Sunday, September 28, 2014

Reiss for Autumn/Winter

Reiss navy zip detail blazer 13 Reiss navy zip detail blazer 9 (2) Reiss navy zip detail blazer 11 Reiss navy zip detail blazer 14 Reiss navy zip detail blazer 9

If you were reading my blog all the way back this time last year, you'll know that I'm very partial to a Winter coat or two. I'm not really comfortable confirming how many I bought in the space of one Winter BUT I live in Scotland, and that's my excuse. This year, though, I've actually really struggled to find one that I like. Maybe I'm more fussy than I used to be (or maybe it's because I already own half of the coat population of the UK) but it seems to be slim pickings out there. Reiss is actually one of the only shops so far that I've come across that has a selection that's tempted me into reverting back to my old coat-hoarding ways; starting with this amazing collarless blazer. Right now it's been perfect for the transitional weather we've been having, but I can't wait for full on Winter to hit so that I can wear it with a big chunky jumper or roll neck. 

Next on my list is this incredible blue suede biker jacket - tell me that's not one of the best things you've ever seen?