Monday, February 13, 2017

A Little Throwback!

Amy-Dune-Amber-RosePhotography-22 AMY11 AMY5 AMY52 amy49 AMY38 AMY26 AMY18 AMY41 AMY60 The Little Magpie Urban Oufitters dress Amy-Very---Amber-Rose-Photography-19

Why hello there! I think I mentioned a couple of posts back that I found an old hardrive and ended up spending the entire night going through everything that was on there (procrastination at its finest ladies and gentlemen). One thing I did find was some of the very first shots me and my little Amby took together, so I thought I'd put together a throwback post with some of my favourites! Which has made me a little bit sad, in fact, because I have no idea where 79% of those clothes have disappeared to... woe is me.