Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Must-see Travel Destinations for 2015 (A-L)

From time to time I'll put together a clothes or homeware wishlist for my blog, yet it struck me the other day that I've never put together a travel wishlist post. Considering I spend most of my day reading about different places online, dreaming of where I'd like to go next (time spent doing this has now doubled, thank you cold weather) I thought it seemed only right to share with you the places I'd love to travel to. I'm not normally one for New Year's Resolutions but I think I might actually make one this year to travel to ALL OF THESE PLACES. Kidding, although I am making it my mission to tick at least a couple off.

Some are just general countries, some are specific places within a country; all are equally wonderful. Grab yourself a cup of tea and prepare to have your wanderlust ignited.

Amsterdam tourist hotspots
I've travelled to lots of different parts of Europe but for some reason Amsterdam's one place that I've yet to reach. Me and Rob have been talking about finally heading over next year for a couple of days filled with eating street food and getting lost amongst the canals. I also want to squeeze in a walk through the Red Light District because, well, it'd be rude not to.

Bali luxury aparment Bali beaches and beach hut
Really... need I say more?

Canada Banff National Park
Canada's somewhere I'd love to spend a couple of weeks exploring, but the first place I'd be heading would be Banff National Park. Every photo I've seen looks so stunning and peaceful, and I've heard through the grapevine (ok, I heard from my friend who went there) that it's just as breathtaking in real life.


China tianzi mountains Guilin reed flute caves Guilin reed flute cave)
Again China's one that I'd really love to take my time exploring - as well as soaking up the culture as it's so different to ours - but two things that really tickle my travel fancy is Tianzi mountain nature reserve and the Reed Flute Caves. How. Beautiful. You're a crazy one, nature.

Finland Igloo Village Finland Igloo Village
Oh my gaa these are literally my little dream home. If you've read my blog/follow my YouTube for a while then you'll know that seeing the Northern Lights is top of my list of 'things I'd like to do in life', so the idea of watching them (and stargazing) from inside one of the glass igloos with a mug of hot chocolate in hand fills my little self with delight.

Hawaii beaches and straw huts
Back in Primary school, if anyone asked me where I'd like to live I'd automatically answer with 'Hawaii' and, I have to say, 10 year old Amy had good taste. The thought of lazing on the beach all day with a coconut cocktail before retreating to a little beach hut at night for a couple weeks is just too much to handle. I'm actually going to stop now because I'm making myself jealous with my own sweet fantasies.

Iceland Northern Lights Iceland Iceland in Winter
Again, Iceland's somewhere I've wanted to travel to for years and years, and all just to see the Northern Lights. Although that'd still be my main priority, I'd love to go and spend a long weekend in Reykjavik as it sounds like there's a whole host of cool places to see/sleep/eat and drink there. Obviously a trip to the ice caves would be squeezed in there somewhere too.

Japan The-Wisteria-Tunnel

Japan's another one that I'd like to spent a good bit of time in as there's just so much to take in, but I'd really love to see the Wisteria Tunnel in person as I think it'd be even more magical in real life.

los angeles city street Los Angleles Sjyline
How could I not include Los Angeles? It's one of those places I'm always so jealous of when I hear about other people visiting. One of the main things that intrigues me is the people though; I think you'd meet some absolute crackers out there.

So there we have it, Part 1 of my travel wishlist. There are many, many more - really I'd like to just travel the world one country at a time, exploring new places and meeting new people - but I thought I'd limit it to my favourites otherwise you'd be reading this right up until New Year's Eve. Part II will be up soon, featuring my must-see places from all over the globe that fall into the M-Z category (it would seem there's a lot of M's I'd like to travel to). Is there anywhere specific on your travel bucketlist? Please do share so I can have a nosy (and add to my ever-growing list).


All images soured vid Pinterest. If any of these images belong to you please pop me over an e-mail so I can give individual credit!