Sunday, February 21, 2016

Under the Boardwalk

Amy Look 1 Brighton -  Amber-Rose Photography 12 Amy Look 1 Brighton -  Amber-Rose Photography 20 Amy Look 1 Brighton -  Amber-Rose Photography 15 Amy Look 1 Brighton -  Amber-Rose Photography 17
ZARA striped culottes (old, similar linked) | TOPSHOP cropped navy jumper | ASOS lace up heels | RAY BAN round glasses

Well hey there! Here's some snaps my lovely little Amby took when we had a wee girly couple of days down in Brighton (but more on that soon!). It was really early in the morning - I'm still not sure how we got ourselves out of bed either to be honest - so we managed to catch Brighton beach when it was empty as an empty thing and bathed in morning glow. Oh, so very peaceful. Outfit-wise, not too much you haven't seen before this time round; I swear to god I'll end up buried in these Zara trousers. Cost per wear is currently sitting at roughly 0.078p. The jumper's a newbie though, it's so hard to find a nice cropped knit that's not really bulky so it was very arousing, I mean exciting, to come across this one.

Apart from that there's nothing new to report, I'm still in Barbados and currently trying to find ways to a) Subtly develop a Bajan accent and b) Grow a moustache so I can go into hiding and live here forever. Any tips on how to go about either would be most welcome. I'll be putting blog posts together on my time here - of course - but if you'd like to see what I've been getting up to in the meantime then you can check it out on my Twitter or Instagram!

Peace out mutha..truckas