Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A mini flat tour

Wahey, we finally have an interior post... better late than never eh?! We've had so much bad luck with the flat in the past couple of months - from broken boilers, to no electricity or heating, to furniture deliveries going missing - really, we've had it all. Needless to say, this has caused a bit of a setback in the whole decorating the flat part of things, so for the moment we've got a bit of a temporary set-up going on. Although it'll all be re-shuffled over the next couple of months I actually quite like how it's looking - plus I've been bursting to show you some of the bits and bobs we've gathered - so I thought I'd put together a little details post in advance of my proper flat tour.

Urban Outfitters Tribal Dreamer homeware review 14

One of the first things we did in that flat was steam off all the wallpaper (I very nearly died of boredom in the process) and paint the walls grey. We sampled so. freaking. many. shades of grey and the one we settled on still isn't quiiiite what I was after, but I love it all the same. The carpet was then lifted and we - by we I mean Rob, got those floorboards sanded right down toe the bare bonez and painted white. White floorboards were always going to be a risk, but I couldn't be happier with the way they turned out. Urban Outfitters were also lovely enough to send us over some bits from their new Tribal Dreamers collection (check it out - everything's amazing and whimsical and just perfectly whimsically amazing) including this huge big fluffy cream rug that wouldn't look out of place in an Austin Powers movie. It's so soft underfoot and gives the room the extra little bit of warmth it needs, plus Lilo seems to have adopted it as her older, less 3D cousin. 

Urban Outfitters Tribal Dreamer homeware review 3

Behold, the couch of a thousand cushions. My Mum's an interiors goddess and changes her decor up quite a lot, so me and Rob were lucky enough to inherit the couches as well as these big blue fluffy cushions along the way, which ended up going perfectly with the woven aztec print cushion and my little TK Maxx round ones.

Urban Outfitters Tribal Dreamer homeware review 12

This big badboy was another thing we were lucky enough to pilfer from my Mum and is one of my most prized possessions in the flat. I've become horribly precious about it and can be often found shouting 'COASTER, PLEASE' at anyone who goes within a five mile radius of it with a drink in hand.

Urban Outfitters Tribal Dreamer homeware review 10

I've always been a big fan of alcoves (weird thing to be a fan of I know, but there we go) as I think the make a really lovely feature in a room, so I was over the moon that the flat already had some built in. So far we've sanded these down and painted them white, but the next step is to add two more shelves in each then fill them with a menagerie of ornaments, plants, books and whatever else I can squeeze in there really. For now though, I do quite like how minimal they are - it's a nice little corner I can head to to escape from the chaos going on everywhere else in the flat and pretend that I don't currently have to go to the toilet in the pitch black.

Urban Outfitters Tribal Dreamer homeware review 9 Urban Outfitters Tribal Dreamer homeware review 2 Urban Outfitters Tribal Dreamer homeware review 5

Although the notepads aren't exactly homeware I really wanted to add them in because they're, in the words of Ron Weasley, bloody brilliant. The first is an embossed leather notepad (smells even better than it looks) which I've been using to jot down ideas for future blog posts and videos. The second, 'One Line a Day' book however, is my absolute favourite - I've been meaning to keep a diary for years but can just never quite motivate myself, but the fact that this encourages you to write a condensed down version of what you did that day and has enough space for five years worth of memories really appealed to me and my lazy, lazy ways.

Urban Outfitters Tribal Dreamer homeware review 16

Here's another two of my favourite features (I know I've thrown the word favourite around A LOT but I'm still in the honeymoon phase); the cow print stool and the fairy light jar. You might have been made aware of my stool obsession - not the wrong kind of stool, the kind you rest your feet on - over on my Instagram, but this Ikea one's my number one. The jar was another Ikea buy for a whopping 90p, and the Urban Outfitters fairy lights wrapped around it are an absolute dream. There are no bulbs around the lights which gives a really subtle, dreamy effect, almost like little fireflies resting on the wire. Plus, the actual wire itself is copper which is always a win.

Urban Outfitters Tribal Dreamer homeware review

I'm very hesitant to use the word favourite again, but these really are two of my f-word pieces in the flat right now. Eventually the teranium will be filled with soil and plants like this one on the website, but for now I've just popped in a set of cacti from Ikea. Rob put me on a cactus-buying ban because I'd stocked up on so many, so now I've taken to sneaking them in one by one and telling him they've just multiplied overnight because I... watered them too much? The brass bison head's an absolute beauty on its own as a feature, but once we start getting back on our merry decorating way I'm going to put that up on our bedroom wall against the gold mirror you can see above in the alcove shots, plus - hopefully - a bigger, white bison head if I can track one down!

Urban Outfitters Tribal Dreamer homeware review 1

So there we go, I really hoped you liked this post as I had a larra larra fun putting it together. Also, big thank you to Urban Outfitters for kitting our little crib out!



Unknown said...

I love interior posts! Your flat looks amazing, so in love with the white wooden floor, there's something about it that just looks so chic!


Unknown said...

Amazing, I love every single details!

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Unknown said...

Love the pillow! Such a sweet touch

Emma | With A City Dream

elzha said...

loooove the interior, it's super lovely ! the little bits and pieces nicely come together, amazing ! x

CLUB AVENUE / http://club-avenue.blogspot.com / instagram

Unknown said...

Your flat is to die for! I love all the little details, so unique and stylish!


Unknown said...

Serious flat envy! That table & the rug are incredible.


Gemma Roberts said...

Gaaaaaa those sofas from your momma! Beautiful!!
Looking good guys!

Faded Windmills

Violet Roots said...

I'm always a fan of interior posts! I love knickknacks and finding the right alcove to put it in. Love the fluffy throw pillows and your terrarium!


Holl JC said...

Your flat looks lovely so far Amy! All the bits and bobs look so cute yet cool! x


Unknown said...

Gorgeous interior and that table is worthy of being precious over! I also have a thing for alcoves I had one in my room as a kid and feel totally lost every since I've been without it! Would love to see some more interior posts! x

sophieagnes.com said...

those cacti look so good! Very good idea! :)

Abbie said...

Love an interior post! Your flats looking fab! xx


Mariel Parton said...

absolutely love this Amy, this post totally just makes me want my own flat so I can decorate it...I love how you've decorated your living room..the bits and bobs are amazing <3


Nikki Williams said...

what a cute set up!

xx nikki

Chelsea Maria said...
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Chelsea Maria said...

Been dying for this kind of post! Currently just bought a house with the boyfriend and will be moving in in the next two weeks. All about the interior posts right now and gathering inspiration for the move. Love this kind of look, that table is an absolute dream!

I hope you'll post a few more as your process continues. Hoping to do a few interior posts myself once we're in!



Curiouser and Curiouser said...

Love how you've decorated your flat! Especially love the fairy lights wrapped around the jar, the fluffy rug and your terrarium x


Jeeda said...

Your flat looks perfect like it should be in some interior spread of a magazine!


The Style Rawr said...

I LOVE that table and your cacti house! So cute. <3

Tara x

Ashleigh - www.beingashleigh.com said...

Cute apartment! Love the fluffy rug with the sofa <3

Ashleigh x

Being Ashleigh - Lifestyle and Fashion blog ♡

Emily Lilly said...

looks perfect !

Distant Dreamer

Sarah said...

Ahh so much inspiration! Interior design is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine x

Vanessa Mambu said...

now that’s a proper leather couch, and table is right up my street, think your mum has excellent decorating style if these are just some of her discards, thanks for sharing

Tusks and Tails said...

Your living space feels so cozy with that rug and sofa! Now for that table, OMG, its amazing! Looks great!


Unknown said...

I love the grey walls and alcove - it makes the room feel a lot more spacious (and Pinterest heaven!)

Lauren x
Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty - www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

Unknown said...

Your flat is stunning.
Love the throw cushions.

Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

Anonymous said...

Love the teranium! It's weird to get excited about that sort of thing, but since my boyfriend and I have our own flat too, homeware has just become an obsession! Love how cosy yours looks. I love that it's a twist on the typical Pinterest white rooms you see, with seriously cute minimalist pieces that bring a touch of vintage authenticity to the room.
Rebecca-Louise | Autumn Leaves for bloggers and creatives

The Emerald Dove said...

It looks amazing! I really love the coffee table and the sofa. :)

Unknown said...

Such a cute flat! Love all of the little details.

Jenna | Jenna Loves Beauty

Anonymous said...

I'm currently loving seeing peoples spaces as I'm looking into moving out towards the end of the year. You've decorated yours beautifully! Must be ace getting stuff off your mum too, you probably save a lot! I love your little alcove bit, the skull is so cool! <3

Amanda Jayne / beauty, style & everything else

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

A great natural vibe, looks nice and boho to me! Glad you’ve sorted your issues out and enjoy your lovely new things from Urban Outfitters, they fit in perfectly into your d├ęcor. Alina x
The Fairytale Pretty Picture

Unknown said...

Your flat looks like a total Pinterest-able interior dream! xx


Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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