Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Made by Sarenza SS15

Sarenza burgundy heeled leather ankle boots 2 Sarenza burgundy heeled leather ankle boots 6 Sarenza burgundy heeled leather ankle boots 10 Sarenza burgundy heeled leather ankle boots 5 Sarenza burgundy heeled leather ankle boots 9
SARENZA burgundy leather ankle boots | MANGO leopard jacket (similar and similar) | TOPSHOP polo neck and jeans | ASOS leather bag

Well hey there! As you know, I was down in Glasgow at the weekend visiting my amigo Karen (who took these photos for me and almost lost three fingers to frostbite in the process - thanks again you little trouper) so we stopped to take these on our way to Byres Road. If you can see a hint of sadness in my eyes it's because we walked past Kevin Bridges about ten minutes previous to this and despite how much I love him - or maybe because of how much I love him - I couldn't think of a single witty thing to say to him. I tried to push (literally push) Karen into saying something about the bus stop joke but instead we just stood there looking gormless and a bit weird. And now I'm filled with eternal regret.

Anyway, I should probably talk about the actual important bit shouldn't I, A.K.A the boots of my dreams. I've admired Sarenza and their quirky collections for a long time but have never quite gotten round to making an order and now I really wish I had sooner. This was the first time I'd worn these boots and we were out walking all day - risky, I know - and I hadn't a single trace of sore feet when I got in and took them off at night. Which, as you may know, is an absolute rarity for me. As well as being incredibly comfy they're also pretty bad-ass to look at too. These boots are from their new SS15 collection - check it out if you haven't already, it's shoe heaven PLUS there's some beautiful lace-up flats in there - but they also stock lots of other brands, 535 to be precise, so there's something for everyone in there!

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