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10 Amazing Things To Do in Barbados

And we're back! If you've not caught up with my last post (love letter, whatever you want to call it) and photo diary then you can do so here and get yourself a good feel for Barbados before I lunge full force into this guide. If you have read it then, um, thank you and I hope you're ready to go again.

I'll start with another miniature love letter (you in the back, stop making sick noises please); I'm not someone that ever turns off. In the past 5 years I can't remember the last time I actually fully relaxed and forgot about e-mails, bills, schedules... all the fun stuff. In Barbados I actually completely forgot about everything. And I mean errrthang. It's like a wonderful little bubble that takes you in from the real world and protects you from life for a bit. In this special little bubble we squeezed quite a lot in, so for today's post I've rounded up the best of the bunch. Hopefully this will help any of you planning a visit, or perhaps even inspire a future trip... Again, please take me with you. Apart from 1 and 2, these aren't in any particular order because I'd feel too bad for the ones that ended up at the bottom - like that kid who gets picked last in gym class - and also because I truly did enjoy them all. So here we go, a round up of some of the many, many things you can get jiggy with in Barbados. 

Barbados Travel Guide and Photo Diary The Little Magpie 65 Jammin Catamaran Cruise Barbados The Little Magpie Barbados Travel Guide and Photo Diary The Little Magpie 63 Jammin Catamaran Cruise Barbados The Little Magpie 1 Barbados Travel Guide and Photo Diary The Little Magpie 61
I think Jammin was actually everyone's favourite thang that we did, and if you check out it's glowing TripAdvisor reviews (cough teacher's pet cough) you'll see we're not alone. I hadn't realised it was a party boat and turned up a little, eh delicate (thanks to a trip to Hal's karaoke bar the night before, but more on that later) and as soon as the music started blaring as we left the harbour I was like, 'Of course, this is it. This is how I'm going die'. However, I had an actual ball despite my horrendously hungover state, thanks to the amazing crew, the music and the general atmosphere.. it's kind of impossible not to enjoy it. Once I had seasickness tablets and a gallon of ginger ale in me that is. It's not a party boat in the sense of those mental Ibiza ones where there's teenagers drinking upside down and vomiting everywhere, more just somewhere you can let off steam and go a little crazy.. there were chiddlers in our group as well as adults and they had a ball too. As well as rum punch on tap, you've also got a stop to scuba dive with the turtles (complete with shipwreck), breakfast and a big-ass buffet stop over-looking Sandy Lane hotel, complete with view of Rhianna's condo. So yeah, a definite must from me... and I can tell you with confidence that if even if you're not feeling well you'll love it, just enjoy the priviledge of getting to watch everyone unravel in front of you. Your Aunt Margaret will be swinging round the sails with her bikini top in the air long before the day's over.

Jammin Catamaran Cruise -  costs $88 (£57) for adults and $40.00 (£26) for children

Barbados Travel Guide and Photo Diary The Little Magpie 24Barbados Travel Guide and Photo Diary The Little Magpie 23Jeep Safari Island Tour Barbados The Little MagpieBarbados Travel Guide and Photo Diary The Little Magpie 49Jeep Safari Island Tour Barbados The Little Magpie 2Barbados Travel Guide and Photo Diary The Little Magpie 27Barbados Travel Guide and Photo Diary The Little Magpie 32Barbados Travel Guide and Photo Diary The Little Magpie 33Jeep Safari Island Tour Barbados The Little Magpie 1Barbados Travel Guide and Photo Diary The Little Magpie 34
Shit. Yes. This was another of my favourites, maybe joint first with Jammin. Eight or so of you are bundled into the back of a 4x4 and are taken on a very magical, and very thorough, tour of the island. It starts with a shamazing viewpoint (Edge Cliff I think? But don't quote me on it) and - coincidentally - is also where the first rum punch of the day is poured, at a very sociable 10am. Yes, I was drunk by lunchtime.. no, that's not why I enjoyed it so much. Short of hiring a car and doing it on your own, it's the best way to explore the island whilst learning all about it along the way. And you know how I feel about having fun and learning at the same time. Good, is how. As well as stops at the most stunning viewpoints, there's a visit to The Lion at Gun Hill, a chance to pick fresh bay leaves, as well as off-roading in Joe's River Forrest; it really is a definite one to add to your list. I honestly don't think I stopped smiling the entire time, and that's a big claim coming from someone with chronic resting bitch face.

Island Safari - costs $92.50 (£60) for adults and $60.00 (£39) for children

Barbados Travel Guide and Photo Diary The Little Magpie 81 Barbados Travel Guide and Photo Diary The Little Magpie 84 Barbados Travel Guide and Photo Diary The Little Magpie 77 Barbados Travel Guide and Photo Diary The Little Magpie 87
I'm a little sunset nerd, as you may already have noticed, so I was in my absolute element. Barbados is home to some of the most beautiful I've seen.. it's rare I'd recommend a 5am rise but in this case it's definitely worth it. The sea's already lovely and warm in the morning too so, if you're struggling to shake off the sleepy susan in you, you can take a little dip to wake you up while you watch the oranges and yellows do their business. 

Barbados The Garrison Tour The Little MagpieBarbados Travel Guide and Photo Diary The Little Magpie 7
The Garrison Tour is an interesting one, and a great one for the history buffs among you in particular. Visit Barbados' Historic Garrison -  UNESCO World Heritage Site, I should add, exciting I know - and learn a little bit more about the history of the island. There's a visit to George Washington's home from the 1700s - Barbados is the only country he visited outwith the US (thinking the air would cure his brother's tuberculosis. No comment) - a trip to Charles Fort, a rum punch stop at St Ann's Fort (alcoholic or non-alcoholic, you choose), finished off with a visit to see the changing of the sentry. Outwith the tour, you can also attend a dinner with big George himself (who's actually Dr Karl Watson in disguise, one of the world's leading experts on George.. so if you have any burning questions then now would be a good time to ask them) at his house, compete with an authentic five course period dinner. That one in particular runs every Monday evening from the end of December until the end of March!

If you so please, you can also do a tour of the tunnels - either alongside the Garrison Tour or on its own - which is what you can see going awwwn in the last picture there. Explore sections of the ha-uge (up to 10,000ft long) underground tunnels and learn- learning again, you can't avoid it - a little more about their history as you go.

Garrison Historic Tour - costs US$48 (£31.50) for adults and US$38 (£25) for children

Barbados Travel Guide and Photo Diary The Little Magpie 96 Submarine Barbados The Little Magpie Barbados Travel Guide and Photo Diary The Little Magpie 98 Barbados Travel Guide and Photo Diary The Little Magpie 99
Now. Technically I can't reeeally recommend this because I didn't go on it. Yes, you heard me right. I knew I was claustrophobic but I didn't realise quite how much until I stepped down the ladder into the submarine and was like, 'nope, sorry' and scrambled back up like a panicked monkey. The crew were all so lovely though, and didn't mock me once - in fact, I just sat on the boat with them and got drunk on rum punch until everyone else finished on the submarine so win win for me, really. So, I've popped it on here because I'm the only person in - and I quote, even though it hurts me to say it - 'a long time' who's backed out, and it's supposed to be pretty lovely down there, with lots of fish and a shipwreck thrown in for good measure. You can do the daytime one, like we did - again, I use we loosely - or an evening one, which I've heard is also pretty special.

Barbados Travel Guide and Photo Diary The Little Magpie 101
This I liked because it was short. And I don't mean that as offensively as it sounds. I'll normally always go on distillery tours when I'm away - free drinks throughout, sure - but sometimes they can drag a bit.. there's only so much information my brain can hold about hops and barley before it starts to go into emergency shut down. The tour only lasts around half an hour, but you get a good thorough insight into the history of Mount Gay rum, with lots of giggles and shots of rum thrown in along the way (don't say I didn't warn you, fellow lightweights). You can also start or finish your tour - or both, we're all friends here - at the bar where you'll find some deeeelicious mojitos.

Mount Gay Rum Tour - signature tour costs $10 (£6.50) and under 12’s go free

Restaurant at The Animal Flower Cave
The Little Magpie Animal Flower Cave Restaurant The Little Magpie Barbados Travel Guide and Photo Diary The Little Magpie 11 Barbados Travel Guide and Photo Diary The Little Magpie 9
Barbados Travel Guide and Photo Diary The Little Magpie 10
What a view, yees? The weather wasn't great this day but it actually worked out better for us because the waves were all angry and indie and moody and throwing themselves off the rocks. Measurements have never been my strong point, but I want to say they got up to 100ft or so (but if that sounds ridiculous then please ignore me and, um, use the pictures above to make your own judgements). Animal Flower Cave is located in St Lucy - right at the top of the island - and is known for its spectacular views. Howveer, we didn't actually get to go in because the weather was a little too angry that day, sadly. It's also been featured in a Billy Ocean music video so if that doesn't tempt you I don't know what will. Instead we stopped off at the clifftop restaurant and enjoyed the views from there, alongside some homemade lemonade - do not, whatever you do, miss out on this - as well as some fishcakes and mahi mahi.

Barbados Travel Guide and Photo Diary The Little Magpie 19 Barbados Travel Guide and Photo Diary The Little Magpie 17
Oh Champers. Of all the places we ate, Champers was my absolute favourite. And that's not just because they had lots of GF items on the menu (yes, t'is true. What lark!). The view from the restaurant alone makes the visit worthwhile, day or night, even the rain pissing it down on the night we were there didn't taint it. It actually might just have made it all the more magical, but.. that could just me. The food's beautiful, the staff are all ridiculously lovely - but really, who isn't in Barbados - and you'll find yourself a delicious meal in a lovely setting without a hint of stuffiness. Bellllllissimo.

Champers Restaurant -

Barbados Travel Guide and Photo Diary The Little Magpie 56Cafe Luna Barbados The Little Magpie
Now, Café Luna had mixed reviews from our group, but personally I really liked my meal and the setting made me a bit giddy (not the rum punch talking, just to clarify), so I've decided to include it, but there's your sidenote. There's panoramic views of the sea and fairy lights a-plenty, and that's really all I need in life. Plus some very, very good cocktails.

Café Luna -

Hal's Car Park Bar
Barbados Travel Guide and Photo Diary The Little Magpie  57
Hehhhhmygod I loved Hal's. I'd actually put that right up there with Jammin and The Safari Tour on my top things to do. It's a big open air karaoke bar that's crammed to the brim with locals and tourists alike and has the best atmosphere... in the world (too much?). We went there after Café Luna and ended up staying 
 very, very late (or very early, depending how you look at it), hence arriving for Jammin with two hours sleep and a belly full of tequila under my belt. Which is one thing I would not recommend, by the way. But seriously, whether you like doing karaoke or not, make sure and fit in a pitstop here if you can because I guarantee you'll have an amazing night and meet some weird and wonderful people along the way.

Oh god we've reached the end of my Barbados posts and now I have no excuse to keep talking about it. There's only one thing to do... Book another trip, bebé.


Glasgow to Barbados  from £298.98 return   |   Manchester to Barbados from £335 return *subject to availability
For more information on Barbados visit


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