Sunday, January 4, 2015

Suit up

ASOS red cigarette suit 1 ASOS red cigarette suit 5 ASOS red cigarette suit 11 ASOS red cigarette suit 4 ASOS red cigarette suit 12 ASOS red cigarette suit 7

Your eyes do not deceive you; I'm finally doing an outfit post. I took a little time off over Christmas so that I could unwind and eat my body weight in chocolate, which was really lovely – it’s amazing how inspired a couple of days off (plus a good hour-long google browse through Alexa Chung’s outfits, no I don’t know how that one happened either) can leave you feeling. However – plot twist – me and Rob got the keys to our new flat just before Christmas so we’ve been DIY-ing our little butts off for the past week or so, stopping only to get very, very drunk on New Year's Eve, so I woke up this morning and thought, ‘enough is ENOUGH, today is the day I blog'. I never really do indoor photos but I’m really happy with how these ones turned out; it’s just our grubby still-to-be-painted-but-finally-wallpaper-free wall but I think it works quite well. Urban and all that. I’ve been itching to put something together with this ASOS suit since it arrived because it’s so freakin’ fantastic and I’ve been after a red suit for oh-so-long now. The real star of the show, though, is the velvet shirt -  it was one of those things that looked nice online and then turned up and was EVEN BETTER IN REAL LIFE (didn’t actually mean to hit caps lock there but it works quite well so I think I'll leave it like that) - I’ve already planned a million and one outfits around it it. The Balenciage-esque bag and the metallic pumps I also love, especially as I’ve been getting very into my pointed toe shoes recently. Feel free to add that to your list of facts that you really didn't need or want to know. They do come up a little small so if you’re between sizes then buy those badboys in the next size up!

Well, I better get back to my DIYing. Whilst we’re on the subject, would you guys be interested in seeing some interior-style posts (such an adult, aren't I)? I was thinking either some before/after style shorts or little detail shorts of each room once we’ve got past the actual renovating part OR a bit of both if you’re all really into the idea. RSVP yes or no s’il vous plait.


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