Sunday, November 9, 2014

Getting cosy with Hush

HUSH Homewear charcoal grey cashmere scarf 3 HUSH Homewear charcoal grey cashmere scarf 8 HUSH Homewear charcoal grey cashmere scarf 1 HUSH Homewear charcoal grey cashmere scarf 6
HUSH Homewear charcoal grey cashmere scarf 4 HUSH Homewear charcoal grey cashmere scarf 9

Hush is a brand I only recently discovered, and a brand that left me wondering, 'WHY on EARTH have you only just come into my life you beautiful, beautiful thing?!'. They specialise in the kind of simple, minimalistic pieces that I'm always championing and the quality's just incredible. Last Winter when it was absolutely freezing - thank you again, Scotland - I promised myself that, this year, I'd invest in a cashmere scarf to keep myself cosy, so it's an utter joy (for me and my neck) to finally own one. They've also just launched their own line of home fragrances which, I've heard through the grapevine, are very, very good, so please do check their site out if it's one that's not already on your radar! I have a feeling a lot of you are going to develop a particular soft spot for this two-tone fur jacket...

Another new addition to my life, as you may have noticed in my last few posts, is this b-e-a-utiful Michael Kors watch, which The Watch Hut kindly sent my way. I had to get six (yes, six) links removed, which the guy at the watch repair shop thought was absolutely hilarious; childlike wrists are for life people, not just for... childhood. I do own quite a vast array of watches, but this one's squeezed its way in as one of my new favourites thanks to it's lovely chunkiness and multi-dial face.

Right, I'm off to retreat under my duvet with a little bit of Gossip Girl and a whole lot of ice-cream. I don't know if I mentioned on here, or if I managed to confine my moaning to Twitter, but I've been so incredibly ill this week with what I was beginning to suspect was Ebola. Turns out it's just regular old flu, how disappointing. However, I'm finally on the mend but have a couple of very exciting trips coming up in the next few weeks that I'd rather not die before, so rest it is.