Tuesday, January 6, 2015

AllSaints in Edinburgh

All Saints biker project 1 All Saints biker project

I'd like to start by apologising for using such a shit title for this post. Imagination is clearly not my strength today. These photos were actually taken last month when me and my Mam had a quick day trip to Edinburgh (who'd have guessed?) for some galpal time and then I completely forgot to share them. You've all seen the jacket before, the one I like to fondly refer to as my baby. Honestly, if it was legal to marry a shop then me and All Saints would long have been living in wedded bliss.

Also, thank you so much to everyone for your lovely feedback on my last post - it looks like I'll most definitely be putting together some interior style posts, which I'm genuinely very, very excited about. Now, I need to go try and wash the paint out of my hair.


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