Monday, March 14, 2016

Tamarind, Barbados


Well hello there ya filthy animals, and welcome to the first of my Barbados posts. It's actually been highly depressing writing these up; I'm trying so hard to crawl into my screen and transport myself back there but for some weird reason it doesn't seem to be working. Alas, we all know already how much I love Barbados - I've linked my previous gushing posts at the bottom of this one - so let's get on with it. Today's post is all about the wonderful Tamarind hotel on the west coast of Barbados, which is where I started my stay. I got there a little early - this literally never happens to me and I spent a good ten minutes congratulating myself - so I left my suitcase at reception and had a little wander round.

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The little beach in front of Tamarind is just beautiful. It's so secluded, with sand almost as white as my skin was at that point, so I just sat and read my book for a little while and caught up on some work (god, I know, such an adult). Water-sports are complimentary for all guests, which is normally code for, 'we have one rubber ring, an old snorkel and a couple of armbands in the back, take what you will', but Tamarind have the whole shabang ready and waiting for you. From windsurfing, to kayaking and boogie boarding, to water-skiing and banana boats, it's a water-sports fanatic's dream. 

After my little explore, I came back to find my room was ready and oh my word. Brace yourself..

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What a sight, huh? I didn't know where to start, so I just threw myself on the big-ass bed and lay there taking it all in for a minute. The whole room was so light and breezy, and honestly everything I could have asked for. The absolute highlight for me, though, was the balcony. I was lucky enough to get a sea-facing room on the corner of the hotel and, if you're ever looking to stay here in the future, make sure to book one of these. It's so, so worth it for the views.. but hopefully you'll see that in the pictures to come. Brace yourself, people.

P2090011 P2090014 FullSizeRender[1] FullSizeRender[1] P2100543 P2100203 FullSizeRender[2] The Little Magpie Tamarind Barbados Review

It's incredible isn't it? And so peaceful too. They'd left me a beautiful big fruit platter as a welcome, so I sat and enjoyed it on the balcony and watched the world go by. Normally I prefer to move at the average pace of Road Runner, but there's something about Barbados that just draws you in and makes you sit down and appreciate what's going on around you. Bonus points if you start to contemplate life while you're at it. The two birds above became my little Bajan compadres whilst I was there, visiting me every day - it's so much less tragic than it sounds - so I took it upon myself to become Snow White; feeding them little bits of food here and there and encouraging them to help me with the cleaning while they were at it (didn't work out as well as I'd hoped. Surprisingly).

As the afternoon went on, I decided it was time to get up off my ass and explore some more. 

P2100163 FullSizeRender[3] P2100156

I walked all through the hotel and grounds and found out a bit more about what was a-goin' on (ie when is Happy Hour: 4.30-5.30pm daily FYI) and then went a walk along the beach. Tamarind's located just along the beach from Sandy Lane hotel - which is absolutely beautiful, and also right beside One Sandy Lane where Rihanna owns a condo (for anyone wondering where to head to make her their best friend, cough, me) and also where all the boat tours stop so you can sit and watch them come and go. 

Now... what's the best bit about a sea-facing balcony? That's right, sunsets. And, oh my, were there some beautiful ones. The first night it was a little cloudy so I didn't have high hopes, and then suddenly these big sunbeams shot out of nowhere and were like, 'actually, take that doubt and shove it up your ass'. Behold:

P2100544 P2090077 P2100573P2100564

The second night's sunset was possibly even more incredible - I didn't actually realise it had reached sunset time because I was so absorbed in my book (I know, I can hardly keep up with how wild my life is either), until my eye was caught by some very intense orange sunlight streaming through the curtains. A very kind reminder from my old friend Mutha Nature. 

P2090044 P2090042

Very accidentally spying on someone romantic's moment there ^.. it is a nice place to watch the sunset though, huh? Something tells me it'd be weird to ask if I could join them though.

P2090027 P2090039 The Little Magpie Tamarind Barbados Review 4 P2090025

Incredible, innit? It was so bright and - dare I use such a sappy word - transfixing. I honestly can't put into words how much I love watching sunsets and rises, but then again I have already talked about it a lot in previous posts so I'll stop before it gets weird(er). But seriously, if anyone wants to continue this discussion then get me on my cell and maybe we can start up a club or something. After this little winner of a sunset I went another walk around the resort - I absolutely love seeing the pool post-sunset - and it did not disappoint. Make sure and have a wander around this time to see what's on, as there's often entertainment, like steel drum bands, or even just for a drink at the bar.

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So there we have it in all its beauty. Thank you once again to the lovely Tamarind to having me stay and for making my welcome back to Barbados as wonderful as it could be. And thank you to Mother Nature for serving up some bad-ass sunsets.


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