Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Reiss Outerwear: Part I

Amy 1-Reiss-Amber-RosePhotography 7 Amy-Reiss-Amber-RosePhotography-14 Amy-Reiss-Amber-RosePhotography 26 Amy-Reiss-Amber-RosePhotography-18 Reiss The Little Magpie checked jacket 2 Amy-Reiss-Amber-RosePhotography 17 Amy1-Reiss-Amber-RosePhotography 3 Amy-Reiss-Amber-RosePhotography 11

- Photos by the one, the only, Amber Rose -

Bonjour and hello! Welcome to the first of a three part collaboration with Reiss, where yours truly will be styling up three different pieces of - I'll bet you a tenner you know what I'm about to say - outerwear. Yes, I am officially coat obsessed and shall be checking myself into rehab forthwith. In all seriousness, Reiss is a brand I've loved and worn for years, their coats and jackets in particular bringing out the heart eye emojis and excited giggles in me.In fact, you may or may not remember this post from last year featuring my little leopard baby, which I still wear non-stop. I'm not going to bore you all by telling you again how much, being petite, I love a good bit of tailoring but- oh no wait, I just did. So, yes, today's post is focusing on the thing of beauty that is the tailored coat. As soon as I saw it I thought, 'YES. You, my friend, have my name written all over you'. Not literally, of course, but if I'd had my Sharpie on me things might have been different. Well fitted, checked print, muted palette.. everything I look for in a life partner, sorry - coat, is in there. It's so wearable too which is great for me, being the generally lazy dresser that I am; just chuck on a pair of black skinnies and white tee and you're good to go. I'd also like to touch on the trousers I'm wearing too BECAUSE, I am entirely unblessed in the thigh region so find it very, very hard to find trousers that hug my thighs but don't draw attention to the fact that I like a good cake, and these are just the ticket*. They're slightly high-waisted, which I enjoy (perfect for tucking blouses like this Victorian one in) and, although they're slightly long - #petiteproblems alert - I just tuck them under at the bottom and all is well.

So, there we go, that's Part 1 for you! I hope you liked it and I'll be back on Thursday with Part 2 and you can start to form an option on which of the three is your favourite (note: it's perfectly ok if you want to say, 'I LIKE ALL THREE, AMY. I, TOO, AM ADDICTED TO COATS)

Shop the look:

* Proud to be the only person under 80 still using this phrase

Post in collaboration with the wonderful Reiss


QueenLina said...

how classy is that outfit???!!! I LOVE IT :*


Anonymous said...

Such a great outfit, very smart

thefashion-junkie said...

You look super sophisticated. I love the longline jacket :) X


Holl JC said...

This is so chic Amy, you look fab, loving your jacket too x


Heels Forever said...

Love the jacket! Looks like it would look great dressed up or down.

Heels Forever.

The Style Rawr said...

Omogosh, photos 1 and 4! Girrrrl, you need to be in a glossy mag. Absolutely loving this jacket - Reiss is so freakin' timeless!

Tara x

Unknown said...

I love this so much. That jacket is amazing!
TrudyJohanna x

Natalia said...

Your hair is perfect! Love it. I agree with the comment above. You need to be in a magazine, girl! xox


Ashley Christabelle said...

Such a great collab with Reiss! Love the outfit and you look beautiful as always :)


Anonymous said...

Amy you look great! Love the jacket and shoes!


Unknown said...

so chic! love your heels!


Earth to Style said...

Seriously in love with that top and your style!! That leopard coat from last year is hands down one of my favorites!

xo Lauren

Unknown said...

Love how you've added your little twists and details to this look Amy, the coat is gorgeous!

Lauren x
Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

Unknown said...

LOve this outfit! You are beautiful♥
xoxo, Sonia!

Kristina said...

I can't wait for tomorrow to read part 2 haha I love this outfit the coat is stunning. Also, the sunnies are on my wishlist.

Creepers & Cupcakes

Unknown said...

if ever there was someone to represent Reiss, it would be you! What a beautiful combination, that tailored jacket paired with the Victorian blouse is an absolute dream. You're so stunning! X

Bridie | Upon My Sleeve

Charlotte said...

I love the jacket ! Great look.

Tusks and Tails said...

That top is so pretty and those heels are killer!


Unknown said...

How beaut, you have absolutely nothing wrong with your thighs girl!! I feel ya though, must be the only girl in the world who dislikes a joni jean. great picks, the coat is lush.



Elina said...

Wow how chic this outfit, your heels and this jacket are so lovely

Kara said...

Look like such a pro in this! In love with those fringed shoes, and it all really. Nuff said!

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