Thursday, October 29, 2015

4 Coats To Get You Through Winter

Hello, hello! If there's one thing that you'll know about me by now it's that I love a good piece of outerwear. Living in Scotland where it's cold 90% of the time means that a jacket or coat ends up being the most important part of your outfit and that, ladies and gentleman, is how I justify my ever-expanding jacket collection. Since it's getting to that time when you're looking to do the annual coat or jacket shop (or maybe you have already, depending on awn it you are) I thought I'd share a selection of my favourite styles with you alongside some of my top high street picks right now. Believe me, if anyone's qualified to be talking about jackets it's me.

The Little Magpie tailored coats AW
I do enjoy a smart, crisp look, so this is very probably my favourite style. Well, that or leather. Or fur.. I can't choose. Don't make me choose. Being petite, I need that good bit of tailoring so that I don't look like I've gone out in my Mum's coat. Generally I prefer one that finishes above the knee because it gives the illusion of being that tiny bit taller (every little helps) but I'll make an exception every now and again for one that particularly tickles my pickle. Plain black's always a safe choice as it'll go with everything, but a nice muted print  - like the leopard or check one above - is a good option too because, as well as going with everything, it'll give your outfit that added bit of funk. And we all need a bit of funk in our life. 

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The Little Magpie AW blazers
Not too different from the tailored jacket but I felt it'd be rude not to mention because I do love a good blazer. They can be made a little more casual than a tailored jacket, especially if you get a good slouchy/boyfriend one on the go, paired with a stripy tee and skinny jeans. Again, black is always a winner, but keep your eyes peeled for printed ones or ones with detailing - a la this Reiss one on the left - if you're feeling adventurous. And if you're feeling very, very adventurous, pair it with a pair of matching trousers to make a full suit, which is one of my favourite looks ever (I've told you that a thousand times, haven't I?). If you're lacking inspiration in the blazer department, give Kate Moss AKA the queen of blazers a quick google and you'll be bursting with ideas.

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Fur coats the little magpie
Don't worry, I'm talking faux. I friggin' LOVE a good fur coat; I wore the one in the middle so much last year that people started to think I'd lost a bet. They're just so warm and snug and one of the only things that get me and my cold bones through Scottish Winter. I truly believe that you can't go wrong whichever colour or print you decide on, they're quite a statement piece so you might as well go for it, but if you're feeling nervous, start with a neutral brown or cream and take it from there. Lacking style inspo? The Olsen twins are your best friends.

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Leather jacket the little magpie All Saints
Ah leather, where would I be without my beloved leather jacket. If you're in the market for an investment piece then I couldn't recommend All Saints more (which is where all three of the above are from, actually, I'll await my restraining order any day now), they've got such an amazing range in both colour and shape and the fit and quality is faultless. Plus they grow old VERY gracefully. Also good go-to's are Reiss, Whistles and Sandro. However, there are some amazing faux leather alternatives out there on the high street if you don't fancy breaking the bank! You probably won't need any styling advice with this one as they're so easy just to throw on with anything - such is the joy of the biker. 

All Saints Biker portraits campaign 7

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