Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Eve Lookbook | The Little Magpie


First off, sorry for being shit. I've been wanting to get my blog-on for so long, but me and Rob got the keys to our new flat just before Christmas, so between all the wallpaper scraping, painting and eating leftover chocolate there's not really been much time. However, what I do have for you is a brand spanking new video in the form of my first ever lookbook. I tried to make one like a normal person and, quite frankly, failed. My initial aim was to give some inspiration to anyone struggling with what to wear, but if all it does in the end is give you a little giggle (or make you grateful for how normal you are) then that's ok with me.

Last but not least, happy New Year! Have fun, stay safe, and keep all fireworks pointed away from your face.