Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Dream Denim

Amy DP -  Amber-Rose Photography Amy DP -  Amber-Rose Photography 27 Amy DP -  Amber-Rose Photography 7 Amy DP -  Amber-Rose Photography 22 Dorothy Perkins Denim Bailey Jean The Little Magpie Amy DP -  Amber-Rose Photography 1 Amy DP -  Amber-Rose Photography 23
DOROTHY PERKINS coated Bailey jean, suede tassel jacket & black body | TED & MUFFY over the knee boots | ASPINAL OF LONDON Marylebone mini | RAY BAN round glasses

Photos by Amber Rose

Oh how I love a leather trouser. I could write pages and pages and odes upon odes about how much I love them, but I won't because, for some reason, I think that might not appeal to the mass. One thing I've never really tried out, however, is a coated jean and, oh my god it's a revelation. They've got that extra bit of sass that leather trousers do, so you can dress up what would otherwise be a plain ole tee and jeans combo, but without any of the added squeakiness that comes with leather... not to mention the risk of ending up in a Ross from Friends style situation. Plus I can squat all the way down to the floor if I want, no constriction whatsoever. What lark! This particular pair are from Dorothy Perkins and, believe it or not, are actually my first pair of jeans I've owned from there. I know, a day of firsts! I'm so impressed though, they fit tight at the butt (good) are low slung (also good) and have nice little detailing and pockets on them (you guessed it, good again). The overall fit is actually pretty incredible - these ones are called the Bailey (just in case anyone was wondering) and I think come in at something crazy like £25? They also come in different lengths - tall and short people of the world rejoice! - and the Bailey itself comes in all different denim washes. So there we have it, for a gal who's very specific about where she buys her denim, I've very much found myself a convert.

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