Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas Gift Guide 2014 (plus discount codes!)

In the name of all things festive, and to save you all the hassle of going through the 'ho ho ho-ly crap I have no idea what to get for (...)' dilemma, I've put together a little Christmas gift guide. Well, I'm pretending I've done it for your benefit but really it was just an excuse for me to get even more excited about Christmas than I already am whilst finding some bits to add to my own wishlist. I'm a monster. As always just click on the photo to be taken straight to the item! Before we start, here are some verrry useful discount codes:

Urban Outfitters: Up to 50% off until 01/12 - no code needed!
ASOS: CYBERWKND20 for 20% off EVERYTHING (valid until 02/12 at 8am)
Anthropologie: 20% off everything until midnight 01/12 - no code needed!
Topshop: Up to 50% off until midnight 01/12 - no code needed!
River Island: Up to 40% off - no code needed!


I'm not going to lie, a lot of this also falls under the 'gifts for Amy' category. Particularly that Bison jewellery holder - me and Rob move into our new flat next month (eeee!) so that's gone STRAIGHT onto my wishlist. My favourite gifts to receive at Christmas are socks, jammies, candles and books because I'm old as shit, hence the reason this list is scattered with them. The Ginsberg is God candle is one of the best things I've stumbled across in the candle world, and I know of quite a few girls who wouldn't mind finding a book filled with photos of bearded men under their Christmas tree. I also popped an underwear set in there (a festively red one at that) because fancy underwear's something I always forget to treat myself to so it's always nice to receive, even more so if it's by Dita Von Teese. Another favourite of mine is the Nails Inc polish set by Queen Chung, and the multicoloured dripping wax candles (which I actually bought last year for my brother and can confirm are amazing.


Rob gets increasingly hard to buy for each year because he literally wants NOTHING. Actually that's a lie, last year he asked for new bolts for his weightlifting machine. I despair. I do however like a challenge, so here are my top picks for men from the interweb this year - please let's ignore the fact that this list is substantially smaller than my 'picks for her' list. The stripy Fred Perry beanie and the 'Fuck off' notepad are two of my personal favourites, but I do also have a soft spot for the scratch map (scratch off the countries as you travel) and the Fujifilm share printer (print photos straight from your phone in 16 seconds) for being so original and unusual.


I really do love a good stocking filler. In fact, opening up my stocking is one of my favourite parts of Christmas; there's something so joyful and naughty about opening up little trinkets as you nibble on sweets you discover along the way. I'd love to open up the book filled with tattoo photos myself on Christmas day actually (you'd need a pretty sizeable stocking to be able to squeeze that in, I know) as it looks like it'd be a really inspiring one to read. I do also love the little skeleton candle holders though,as well as the tealights shaped to look like flowers. Also worth a mention is the lemon-shaped jewellery box, which caught my eye as soon as I went on the website. So adorable.

And that, my friends, brings us to the end of my Christmas gift guide. If you've done one yourself please leave me the link in a comment below so I can have a little browse, they're my favourite thing to read right now. And with that I've come to the sudden realisation that I might actually be an elf.