Sunday, March 8, 2015

Not just any denim...

Marks and Spencer shearling and suede coat 3 Marks and Spencer shearling and suede coat 7 Marks and Spencer shearling and suede coat Marks and Spencer shearling collar suede coat 16

Marks and Spencer is somewhere I normally hit up for food rather than clothes, but they've impressed me greatly not once, but twice in the past couple of weeks. First up with this amazing suede skirt spotted on both Queen Chung and Olivia Palermo at LFW, and secondly with this incredible shearling coat - it's like all my 70s dreams have come true at once. Every time I pass a vintage or charity shop I nip in to see if I can find a coat like this, so the high street - never mind Markies - was the last place I thought I'd find one. They've got an amazing denim range going on at the moment (including a perfect little denim button down skirt) and you all know how much I like denim anyway, so it was a no brainer to pair the jacket with their oversized denim shirt. I picked up this suede skirt mid-week in H&M so decided just to go into full blown Penny Lane mode and throw that and some over the knee boots into the mix.



Anonymous said...

You look insane! I just HAD to come over and comment. Not only do I LOVE Penny Lane but Miss Palermo (or should I say Mrs Huebl) is my hero, so I adore this skirt too! Also, you should so be BFFs with Chung - so alike!!! Gx

Kathleen said...

Love that skirt with your boots, you look like you've fallen straight of the 70's and it suits you so much!

Kathleen @ Made In The 1990's.

Unknown said...

Oh my god, you look amazing! Literally love this outfit so much, that coat is a dream and I definitely need that skirt in my life!

Eloise said...

I have a skirt just like this sitting in my new look basket calling out "give me a home!".
You may have tempted me to buy it.
Plus I like the shirt, m&s isn't a place I normally go in but I did spot some snazzy coats in there last year xx

Mariel Parton said...

love it Amy, reminds me so much of the 70s..and definitely didn't expect that coat to be from Marks too <3

Unknown said...

What cool skirt!

"Find the one" by Triumph on
lb-lc | IT fashion blog

Luxrose said...

This look is amazing and really suits you! Still cannot believe that that coat is Marks & Spencers!

Lydie Pidie said...

OMG that coat!!!!! Your outfit is so on point i love your style!

Unknown said...

awesome look! great boots!

Unknown said...

that skirt is gorgeous!

xx nikki

Daisy Blooming Jane said...

LOVE the Penny Lane vibes, Amy!

I need that coat in my life!!

Daisy x /

Abbie said...

My god that coat is incredible! You absolute beauty! xx

THE NEON FACTOR | Diana said...

Love your outfit, the denim shirt with the skirt is perfect!

|| D I A N A ||

Unknown said...

That skirt is gorgeous!x

Malu Swartjes said...

You look amazing,I absolutely adore your outfit!♥
The Stylish Confessions | Fashion & Beauty blog

Maeva said...

I love your hair! Beautiful shirt <3

honey876 said...

Wow that coat!

Honey Go-Lightly

Unknown said...

Saw this skirt yesterday and admired it for a while, now I'm sad I didn't just buy it. Next time...

Tusks and Tails said...

Lovely outfit!! Great color combo and those boots!!

Alana Says... said...

This skirt is incredible xx

Alana Says…// and lifestyle blog

Anonymous said...

Such a gorgeous outfit ! I'm in love

Unknown said...

Can't beliveeeee the coat is from M&S!! I won't be complaining next time my Mum drags me in there now!

Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

Emily Bashforth said...

I'm honestly obsessed with your style! I wouldn't have thought of pairing the items together like this! Gorgeous! Xx

Josie said...

Looking insanely gorgeous, as always! I used to have a coat like this back when I was like 11, I felt sooo cool in it...obvs it wasn't as cool as this one though, looking back it was well tacky haha! x

Josie’s Journal

Holl JC said...

Wowzers! Just look at that coat! It's incredible x

mane untame said...

I love the color scheme that you have going on here. I love the skirt and who would have thought that marks and spencers would be the place to find it!


Unknown said...

As soon as I read the post title I thought M&S! Sometimes they're totally on their game and now is one of those moments it would seem. This is such a cool look, really embraces a fab mix of 70s and thrown together chic xx 👌😙

Ronlet Thomas said...

I simple adore that skirt! this outfit is perfection!! let me borrow it lol

claudia said...

Love the suede skirt with the knee high boots!

Anna said...

in looove with your skirt <3

Unknown said...

M&S have come so far in the fashion stakes, and this coat is another beauty! I love how it reflects your style, and that skirt is a beaut too :)

Lauren x
Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty -

Megan Ellaby said...

that coat is beyond words! I cannot even cope! Flip me!

Unknown said...

I just love this look that coat is amazing, and those boots, wow!! x

Joanne // Fashion Polaroids

Unknown said...

Great style you have...really love it!So chic!

Unknown said...

You look amazing!

Unknown said...

The seventies trend was simply made for you. You look stunning. That coat, that skirt.. My word <3 xx

VanessaVonJames | Fashion Blog

Anonymous said...

I'm a great fan of over the knee and thigh high boots ! all is perfect, I love this combination ! ♥ ♥ ♥

Collage Me Pretty said...

This outfit is SO 60s/70s chic. Loving how vintage your m&s find is!

Emma at

IndianBooktuber said...

I am not much into fashion blog but I got your reference from and I mjust say that I truly loved your blog and this outfit is seriously good. It was awesome visiting your blog. :)


The Style Rawr said...

SO in love with this coat and the whole look! The M&S suede skirt is a beaut. <3

Tara x

Unknown said...

Adore this look! That coat is amazing! xx

Anonymous said...

Can't believe you got that coat and skirt from M&S!!! Incredible. The skirt, especially, is such a gorgeous colour x

Unknown said...

love this look!

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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