Sunday, February 15, 2015

6 Places to Eat in Edinburgh

Like I mentioned in one of my Edinburgh outfit posts, our trip turned into a bit of a magical food tour. Food is always my main priority on trips away, I'm not going to lie, and this time round we had quite the list of places that we wanted to check out. We ended up with some really lovely meals on our hands/in our bellies so I thought it'd only make sense to gather my favourites together for you in one easy food guide. I'm embarrassed to say that two of them don't have any photos accompanying the recommendations because I was that hungry from all the walking - which is doubly tiring when you factor in the cobbled streets - that I ate all my food before you could utter the word 'camera'. Rest assured though, they were both truly wonderful places. However, I'll start with my favourite, Just Beers and Burgers, which we headed straight to after snapping some outfit photos.

Just Burger and Beers Edinburgh review 5 Just Burger and Beers Edinburgh review 1 Just Burger and Beers Edinburgh review 3 Just Burger and Beers Edinburgh review Just Burger and Beers Edinburgh review 4 Just Burger and Beers Edinburgh review 6

When I asked for some recommendations on Twitter, Just Beers and Burgers, which is situated bang on the Royal mile, was hands down the most popular. A new burger place seems to pop up every other week, and a few Glasgow ones that were recommended to me turned out to be a bit disappointing (nothing bad, but nothing I'd turn round on my red chair for either) so I was a little sceptical about this one, but it well and truly exceeded my expectations. I opted for the veggie burger on foccacia bread and had to hold back a sob of happiness when I first bit into it and it's since gone down in history as the best burger I've ever had. With the emmental, the spiced vegetables, the gherkin and the garlic mayo it was like a party of flavours going on in my mouth, and a party that I definitely wanted to be invited to. Mac went for the 'make your own option' (choose your bread, your meat, your toppings, you can really go crazy) and Rob went for the pulled pork and steak burger - two meats on the go at once, what a caveman I know - with a side of chips. Now, I really do hate to fall victim to clichés, but I did the horribly typical girly thing of pinching a chip, then two chips, then a handful of chips, despite not ordering any myself because I was 'trying to be healthy'. That old chestnut. It was honestly one of the worst cases of food regret I've ever had, so learn from my mistake and make sure and order a side'a friiies. If you're a beer fan then this is the place for you, you can either one at random or go on their recommendation of which one will best compliment the particular burger you've ordered. The can of the beer above was designed by the same illustrator who did the 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas books' which is pretty snazzy, and taste-wise was described by Rob as being 'mad. Just mad'.

Edinburgh larder cafe breafast review 7 Edinburgh Royal Mile

We then had a wander up and down the Royal Mile, stopping to watch the bagpipes for a while - speaking of cliches, I know - and then stopped in at Hula Juice Bar, which tops 'best of...' cafe lists time and time again.


I've yet to have lunch at Hula, but every time I'm down in Edinburger I make sure I stop in for a smoothie and a traybake. It's sat down in the Grassmarket so is the perfect spot to take a break if you've been down there exploring and playing tourist. They have an endless list of smoothies, milkshakes and juices you can choose from and then you can go ahead and add boosters - like the 'energy booster', the 'hangover cure & detox' etc - if the thought tickles your pickle. Being the wonderful hosts that they are, Hula go out of their way to cater to dietary requirements, and always have some gluten free traybake options available too. I picked up a gluten free date crumble which was overwhelmingly tasty, I've since made it my mission to try and recreate them at home.

Just Burger and Beers Edinburgh review 7


Laila's was the second of the trip that I didn't mange to photograph, but let that be a testament to how tasty it was. Again it's well located, just off the Royal Mile, and the prices are really reasonable too. Oh - big plus - it's BYOB with no corkage charge. The menu's nothing too fancy; just nice, simple, delicious Mediterranean food. Me and Rob both opted for the fried halloumi with cranberry to start, then salmon with date couscous and grilled chicken skewers for main, while Mac opted for the pasta of the day. It's got a really lovely, relaxed atmosphere, like you're eating at a friend's house, and the service was incredibly fast considering how busy it was.

After that we headed back to the hotel, making sure to walk home past the beautiful Balmoral hotel to see it all lit up at night.

Edinburgh Balmoral at sunset black and white

Edinburgh larder cafe breafast review 2 Edinburgh larder cafe breafast review 6 Edinburgh larder cafe breafast review 4

We woke up with a big appetite on us the following morning  so got dressed and hopped it over to the Edinburgh larder cafe (there's a bistro over on Alma street too). I opted for my usual, the trusty veggie breakfast - which I would put in top 5 veggie breakfasts I've had, yes there's a list - which included home-made baked beans, veggie haggis (I can't get on board with normal haggis but this was scrumdiddlyumptious) and a big slab of tasty homemade bread. Rob chose the scrambled eggs with salmon, and Mac the home-made scone with cream and jam. I finished mine off with a really lovely, unusual green tea, the 'blooming marvellous', which was flavoured with vanilla fruit, sunflower and rosebuds and tasted kind of like sherbet. A big thumbs up from all three of us brunch-wise, but make sure and book in advance if you fancy it as it's very tiny and very popular, which is not a helpful combo when you're looking for a seat.

Edinburgh Yeni Mezi bar review Edinburgh Yeni Mezi bar review 1

Yeni was one of those beautiful accidentswhich involved us stumbling upon it whilst looking for somewhere else. It's a mix of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food and, although you can order just one meal, I'd recommend taking advantage of the '3 mezi dishes for £9.95' lunch deal so that you can try a range of the foods on offer. My particular favourites were the kebabs (really tasty and tender meat) and the Kizartma (Mediterranean veg topped with garlic yoghurt). This is another one that's perfect if you've got specific dietary requirements; each plate is clearly listed on the menu to let you know if it contains dairy, gluten, nuts and if it's suitable for vegans or vegetarians, so you don't need to go through the whole, 'does this contain...' dance with the waiter. And, believe me, there's dishes for everyone there!


Edinburgh Wellington Coffee cafe review 3 Edinburgh Wellington Coffee cafe review Edinburgh Wellington Coffee cafe review 1

This little cafe on George Street was introduced to me by my Mum - A.K.A The Scone Queen - and has been one of my go-to's since. There's always a tasty array of home-made traybakes on the go to accompany a hot drink of your choice and - if you're lucky enough to get a seat - it's a perfect place for a pitstop when you've been shopping on either Princes or George Street and need a break

And with that our food tour was over and it was time to head back home, but not before taking some snaps of the beautiful sunset on George Street (... and then Princes Street, it was a big 'un). We were so, so lucky with our food choices this time round - normally there's always one dodgy one you and you belly would rather forget - but I couldn't have been more pleased with our meals. I've had quite a few of you ask for recommendations since so hopefully this'll help you source some tasty dishes next time you make a trip down!

Edinburgh George Square sunset Edinburgh George Square sunset 1 Edinburgh George Square sunset 2 Edinburgh George Square sunset 3



Unknown said...

*looks through phone wondering who to visit in e'burgh*

Luxrose said...

Oh wow those burgers look incredible! Love your photos! :)

Unknown said...

Those burgers look delicious! Great shots!

lb-lc fashion blog

The Style Box said...

Beautiful photos. I've always wanted to go to Edinburgh. It's a long way from Bournemouth though! x

Ana Céline Labod said...

woah everything looks so lovely and delicious! <3

Unknown said...

That veggie burger looks and sounds like my heaven! My goodness, what a blend of spices.

I do think they taste better sometimes, and homemade veggie burgers are fun to try

Lauren x
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Kate said...

Excellent post! I'm heading to Edinburgh in two weeks for my 21st, so I'll hopefully be visiting a couple of these spots thanks to your recommendations. :-)

Kate x

Helen Lou said...

I went to Edinburgh recently and we went to Laila's (ordered alllll the starters and did our own mezze!) and Edinburgh larder, both fab! I want to go baaaack.

Amanda said...

I've lived in Edinburgh all my life and (apart from Lailas) have never tried those places! Since town can be so busy I end up sticking to safe options for food but your post has inspired me to try more places in my city! Glad you had a good time =] x


Holl JC said...

Wowzers! That burger place looks absolutely incredible! x

Anonymous said...

Such an awesome ! All these place seem great

Petite Side Of Style said...

Im saving this one for when I do make the trip up there.

Petite Side of Style

The Style Rawr said...

Take me to Wellington Coffee! The food looks delllicous. :D

Tara x

Ruth said...

Literally born and raised in edin, have lived here all my life and never heard of any of those bar Wellington's hahaha, definitely going to have to explore and try a bit more x

ohsorosie said...

Ah thank you so much for this. We are going to Edinburgh for a few days in May and have made a pact to go to non-chain cafes and restaurants for the whole time :)

Grace said...

Reading this has made me so hungry! And I live in Bath but this has totally made me want to visit Edinburgh... xx

Nikki Williams said...

that burger and fries looks amazing!!

xx nikki

Tusks and Tails said...

My god that burger!! Haha thats my first concern when I'm traveling... FOOD!!
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Unknown said...

I brought my boyfriend a trip yo Edinburgh for his birthday and it was such an amazing city we didn't want to leave! So much to see and do! Jealous i don't live closer to there! x


Shannen Smith said...

Just got back from Edinburgh and I'm extremely gutted that I didn't know that burger place even existed.. wah x

Laura said...

Oh my gosh great recommendations will check them out

Natalie Hale said...

All look amaze! I love The Larder - had the best breaky there a couple of months ago!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Next time you're in Edinburgh, we recommend you try Arcade Bar in the Old Town. Incredible Scottish food, some meals have a slight twist and a quiet environment to enjoy it in.

Unknown said...

Wooo I always get excited when I see someone post about Edinburgh! These all look amazing, you need to try out Red Squirrel and the Hanging Bat the next time you're over!

Louise x

Unknown said...

This post made me so homesick!

I moved away to live in Glasgow 18 months ago and I'm always so happy to step out of Waverley onto Princes Street.

Livialinette said...

I live in Edinburgh and I love those pictures you took of the city!
So pretty! And also, I should go and check some of those places out finally :D

ohsorosie said...

We're off to Edinburgh next week, and definitely going to make time for JBB!

hhh said...

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