Friday, March 20, 2015

A Cinderella Inspired outfit

Blue Cinderella inspired prom dress Blue Cinderella inspired prom dress 5 Blue Cinderella inspired prom dress 10
H&M blue linen dress | OFFICE lace-up heels (also in blue and nude) | FLORIAN LONDON leather bag

I wouldn't say I was a particularly girly girl growing up, but one thing I did put a lot (and I mean a lot) of time and effort into was choosing my favourite Disney Princess - Meg from Hercules - closely followed by whose dress I liked best. I loved the fit of Cinderella's, the colour-changing aspect of Sleeping Beauty's, the cheeky off-shoulder that Belle's dress had and the all-round sassiness of Jasmine's outfit. In the end I was so conflicted that I decided that I'd simply have to either make some sort of Frankenstein-like creation made up of little segments of each dress, or squeeze in four costume changes in one night. Fast forward 15 years and the same topic of conversation still excites me (there's just something about Princess dresses that never gets old), so when Disney challenged me to create a Cinderella inspired blog post my heart was set aflutter. After seeing the trailer and falling love with the dress worn by Lily James in the film - how beautiful does her little waist look? - I knew I had to find myself as close a doppleganger as possible. I found this blue number hiding in the sale rales in H&M and knew immediately it'd make the perfect modern day Disney Princess dress with its nipped in waist and full skirt. All I need now are some glass slippers, and potentially some blister plasters, and I'm good to go!
If you follow me over on Twitter or Instagram then you'll probably know that me and Rob were at the Cinderella Premiere last night (the 10 year old in me is still crying) so stay tuned for a full blog post about that on Monday! The film's out in cinemas on the 27th March but, for now, make sure and check out the Cinderella Tumblr Hub as it's filled to the brim with exciting Cinderella related content - plus there's a chance to make all those childhood princess-dress dreams come true with their amazing design your own dress competition!