Thursday, February 16, 2017

Scandi Style: Two Ways

The Little Magpie Zalando Scandi Today's post combines two of my favourite things: Scandi brands and Zalando. We know all about the latter from previous gushy posts I've written, so I'll talk a little bit more about the former. I remember going to Copenhagen about three years ago now and falling completely and utterly in love with everyone and everything there; I don't know how they all got so goddamn cool and beautiful but, for some reason, they did... Walking around as a 5 foot brunette was not fun. Their minimal style was one of the main things I was totally in awe of, everyone just looks SO RIDICULOUSLY COOL. I know I've already used the c-word but it's imperative you realise how cool they actually are. Anyway, ever since then, Scandi brands have become one of my most visited. Today's post was a real joy to work on because I got to do not one, but two Scandi-inspired looks. Huzzah! I say inspired because I will never be cool enough (oops, there goes the c-work again) to look fully scandi, but I do like to take inspo as and where I can.... a girl can dream.
The Little Magpie Zalando Scandi Zalando Scandi The Little Magpie 1 The Little Magpie Zalando Scandi The Little Magpie Zalando Scandi The Little Magpie Zalando Scandi The Little Magpie Zalando Scandi The Little Magpie Zalando Scandi
IVY REVEL suede look biker (also comes in burgundy and beige) | WOOD WOOD 'romantic' tee (also comes in blue) | SELECTED FEMME tie-waist trousers | 

Look one is very recognisable as 'an Amy outfit', isn't it. Cropped t-shirt? Check. High waisted trousers? Check. Biker jacket? Check. Obnoxious sunglasses? Check. But if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Or so I've been told. It does, however, feature three Scandi brands I absolutely love. The first is Wood Wood who do the most amazing slogan jumpers and tees (as well as some of the best basics I ever did see), the second is Selected Femme who do really, really well fitting, pared-down clothes, and the third is Ivy Revel, owned by Swedish babe Kenza whose blog has been one of my go-to's for years. 

The Little Magpie Zalando Scandi The Little Magpie Zalando Scandi The Little Magpie Zalando Scandi The Little Magpie Zalando Scandi The Little Magpie Zalando Scandi The Little Magpie Zalando Scandi

The second look features another couple of my favourite brands but sadly isn't particularly Scandi looking. I know, I know, I should have paired it with some trainers to give it that cool edge, but I'm just too small and thigh-y to do that, so instead paired it with some platforms. Cheap Monday is, for me, one of the ultimate Scandi brands. I own so, so many of their pieces - from tees to glasses - and could quite happily continue buying more until my wardrobe burst - of which I've had a good go at so far - so it was a no-brainer so pick something of theirs. I went for a slogan jumper this time, which is unbelievably soft, comfy and fits like a dream. You win again, Cheap Monday. The suit is from Sister Jane, another long time favourite of mine, and is one of the most best things I've seen in a while. I have been told I look like a leprachaun in it, yes, but I think that was just jealousy. And due to me being unfortunately positioned in front of a pub. I feel obliged to tell you that these trousers also come in RED BEE PRINT. Sorry, I got too excited there and accidentally slipped into capitals. But yes, they're amazing. Oh, also have a wee look at this dress. Please. B-e-a-utiul innit?

Another couple of Scandi brands which you need to check out - that sadly I didn't get to feature this time because there are only so many clothes a girl can wear - are Baum and Pfertgarden, Filippa K and Vagabond. Check out ze full selection of Zalando Scandi brands here!

The Little Magpie Zalando Scandi

Post in collaboration with the ever-amazing Zalando who I'm eternally grateful to for not taking out a restraining order against me yet