Sunday, October 5, 2014

Reiss: The A/W Kings

Reiss Structured Leopard coat 1 Reiss Structured Leopard coat 12 Reiss Structured Leopard coat 10 Reiss Structured Leopard coat 3 Reiss Structured Leopard coat 8 Reiss Structured Leopard coat 7
REISS leopard jacket (c/o) | H&M polo neck and leather skirt (similar) | RIVER ISLAND platform boots (similar and similar) | RAYBAN wayfarers

When me and my Mum took a little trip down to St. Andrews last week for some gurl time I took the chill in the air as a sign from Mother Nature that I should wear my new Reiss jacket. Now, don't get me wrong, I love a big, oversized boyfriend coat as much the next person but, being petite, I find that a structured jacket with a good fit is much better for my frame. Now, I'm not swearing off oversized coats forever, but the way this coat fits is, well - to fall victim to cliché - like a glove, and it's already slipped into the position of favourite A/W coat for this very reason (don't let my other coats hear me say that though). It got so many compliments throughout the day, to the point where I was actually starting to blush on its behalf. The only compliment I'll disregard is the American guy who crossed the street to tell me , 'I gotta say, that's a pretty sexy outfit' - who obviously got confused between things you've got to say, and things you've got so say inside your head. I went for the leopard print version because it's something a little different in an understated way, but it also comes in plain black if you fancy something simpler. If you are looking for a Winter coat/jacket I'd definitely recommend checking out Reiss because, as I mentioned in my last post, they really have nailed it this season. 

Jannettas St Andrews
Whilst we were down in St Andrews I made a point of finally checking out Jannettas because I'd heard so many good things about it - turns out my Mums frequents it every time she's down but just didn't realise it was the same place I'd been banging on about. They've got every ice cream flavour imaginable; I went for one scoop nutella, one scoop chocolate and peanut butter, topped off with crushed digestive biscuits. I know, I know. I'm welling up at the memory. We also stopped off at Mitchell's for lunch, which has an amazingly extensive deli as well as serving the most incredible food in the cafe, so if you're down that way and looking for somewhere to eat it's one to consider checking out!
Mitchells Deli St Andrews Mitchells St Andrews

Goats cheese and beetroot salad & lemon and ginger tea (with a little bit of tablet on t'side)