Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Dream Body

Topshop White Body The Little Magpie

Hello ('s me). I had a lot of you ask on Instagram and Tweeta where what I was wearing was from, so rather than reply individually I thought it'd make more sense to pop the details on here. The skirt, sadly, is a goner. I picked it up in the Zara sale in Paris at the beginning of the year for something crazy like 7 euros and haven't seen it since.. They do have lots of similar ones in the TRF section right now though. The body, however, is new - huzzah! Not only that, but it also comes in black, red, nude, khaki and pink as well. It's such a nice fit and completely open at the back, one of my favourite finds in a while. The case is a good old SkinnyDip London (I really can't resist me a good tacky, glittery phone case) and, of course, my trusty Ray-Bans. Oh, and Monica Vinader bracelets, which I rarely take off. They're so good for holiday because they don't go green in the water or anything crazy like that. Arm parties all day long! 

So there we go! I'm currently working on some fun content - a lot more beauty since so many people have asked (at least two) and just good old OOTDs and travel posts, so all that will be coming soon to a blog near you. Clue: it's this blog.


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