Thursday, January 8, 2015

Poor Man's Keef

Senso black pointed toe ponkyskin boots 3

IMG_5327 Senso black pointed toe ponkyskin boots 11 Senso black pointed toe ponkyskin boots 6

I really love wearing a fedora (mainly because it hides a multitude of hair sins) but have been fighting a losing battle against the wind the past few times I’ve worn one. Suddenly the answer came to me, ‘WWKRD?’ – What Would Keith Richards Do, obvs – so I slapped a bandana on underneath and victory over the elements was mine. Upon reflection it seems my entire outfit ended up as a little Keefy homage, which I’m perfectly ok with. The boots literally haven’t left my feet since I got them (ok, white lie alert, I don’t sleep in them. Although if forced I definitely would) and I think it’s pretty obvious why; They. Are. Fabulous. Gurlfriend. I'd say a nice pair of black boots are a wardrobe essential, and the fact that these ones are pointed toe AND ponyskin was almost too much for my heart to handle. I always get e-mails/tweets etc about Senso, so just in case anyone’s wondering, I find them true to size, but there are a couple of pairs on the website that they advise you to size up or down in so make sure and check the blurb at the side. 

Also, big thanks to Reiss for the monogrammed scarf, it's rare to find something that makes you feel nostalgic and regal all at once so for that I commend them, it really was the loveliest Christmas present  to come home to.