Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Alexander Wang meets Paris

Alexander Wang for H&M grey stripe dress 1 Alexander Wang for H&M grey stripe dress 5 Alexander Wang for H&M grey stripe dress 6 Alexander Wang for H&M grey stripe dress 4

I mentioned in my last post that I nipped into the H&M showroom to pick out a few of my favourite pieces from the Alexander Wang collection, and this dress was one of them. Initially I'd planned to wear it on its own but me and Rob ate a lot, and I mean a lot, of bread at dinner the night before (when in Paris and all that) so I thought it best for myself, and the eyes of those around me, if I tucked it into my trousers and wore it as a top instead. It turned out to be much more 'me' that way anyway, so everyone's a winner. Just in case any of you have been sleeping under a rock - in which case, well, I hope that's working out for you - the collection officially launches tomorrow. I still can't decide whether this dress or the cropped grey sweater with 'Wang' embossed on it is my favourite piece from the collection, however I was raised to believe you shouldn't pick favourites so I think I'll leave it there.

I've spent this afternoon cackling away, editing the video from me and Rob's trip to Paris; turns out we filmed A LOT more than I thought after our two bottles of wine on the Saturday night (nothing rude, settle down). It'll be live and ready to go over on my channel on Sunday so keep your eyes peeled for that (it's a good 'un, promise!)