Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Leopard tassel skirt of my dreams

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For the past week and a half I've been looking after Lilo on my own and, consequently, have developed a new found understanding of people who refer to themselves as their dog's 'Mummy'. I used to feel a little bit sorry for them and their cringey ways, but after a full week and a half of toilet training, constantly pulling things out her mouth and being awake all night with her I get it, I finally get it. She's basically a furry baby and I have EARNED that right to call myself her Mummy. So cringe away, world, because Mummy's here. Half the time I haven't even had a spare second to shower, never mind get dressed (not that I'm complaining if you're reading this over my shoulder Lilo, I love you longtime) but Rob finally had a day off today so I was able not only to shower and get dressed, but I even put on some make-up. Oh make-up I'll ever under-appreciate you again. So yes, here we have it - my first outfit in a while that doesn't consist of jammies and pee stains (Lilo's, not mine).