Monday, October 6, 2014

Ombre glitter nails tutorial

Glitter tip nails 5 Glitter tip nails 4 Glitter tip nails 1 photo (28)
BARRY M instant nail effects in 'Foil' & TOPSHOP glitter polish in 'Myth'

I had loads of questions about these nails when I posted them on my Instagram and Twitter so I thought it was about time I put together a little 'how-to' post. They're incredibly easy to do and the end result's pretty effective, such is the nature of good old glitter polish. So, here's a simple three-step tutorial for achieving this look:

1) Simply apply your base coat as you normally would when painting your nails, I used two coats of Barry M foil effects.
2) Once this has dried you can then start to apply glitter polish to the end of your nails, I used Topshop 'Myth'. The most effective way of doing this is to pop some glitter polish on your brush and then press down on the edge of your finger nail, almost positioning the bits of glitter where you want them to go. 
2) Once this is dry (which WILL take a while; I'd recommend a hot tea and a biscuit in the interim), paint over the whole of your fingernail with the glitter polish - this'll not only act as a topcoat but it'll also leave a little trail of glitter over the rest of your nail, giving an ombre effect finish.

And that's it, a simle easy to-do nail look! If any of you decide to give this look, or something similar, a go please give me a tweet with your photos (@little_magpie1) so I can see them!


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Rachel said...

love this nail design!

Rachel x
Style Soup

The Style Check said...

Love these! I especially love how easy they look to recreate!

Unknown said...

These are gorgeous!

alice said...

Aw this is so pretty! I love how big the chunks of glitter are in the Topshop polish. May try this but with black glitter polish!

The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

Holl JC said...

oh wow this is just so pretty x

Unknown said...

So pretty! x

Armelle said...

Ooooh metallic and glitter ! ME GUSTA !


freshlengths said...

So pretty! x

Roisin Elizabeth Keats said...

This is beautiful! I'm rubbish at nil art - I'm not patient enough - but this looks like something even I could manage! said...

Yes, I will be trying this! Thanks for the tutorial!
Melanie @

Jeanne said...

What a perfect mani!

JaynieShannonx said...

Love the Topshop glitter varnishes!

Jaynie Shannon; Beauty and Lifestyle


Unknown said...

Gorge! x

Dressed By S said...

This is mega pretty
S xx

Nikki Williams said...

so cute!!