Sunday, November 1, 2015

A Quick Everyday Make-up Look

Daily make up routine the little magpie The Little Magpie daily make up routine Daily make up routine the little magpie 2
Daily make up routine the little magpie 1 Daily make up routine the little magpie 4
LOREAL Super Liner eyeliner & Superstar mascara
BENEFIT Gimme Brow & Instant Brow pencil 
URBAN DECAY smoky palette in 'High' and 'Radar'
MAC lipstick in 'Hue' and 'Viva Glam V
TARTE LipSurgence lipgloss
NYX white eye pencil (the one that's been, um, thoroughly chewed by Lilo)

Bonjour! Today's post is a little round up of what I currently use on my face when I'm going for a simple, every day look. As you can see, I'm not really a 'stick to one brand' kind of gal, but a few brands I do always go back to are Benefit, Nars (not featured this time but coming to a post near you soon) and Tom Ford. When it comes to eyeshadow, I love all my Naked palettes like children (that's normal, yes?) but I do have a particular soft spot for the Naked Smoky palette. I like my eyeshadow like I like my men tan; golden to brown, so it's the perfect palette for me. I've linked not one, but three lip products. Before anyone worries I'm layering like crazy in a vain attempt to get a plump Jenner-style lip, it's just that these are the ones I always chop and change between when I'm going for a simple everyday look so felt bad only mentioning one. However, the one I'm wearing in this particular post is the Tarte gloss which, as you can see, gives a pretty natural finish with a nice pink tint. It lasts for hours as well (just beware of the whole wind/hair situation because it's some sticky shit), making it one of my go-to glosses.

Foundation-wise, I've never found one I like more than Estee Lauder double wear. A lot of people have said they find it too heavy to wear on a daily basis, but I find if you mix it with a little moisturiser (I like Astral cream) then you'll still get a really nice coverage as well as a lighter finish. Then I pop a little Tom Ford shade and illuminate on top (I can't conture to save my life so I really just use it for a light bronze/highlight) and that's me, good to go!