Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I am a Man Repeller

Topshop wide leg grey flare trousers 3 Topshop wide leg grey flare trousers 8 Topshop wide leg grey flare trousers 2 Topshop wide leg grey flare trousers 5
TOPSHOP premium wide leg trousers (similar and similar) & Paris jumper | ASOS black platforms | FOREVER21 quilted bag | THE VOW sunglasses

Here we have a classic man repelling item of clothing; the wide-legged culotte. I met Rob wearing them and all he said was, 'that's nice you've started to feature incontinence clothing on your blog'. I, however, love them regardless of how much they call my bowel habits into question. They are quite hard to wear, especially being the height that I am, but I find they work quite well with a pair of platforms. Anything else and I look like my Gran. On the upside, Rob did agree that my sunglasses were sassy as hell (that's not a direct quote but it was definitely something along those lines). The Vow's quickly become one of my favourite sunglasses retailers since discovering them and their bad-ass, reasonably priced specs last month. I've also just noticed on the website there that you can get 20% off at the moment with the code 'web20'. You. Are. Welcome.