Thursday, September 25, 2014

Blogging: How To... Stay Inspired

This is a different kind of post to my normal thang, but I'm hoping to slowly but surely introduce other aspects to my blog as well as personal style posts because, as much as I love clothes (which is a lot), there's a whole host of other things I'd like to talk about, so from time to time I'll weave in little posts like this. I think this post is relevant all year round, but even more so now that the dark nights and bad weather have started to creep in, making outfit posts/beauty posts incredibly hard and staying in bed with a hot chocolate and Netflix incredibly tempting. Ironically, I have had absolutely ZERO motivation this week - apart from when it comes to buying shit I don't need online, damn you Winter - so I thought now was a better time than ever to put this together. So, here are my top tips for staying inspired...

How to stay inspired 1 How to stay inspired 5 How to stay inspired 4 1) Combine all your inspirations together in a place that you can escape to when you're stuck in a rut.

...I actually have several little areas like this. First up is on my computer - a simple folder named 'Inspo' where I save images I come across online which inspire me. Although the majority concern fashion and beauty, there's also ones in there that I like because of the composition, the photography, the lighting, or just the general feel of the photo. I even have photographs of places around the world that excite me, giving me a much needed boost to keep going when I'm on the verge of giving up for the day. I also have a scrapbook of images that inspire me, which you can see a snippet of in the first photo above. Whenever I'm feeling stuck, I sit and have a browse through either (or both!) of these, and come away feeling freshly inspired and ready to go each time. And if the majority of the photos in your album end up being of the Olsens? That's ok, same here. Interior design/photography/fashion books are also great for this and - bonus - all the hard work of combining the images in one place is already done for you.

How to stay inspired 3
2) Keep a clutter-free desk space

This one's hard for me, because I am THE Queen of Clutter, but I find when I have a clear and well-lit space to work in I go approximately 10767 times faster. A clear workspace = a clear mind... or something like that, right? And a clear mind, less 50 things on your desk that you could sit and play with rather than work (I'm looking at you bobblehead toy), means more space for inspiration. Everyone's a winner! Well, apart from bobblehead toy.
3) Outfit grids

This one is more specific to fashion blogging. Some days I wake up and know I'm going to have a Mean Girls style, 'my hairline is so weird, my pores are huge, my nail beds suck' kind of morning and these usually end up in me trying on five different outfit combinations before deciding they all look like shit, nothing suits me, and that I'm going to put my baggy jeans on and live in a hole. For days like this, I'd suggest choosing an outfit by laying it out first, then adding accessories, shoes etc and then just put it all on and run. By the time you're out, hopefully the cloud will have lifted and you'll be left feeling nice and sassy in a blog-worthy outfit, rather than running about in jeans and a t-shirt that has a ketchup stain on it from the night before's dinner.

How to stay inspired
4) Write. That. Shit. Down.

No matter where I am, I almost always have at least one notepad on me. A) because I have an unhealthy obsession with stationary, but also B) because ideas for blog posts come to me at the weirdest times. If you carry a little pad around with you then you can jot down ideas you have for blog posts or YouTube videos as they come to you, to then go back to and have a look through when you're feeling stuck for ideas. Sometimes I'll go back to mine and think, 'what is THAT', but other times there's a good 'un in there that would have slipped out of my sieve-like mind forever if I hadn't written it down.

How to stay inspired 2
5) Take a step back

This one's the hardest to do, but often one of the most effective if you're in a rut. Just take a step back from it all - simples. The more you try and force it, the less will come, so, whether it be for half an hour to enjoy a cup of a tea and a couple of pages of a good book, for an hour to go out for a walk, or for a couple of internet and blog-free days, I guarantee you'll come back brimming with ideas. Your blog isn't going to implode if you do take an occasional day off and treat yourself to that duvet x hot chocolate x multibag of crisps (yes multibag. I've got your back) day. Sometimes all your noggin needs is a little chill-time.

So, there we go, my five top tips for keeping those juices flowing. I hope you liked this post because, like I say, it is a little different from what you'll be used to seeing on here. Equally, if you have any tips of your own that I can look back on when I'm on the verge of crawling under my duvet and into the hot chocolate kingdom then please share them below!