Saturday, December 10, 2016

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...

The Little Magpie Christy Room Tour The Little Magpie Christy Room Tour The Little Magpie Christy Room Tour The Little Magpie Christy Room Tour The Little Magpie Christy Room Tour The Little Magpie Christy Room Tour The Little Magpie Christy Room Tour The Little Magpie Christy Room Tour The Little Magpie Christy Room Tour The Little Magpie Christy Room Tour The Little Magpie Christy Room Tour
CHRISTY gold bed linen | TIGER lightbulb fairy lights | TK MAXX copper mug | PRIMARK copper candles 

Well, I was going to start this post with another exclamation about how excited I am for Christmas, but that's not really necessary is it. I really do need to calm down on that front, I know. But today is not the day! The lovely Christy - who, as you probably already know, are one of my favourite interiors stops - have decided to bring in a Nutcracker theme for Christmas, which fills my chest with a lovely warm,festive feeling. So then I got thinking about how I could bring a little nutcracker magic into my own home. First up, of course, I started with some wonderfully festive gold and cream bedsheets, which instantly gave the room a lift. Look how the sunlight catches it in all its glorious goldness, it's like Rapunzel's hair isn't it. Anyone? It's also the most comfortable, silky bedding to sleep in, which is a real plus for me because I'm very fond of being in bed.

I decided to grab the gold/metallic theme and run with it, so picked up some lovely accessories to give the room a nice Christmassy feel. I got some gold glittery tealights (which are seriously amazing), a copper mug (filled to the brim with hot chocolate 24/7) and some beautiful copper bowl candles from - wait for it - Primark! I think they came in at a jolly £3 each. To tie up the Nutcrackery Magic; lights. Lots and lots of lights. I love fairy lights at the best of times, but the best thing about Christmas is that you can go completely overboard with them and no one can say a thing. I'm not talking Winona in Stranger Things overboard, but you know what I mean. I draped some little wire ones round my Polaroid frames, some lightbulb ones around my mirror and filled the spots that didn't have lights with some more candles. The best part is that the light all catches off of the gold threads in the duvet, giving the room a really nice overall, cosy glow. It's the most wonderful time oooooof the year...

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to tuck into that hot chocolate.


Post in collaboration with the wonderful Christys; all festive feelings my own.


Mariel Parton said...

your room looks so pretty and festive, love it
the copper theme is just gorgeous :)

Ashley Christabelle said...

Oh my gosh, what a good lookin' room you got! I wanna doze off there now, please?!

Unknown said...

Your room looks so festive and cosy! Definitely a room I'd like to stay in! I just love the cup the hot choc is in too!

Eloise said...

I have major interior envy. All the copper xx

the gold lipstick said...

Absolutely love it!

Mireia from TGL

Lisa Autumn said...

Adore your interior style so much!

xx Lisa

Unknown said...

omg, your room is so so gorgeous, im in awe!


Unknown said...

It feels and looks so festive without being too much, the red garland is gorge!

Lauren x
Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

Georgia Megan said...

wow your place is absolutely stunning! It's basically my dream home! Beautiful photos x

|Georgia Megan|

Lynnsay said...

Your bedroom looks so festive and cosy! Also that hot chocolate looks amazing!!

Lynnsay x

Rachel said...

Just looking at those photographs has made me feel extra cozy and festive! Love it <3

Unknown said...

Lady these pictures are just SO beautiful! That bedding is just so, so dreamy - love the pattern on it, so festive!

Hayley xo

The Style Rawr said...

Dude, your room is a Pinterest dream! I LOVE that bed sheets, they look sooo luxe. I love Christy towels, I'll have to check out the full range.

Tara x

Ella Hedley said...

How gorgeous! Especially love the colour of your room!

Unknown said...

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