Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Ladylike bags and Thigh-high boots

Florian London black peyton leather bag 3 Florian London black peyton leather bag 10 Florian London black peyton leather bag 12 Florian London black peyton leather bag 11 Florian London black peyton leather bag 9 Florian London black peyton leather bag 5
H&M grandad collar blouse & headband | ZARA jumper | MISSGUIDED leather look quilted skirt (sold out, similar) & over the knee boots | FLORIAN LONDON black leather bag*

So, here we have it;  Edinburgh Day II outfit! I'm so happy with how these photos turned out, Rob's turned into a right little Rankin as of late.

Although a headband and a pair of knee high boots are two of my wardrobe staples, I quickly learned from the many intense/confused stares I was receiving that this is not the case with 90% of the population. Honestly, what is it about that little slice of thigh that people find so insulting? Now I know how Victorian women felt when they accidentally tripped up and flashed their ankles. I also took the opportunity to take my new Florian bag out for a spin, how beautiful is it?! There are many aspects of adult life I don't enjoy - I'm looking at you, taxes - but owning a ladylike bag certainly ain't one of 'um.

BOOBIES. Now that I've got your attention, I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your lovely feedback on my recent posts. Obviously travel and food posts are still a relatively new thing for me, so it's music to my sticky out ears to hear that you guys are enjoying them. I haven't forgotten about interior posts - I'm still playing Bob the Builder in the new flat at the moment but it's slowly coming together, so I should hopefully be able to start putting some posts together in the next couple of weeks! For now you can catch some flat details over on my Instagram.

Over and out.