Monday, March 21, 2016

Getting Cosy With UGG

The Little Magpie UGG red colourful clasics The Little Magpie UGG red colourful clasics 4 The Little Magpie UGG red colourful clasics 1 The Little Magpie UGG boots colourful classics collection The Little Magpie UGG red colourful clasics 5 The Little Magpie UGG boots colourful classics The Little Magpie UGG red colourful classics 6
UGG colourful classics boots | Hollister distressed jeans | H&M linen tee | PRIMARK mug 

Well hi there. Today's post is a little something different.. that's right, we're inside. Normally the outfits you see on here are me when I'm out and about and - right now, anyway, thank you Scottish 'Spring' - wearing 500 layers. So for today's post I thought I'd do something a little cosier. Now, up until last November, I'd never owned a pair of UGG boots. To some people this'll be like, 'Jesus H. CHRIST how could you!?' and to some people it'll be like, 'yeah, no, I've never actually owned a pair. No biggie'... they seem to be real crowd dividers. I remember in school when they became a massive deal and your feet were very, very cool if some UGG boots adorned them. At this point, however, I was too busy begging my Mum to let me get my first pair of heeled school shoes,'just an inch or two high, no one will even notice', and missed the boat. Sad, very sad. So, yeah, fast forward to the end of last year when my first pair of ankle height UGG boots popped into my life. I was never really sure how I felt about them so it was almost a begrudging love to begin with. Kind of like the way most people feel about Danny Dyer. But love it was, and it quickly blossomed into something less begrudging and something more beautiful. They are beyond comfy; in fact, comfy doesn't even begin to cover it. It's like walking on a cloud. As you know I have wide hobbit feet that make shoe-wearing generally a very uncomfortable task so these were a real welcome addition to my feet. Possibly even more importantly, however, is how warm they are. All fuzzy and cushioned and basically a permanent, portable duvet for your little tootsies. And thus blossomed a beautiful Winter of my finally having warm feet on late night dog walks. These red babies are the most recent pair I've added to my collection, and I cannot friggin 'wait for summer days to come in so I can wear them with little denim shorts and run through fields and generally just love life. I think it's the beautiful little bit of Pocahontas-esque detailing on the back of them; it's playing funny games with my head and making me long for warmer weather. For now I've been wearing them mainly with denims on comfy days, as well as around the house during the day. A pair of very sassy slippers if you like. Next I'm eyeing up this pair from the Liberty x UGG boots collection for festivals.. Oh how I love a bit of paisley print.

So yeah, there we go! I hoped you liked this post, it was fun shooting something a little different in my natural habitat ie on the couch with a cup of tea in hand. 


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claudia said...

Those UGG are so cute! Beautiful shots!

Holl JC said...

Such a beauty Amy, you look lovely x

megsiobhan said...

The detailing on them is so lovely!!

Meg | A Little Twist Of…

Liesa said...

Looks really lovely!

Unknown said...

Oh meh gosh, are just too cute!!! I love those Ugg boots! They look snug + comfy for a quick run to the coffee shop or even to just lounge in at the house. ;) Can't wait to see your next post! xx

Autumn | A Fabulous Hippie

This Is Lavinya said...

lovely post amy. I love the UGGS colour, nice and vibrant! - x

Lavinya Royes - Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

Unknown said...

I got a pair of Ugg boots (proper ankle boots though) for christmas and they're possibly the cosiest and nicest looking boots ever - so pleased with them!

Lauren x
Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

Unknown said...

What nice shots, love those boots!

10 wardrobe essentials for Spring on
lb-lc fashion blog

valzapa said...

these UGGs are too cute!!!! in love with the colour & love UGGs in shorter versions :)

Unknown said...

These are so much nicer than my usual idea of Uggs, look very comfy X

Tusks and Tails said...

Never owned a pair till winter either! Now how warm they keep me when its freezing I don't mind how they look!

Unknown said...

They look so cute.

New post ~

Afeeyah xo

Anonymous said...

Cozy cute outfit, and I love those vibrant blue lilies!

Laura said...

Love how these red uggs look on you, so pretty!


Sophie said...

Love this look... and your tan! Very jealous.

Anonymous said...

I like the boots but oh those flowers!
So beautiful!

Caroline said...

Looking gorgeous! Lovely pictures. :)
These look so comfy.. colour just works too. Not a colour I'd choose, but they look great.


Kristina said...

omg these look so comfy and nice! Perfect for my constantly cold feet haha

Creepers & Cupcakes

The Style Rawr said...

I didn't realise they came in bright colours! Such a beautiful & comfy look - loving that first image!

T xx

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