simple and nude to give the overall look quite a relaxed feel.

And that is look one! I must dash because I'm off to LFW on Thursday and - wait for it - still haven't decided what I'm wearing on any of the days. Every. Single. Year.