Sunday, February 7, 2016

Meet My New Friends, Ted & Muffy

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As you may have noticed, I'm very partial to a knee high boot. It's weird, I think they're a pretty statement item to some people - in fact in know they are; one French woman actually stopped dead in her tracks and ugh'd me when she saw this outfit. Thank you very much again - but I wear um all the time without really thinking twice about it. These ones from Ted and Muffy are, hands down, the best pair I've found. You can choose the calf size, half shoe sizes and then on top of all that, they've got little ties at the top so that you can tighten them as much as you want once they're on. Because no one like a saggy thigh. So, really, all in all, you've got yourself the perfect fitting boot. The FairyTale Fit one might say.. Ok I didn't coin that, they did. Another great thing about them is the heel height; when I'm out I'm generally out for the day (normally because I get distracted by multiple coffee stops, I won't lie) so they're the ideal height. High enough to lengthen those legs but sociable enough that you're not hobbling home at the end of the day with crippled feet. As always, I've paired mine with a jumper dress (getting seriously predictable here amn't I?) but, because they're so tight fitting, I've been wearing them loads with jeans and my leather trousers too, Catwoman style, so I'm sure you'll see them pop up again before long. They come in a range of colours - my Aunt's been drooling over the grey ones for months - as well as stocking a whole other selection of boots and shoes. One of my favourite brands I've discovered in a long time!

Well, I'm currently on a plane to Barbados (the wonders of technology), but will be posting whilst I'm away so don't get those tissues out just yet. I'll be updating regularly over on my Instagram and Twitter - mainly pictures of rum, I'd imagine - so you can keep up with what I'm up to over there if you so wish!



Anonymous said...

Beautiful jacket

Unknown said...

Dude, stop with the envy-inducing holidays...!

Becky | accoohtrements life, travel & design blog

Lucy said...

Those boots are pretty amazing! Love how you've styled them. xx

Holl JC said...

So cool Amy! That jacket is just perfection! You look fab as always x

claudia said...

Love the bodycon dress with the knee high boots and the moto jacket!

Unknown said...

In love with the boots X

The Fashion Road

Liesa said...

Totally love over knee boots!

thefashion-junkie said...

Another gorgeous outfit from you missy :) I love your thigh-high boots and leather jacket X


Ashley Christabelle said...

Literally drooled as I saw the knee high boots! Those are beautiful <3 hope you have a great time in Barbados!

Jessicalaar said...

Love this look, you look absolutely amazing.

Jess x

Abbie said...

Ooooh love them! Gorgeous outfit xx

Armelle said...

In love with your boots and the jacket oh my oh my oh my


Tusks and Tails said...

Yes I agree these boots are aaaamazing! Im heading to Barbados in May and can't wait!

QueenLina said...

the link of the bag is not right :*

Josie said...

Those boots are so sassy! The French lady was blatantly jealous x

Josie | Sick Chick Chic

Aniri said...

Love this look! You look fab!

xx Iri

House of Spring said...

You look amazing, as per usual! 😊

We are launching an Instagram contest to win tickets to attend the London Fashion Weekend at the end of the month, maybe you would like to check it out:

Hope to see you there! xx

Unknown said...

DAMN those boots are incredible and honestly I'm loving your style Amy, always so well put together

Lauren x
Britton Loves | Lifestyle Beauty Wellbeing

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The Style Rawr said...

ANOTHER jacket I want. Gosh, I love Ted & Muffy. Is Barbados your second home now? Can I come live there too? hahaha! Dying with jealously looking at your Insta!

T xx

Anna said...


Masterrific said...

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Nice style & thanks for sharing it.

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