Friday, December 9, 2016

Suited and Booted

The Little Magpie Petite Burgundy Skirt Suit The Little Magpie Petite Burgundy Skirt Suit # The Little Magpie Petite Burgundy Skirt Suit
ALTER @ ASOS petite suit jacket and scallop skirt | REISS checked jacket | ZARA knitted scarf | FLORIAN OF LONDON bag | NEW LOOK suede boots | TOPSHOP polka dot shirt (now in sale!)

Hello there! Hows it going? Life is so busy just now that I fear I could go spontaneously foetal. What is it with everything going 500 miles per hour at this time of year? Thank god I have advent chocolate to calm me down. 

My Mum took these snaps for me the other day (good ain't she?) because I was wearing my favourite little suit and I wanted to share it with the world. Well, you guys. It's awesome isn't it? And - a plus for you fellow munchkins - it's petite! Commiserations to you normal sized people but you did get height and you can't have everything. Kidding, they also have it in tall! But, yes, you know how much I love a good two piece, and it's been a while since I've found a nice one, so I was over the moon to discover this little guy and in one of my favourite Autumnal colours too. It's not technically a match, but I think it could go really well with these wee trousers here too. Yees? It was quite chilly that day so I popped my favourite Reiss coat on (read my post about it here if you missed it!) and the biggest, chunkiest, warmest scarf ever. I also picked up the matching hat - which I haven't done since I was a child - and I have no regrets, it's the best set ever.

The Little Magpie Petite Burgundy Skirt Suit
In other news, I'm off to Amsterdam and Vienna next week so I would love your recommendations! Things to do, places to eat, everything. Particularly if anyone has any gluten free gems they've discovered in either!

A-thank you in advance.


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