Tuesday, March 3, 2015

6 Beauty Products I Couldn't Live Without

6 beauty products I couldn't live without

I'm often asked about my favourite beauty products and brands, so I thought it was about time I did a round up of the 6 beauty products I couldn't live without. There's a whole lot more in my make up I couldn't go without (I wouldn't do that to the eyes of the public) but these 6 have got me through some particularly tough times.

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My Mum bought me this badboy for my birthday after months of me sneakily - or so I thought - pilfering hers. For years and years (and years and years and years... shit I'm old) I've put a little bit of St Tropez lotion on along with my moisturiser before I go to bed. As much as I love it, it's quite hard to judge so sometimes I end up looking a bit tango'd the next day, plus Rob won't come near me when I've got it on because I 'smell like disgusting biscuits'. My life's been made 10x easier since discovering this little post of Clarin's gold; you can just apply it in the morning - I use it after moisturiser, before foundation - and it gives a really nice healthy glow. Plus, it glides on like silk. I'll never fully part with my old friend St Tropez, especially when it comes to tanning my body, but I think it's finally found it's match in the face department.

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I've already dedicated a blog post/love note to this, so I won't talk about it again in too much depth for fear of it getting a restraining order on me, but it's yet to let me down. Most of the time I use it alongside my Benefit Instant brow pencil, but because of the mascara-like wand it's a great one to use on its own as well when you want a more natural look.

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PRIMARK false nails

I managed to kick my chronic nail biting habit at the tail end of last year, only to fall right back into it this year.. SHAME. I've never really wanted to go for falsies as it feels like admitting defeat, but when the sight of your own nails makes you nauseous it's time to take some drastic action - it was either wear false nails or permanently hide my hands in a bag of crisps, and my waistline just can't handle the latter right now. I picked up a whole selection of the £1 Primark ones without much hope for them, but they've been amazing. The glue's obviously not as strong as the more expensive packs, but you get a good few days out a set before they start falling off - and I'm always secretly happy when they do because then I can give another print a go.

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MAC To The Future! Pro Longwear lipstick

The search for a good nude lipstick is an ever-lasting one, but this one has been my go-to for about half a year now. It's slightly peachy which seems to work well with my complexion, and because it's matte finish it lasts much longer than my glossier lipsticks. Which is good because I down on average 80 cups of tea a day and it was getting expensive re-applying it after every single one.

6 beauty products I couldn't live without 5

Oooft, look at that. That's one well loved tub, isn't it? I'm a long term sufferer of dry-lippedness, and Carmex is one of the only two lipbalms I've ever found that delves in and cures it (Burt's bees is the other if you're wondering), rather than just sitting on the surface of my lips not really doing anything. I think I've got about 6 of these hidden all over in bags, coat pockets and bedside drawers so that I'm never far from one in an SOS lip emergency

Last but not least is good old dry shampoo, especially now that I've got my fringe cut back in. I always seem to go for Batiste, and again I have mini ones hidden in several of my handbags for when the going gets greasy.



Holl JC said...

For £1 those primark nails sound amazing, plus the designs are so so soooo pretty! x


Josie said...

Fab round up! I'm desperate to try that Clarins facial tanner, it sounds amazing. I'm sick of having a fake-tanned body and then a pasty face (the shame!) Definitely one to put on the birthday wishlist I think x

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Unknown said...

I've been wanting to try the Clarins Instant Smooth Self Tanning for ages and I think you've just tipped me over the edge. Right at the top of my wish list now! xx


Anonymous said...

Lovely post ! It's funny cause I did the same type of post like three weeks ago, you should check it out !


Unknown said...

Great products!

lb-lc | IT fashion and lifestyle blog

Unknown said...

Carmex has saved me the past few weeks! X

Safiya said...

Batiste dry shampoo = holy grail! I cannot live without it. Also I noticed those snazzy stripey nails of yours and totally didn't think they were from primark! They're so cool :)

Cats In Crop Tops

Unknown said...

I could not live without lip balm either! I love your blog so much!x


Charlotte said...

carmex, aka a girls best friendddddd

charlotte x

Unknown said...

Loving the look of those nails so cute, also really want to try out the Clarins facial tanner, my face always looks so pale and the fake tan smell is the worst!


Unknown said...

I love Carmex.
Afeeyah xo

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Ashleigh - www.beingashleigh.com said...

Your nails look gorgeous! I don't think I could live without a toner water!

Ashleigh | Being Ashleigh

Laura said...

Fab post, loving the nails! Very cool.


Tusks and Tails said...

The best feeling is having a tan and less makeup!


Colleen said...

I don't know why but I just think that Carmex has the best smell ever! I love that stuff!


Unknown said...

MAC can do no wrong with a lipstick in my eyes, love their formulas and colours!

Lauren x
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The Model Factory said...

Fab choices! Hi from The Model Factory :)

Nikki Williams said...

i'll have to check out that brow pencil!

xx nikki

Unknown said...

The Mac lipstick is such a lovely shade, I've been looking for the perfect nude for AGES! The benefit brow tint looks really good too, I have blonde eyebrows so I could probably do with this!
Emily xx
Emily May Designs

Debs said...

I'm a bad nail biter too, I wear fakes everyday! LOVE the Primark ones x

Jenny said...

I really want to try the Benefit Brow wand as I love the mascaras <3


angelzhng said...

I've been holding out on trying the Gimme Brow because of the price, but everyone seems to love it :S I'm guessing it's worth it? does it last long?


Primrose said...

Those nails look awesome, they look real! Also think I would shrivel up and die without dry shampoo! x


Unknown said...

I love the primark nails! As a fellow nailbiter I use them all the time and they have so many great prints, especially in the summer :)