Thursday, March 12, 2015

Baum und pferdgarten Insect Print

baum und pferdgarten insect jacket 8 baum und pferdgarten insect jacket 10 baum und pferdgarten insect jacket 15 baum und pferdgarten insect jacket 3 baum und pferdgarten insect jacket 12

Me and Rob had such a laugh taking these photos - mainly at my expense, with him laughing at me wearing 'incontinence pants' again - so if you're wondering what's with all the shenanigans and mischief going on then there's your answer. Smile through the pain and all that. However, I'd like you to divert your eyes from my questionable taste in trousers (which I, by the way, still very much love - this denim jumpsuit is another of my 70s dreams come true) and focus on this INCREDIBLE quilted jacket from one of my favourite designers, Baum Und Pferdgarten, whose name I long to one day spell with ease. I think insect print's a tricky one to pull of, but they've totally nailed it with a really subtle take on it, and the contrast piping finish it off perfectly.

I'm off to Glasgow tomorrow to catch up with my amigo and would love some breakfast/lunch/maybe even dinner (if we can resist the nightime Dominos pull) recommendations as I've fallen into the trap of going to the same old places every time I'm down!