Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Trip to Paris with TravelSupermarket

Wheee, I'm so excited to finally share my Paris video! Just in case you didn't know - TravelSupermarket sent me and Rob to Paris last weekend to do 6 mystery challenges in order to inspire people to do something a little different next time they go on a city break. It was the most amazing experience ever and was so much fun putting the video together; I could get very, very used to this travel blogging malarky. It's my first ever attempt at vlogging (heh) so let me know what you think! I'm going to put together a blog post - or two, there are a LOT of photos - as well so that you can get an even more in-depth tour of our Parisian recommendations. That's right, I've turned into that relative who insists on showing you every single holiday photo they took, ever. 'Here's one of the sand, oh and another, aren't they nice? Oh yes, that's another of the sand'...