Sunday, September 28, 2014

6 Problems Only People With Glasses Will Understand | The Little Magpie


Two videos in a week? Look ma, I'm a real YouTuber! Today's is just a quick three minute one; I thought it was about time I put my blind as a bat-edness to good use and put together a little video about problems only people with glasses will understand. I'm sure I've only scratched the surface with these six so, like I said, if you have any of your own then please add them in the comments below the video so we can all have a giggle at your expense.



megsiobhan said...

I can relate with these all too well! The amount of times people have told me they saw me and wondered why I blanked's not my fault!!!

Oh gosh, yes...number 3 happens to me so often. Not getting hit by cars...but just my eyesight, and vehicles. Not a good combination. I remember wearing a new pair I'd bought, and I managed to walk into a hearse. Yes, you heard right.

Prescription 3D glasses would be BRILLIANT. And I would snap them up. I end up seeing most films in 2D because the hassle of two pairs of glasses on my face isn't fun.

I'm so glad somebody can understand my pain!
The thing is, I love wearing my glasses, yet do wish sometimes that I didn't need to wear them...but that's not gonna happen cause my eyesight is rubbish.

S Y E D A said...

I have the demon eyeball problem too aha! Your list made me laugh. But I must say you look really pretty with glasses :)

I'm far-sighted so I look like a knob trying to squint my eyes at the whiteboard/projector when I'm at uni x

e. said...

i feel this so much ! i hate being shortsighted because i never recognize people i know on the street and they always ask me afterwards why i didn't greet them ahah .. x


Unknown said...

Sounds like you're more blind than me without glasses! I'm always guilty of number 1, never though about the demon eyes until now haha x
eleanor's adventures // UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

thriftylilpixie said...

Agree with everything you said and I have to add...
1. Super embarrassing when your glasses steam up when coming in from the cold or you drink hot tea
2. Working in Science and having to wear HUGE goggles to fit over your glasses when everyone else wears small ones, look like the nerd of the century!

Marissa said...

Marissa Jamie : Faithfully, Marissa ♡

Unknown said...

Ahh I used to be extremely short sighted and remember the frequent embarrassing moments of glasses too well! Like taking them off for a photograph to avoid the cyborg glare, only to then go cross-eyed from trying so hard to focus on a camera you can't actually see... An even worse look! X

Unknown said...

HA can totally relate to all of these, spec accidentally blanking people LOL

Unknown said...

My favorite is the 3D movie issue!! I literally never go see a 3D movie because it's too akward with my glasses! I loved number 5 too. I live in California and we had an earthquake recently at like 3am. I freaked because I couldn't find my glasses! Epic fail! Haha

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