Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A night in Edinburgh and a morning in Glasgow

Last night I headed down to see Wicked at The Playhouse in Edinburgh, which I've been bouncing about with excitement over ever since the invite arrived in my inbox. I've seen it once before in London about four years ago, but since anatomically my memory's on par with a goldfish I'd completely forgotten the storyline, so it was like seeing it all for the first time. I met my amigo Karen off the train and we had a little wander around the Christmas markets to get us in the festive mood (ok, even more in the festive mood) before heading over to the show.
Wicked at Edinburgh Playhouse 3 Wicked at Edinburgh Playhouse Wicked at Edinburgh Playhouse 2 Wicked at Edinburgh Playhouse 6
A few snaps from the Christmas market which really was just wonderful - I literally had to tear myself away from the crepe, waffle and mini pancake stalls.
Wicked at Edinburgh Playhouse 7 Wicked at Edinburgh Playhouse 4
Arriving at the theatre (dahhling) ready for Wicked to begin
Wicked at Edinburgh Playhouse 8
Wicked at Edinburgh Playhouse 9
Hanging out at the bar during the interval where we soon realised that we were standing right next to Judy Murray. If I wasn't so mannerly I'd have asked her to drop some Strictly moves for me right there and then.
Wicked at Edinburgh Playhouse 1
The whole thing was absolutely incredible; from the singing (I've never whooped louder than I did after Defying Gravity), to the orchestra, to my absolute favourites which were the set, props and lighting - it was all just perfect. OH, and how could I forget... the costumes. Oh. My. God. they were amazing, I'd wouldn't mind having one of Glinda's glittery dresses for the party season ahead actually. If any of you don't know the storyline of Wicked then basically it's a prequel to The Wizard of Oz, telling the story of how Glinda and The Wicked Witch of the West came to be the characters they are, toying with the ideas of good and evil and all that jazz. In fact, you can actually check out the trailer here which will probably do a better job of explaining than I could. It's a really lovely one to watch and it'll have you laughing in some parts and feeling a bit teary in others - I held it together being the brave little soul that I am but I saw a fair few hankies flying about it the audience. If you live near or within travelling distance of Edinburgh it's there for your pleasure until January 10th and, as it's suitable for a general audience (recommend for 7+), it would also make a really nice family night out! Thank you so much for having me down Wicked, I had an absolutely wicked time.

Heheh hehe... heh.


Now, this brunch was actually enjoyed last week, but since it also involved Karen (I can't get rid of her) I thought it only fitting to combine the two in one post. We ventured along to The Hyndland Fox in Glasgow to grab some brunch before a busy day of, well, shopping and oh lordy it did not disappoint. Their whole menu is - this phrase makes me feel a bit sick but it's the most appropriate in this situation - mouthwatering. The breakfast menu's got a good variation of food; from porridge with berries, to french toast, to eggs florentine, but we both thought it'd be rude not to go or the vegetarian cooked breakfast since it sounded so gaddam good. 
Brunch at The Hyndland Fox 1 Brunch at The Hyndland Fox 2
The teapots came complete with teacosies which I very much appreciated, as well as a little slice of tablet, which I appreciated even more. 
Brunch at The Hyndland Fox 3
The humble veggie breakfast, a thing of true beauty.
Brunch at The Hyndland Fox 4
Karen enjoyed it...
Brunch at The Hyndland Fox 5
... and I apparently enjoyed it so much I couldn't even stop for a photo.
Brunch at The Hyndland Fox 7
They open until midnight and have lots of different thangs going on each night of the week (don't miss out on BYOB Monday or Sunday Roast... Sunday) so it's well worth checking out for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner in Glasgow!